laughing couple

laughing couple

On this sunny Tuesday, let’s have some girl talk.

A few of my friends are dating right now, and I love hearing their stories. The other night, I asked a friend how a recent dinner went. She texted back: “If the purpose of the date had been to learn how to do my own job better, it would have been great.” It made me laugh for like ten minutes. Dating! It’s fun and also not fun! I remember those ups and downs like it was yesterday.

I also came across a funny New Yorker piece about the updated “rules” of dating. Here’s a snippet:

New Yorker funny dating story

The advice I always tried to remember: just be your weird self and someone will LOVE it.

So, what’s your relationship status these days? Single? Dating? Engaged? Hitched? Divorced? I’d love to hear…

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(Photo by ohlamour studio/Stocksy.)