I’m a sucker for coming-of-age tales: Ladybird, Never Have I Ever, Eighth Grade, Cuties. This November 26th, Paul Thomas Anderson’s Licorice Pizza hits theaters — about a teen actor falling in love in the California suburbs in the 1973. Here’s the trailer, which looks fantastic.

Nünchi jelly cakes

How cool are these jelly cakes? Self-taught chef Lexie Park founded Nünchi in Los Angeles, a made-to-order bakery that sells jiggly cheesecakes topped with fruit.

couple reading books

Do you ever (often? always?) hang out in the same room as a loved one while you’re each doing different things? The New York Times featured a compelling article about how this kind of “parallel play,” which is common among kids, can also deepen adult relationships. Case in point: “Sierra Reed, a creative and social strategist in Brooklyn, said her closest friends are those she can be with and ‘do nothing.’ She can work while a friend cooks, for example. And engaging in these independent activities while being together makes Ms. Reed feel closer to her friends, she said, not further apart.”

Photographer and long-time CoJ contributor Julia Robbs just launched a print shop. “During quarantine, I had so much time and needed something creative to do,” she told me. “So, I got really into photographing flowers.” Now she’s selling 13 beautiful prints, including this playful daisy.

P.S. More cool things, and a funny video about toddlers.

(Couple reading photo by Mosuno/Stocksy.)