Cornwall England

Years ago, when the boys were tiny, we traveled to see my family in Cornwall, England. Since I grew up visiting, I knew what to expect: walks on the cliff paths, rocky beaches, loud seagulls, loud relatives, salt-and-vinegar chips. I love it there so much.

But one afternoon, we went to the pub for lunch, and the menu featured a dish I had never noticed before. A chip butty.

chip butty sandwich

You guys. It’s a sandwich of fries. And it’s delicious.

Have you ever had one? Says GQ writer Alex Siquig, “It’s the sandwich version of throwing your hands in the air and screaming, ‘I fucking quit!’ before storming off to burn down Parliament.”

Meanwhile, this week, I discovered another British sandwich…

toast sandwich

The toast sandwich. It’s a piece of toast between two pieces of cold bread. Genius. (Also, a real-life benefit: apparently, this sandwich can be palatable when people aren’t feeling well.)

What sandwiches do you love? I’ll also never turn down an egg on a roll with hot sauce, or a good tuna situation.

P.S. Our England trips over the years, and Trader Joe’s meal hacks.

(Top photo taken at my grandmothers’ house in Cornwall. Toast sandwich via Kottke. Toast sandwich photo by the Sandwich Tribunal.)