beach by Olivia Rae James

beach by Olivia Rae James

What are you up to this weekend? I recently remembered this very low-key summer checklist, and I’m excited to do it this season — including hanging out inside and not feeling bad about it:) Hope you have a good one, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

Juneteenth is now a federal holiday. (New York Times)

Found! The best last-minute Father’s Day gift.

Rose Matafeo — creator, writer and star of Starstruck — talks about writing her romcom script: “You know what’s so fun is how many times it felt sick to write, ‘Tom laughs.’ Like, ‘Tom laughs at Jessie.’ Then you realize, ‘Damn, I never see a guy laugh at a girl in a rom-com.’ It’s always like, ‘You’re ridiculous,’ or like, ‘Oh you.’ And I think it feels sick to write a character having to laugh at your jokes, particularly when you’re in the show, but it works… I just don’t know why straight men don’t understand that the hottest thing you can do is laugh at a woman. It’s just so easy.” (New York Magazine)

The most beautiful places in Scandinavia. (Atlantic Ocean Road!!!)

I’m LOVING this summer spray.

Why I’m selling my catalog of Dad Jokes.”

What to say if your kid points out that someone is fat.

I now know the secret to the quiet mind. I wish I’d never learned it.” (The Atlantic)

My favorite summer pajamas.

I love being a mom, but this made me laugh out loud.

Fellow New Yorkers: the new Winner Bakery in Park Slope is wildly delicious. Get their baguette and eat it with soft butter and thank me later.

Plus, three reader comments:

Says Lindsay on 13 readers share their reunion photos: “Just sitting here reading this and (happy) sobbing. Wow! Side note: Every person I’ve talked to this week is exhausted and feeling beyond burnt out. Be gentle with yourselves out there, everyone. Seems as we try to go back to ‘normal life’ a lot of feelings we couldn’t process this past year (because we were in survival mode) are coming to a head.”

Say Kate on coming home meals: “My mom comes from a long line of women who can’t cook, which used to be a bummer (canned green beans, boiled; chicken pot pie with NO SALT or sauce inside). I explicitly remember complaining at my grandma’s house after being given iceberg lettuce with no dressing and overcooked steak with ketchup for dinner, she said: ‘I didn’t get a graduate degree in cooking’ (she got two masters degrees in the 50s?! While married with two young kids?!). Then it dawned on me: they can’t cook *by design*. My mom, her mom, and my great grandma all gave themselves permission *not to do domestic things*, which in their time was really liberating. So, when I go home I look forward to going out for Mexican food at ‘our spot.’ ”

Says Colleen on what are your favorite baby names: “After years of infertility and three losses in the isolation of 2020, we are expecting our firstborn in late September. His name will be Umeed Neenad. Umeed means ‘hope’ and Neenad means ‘sound of the celebration.’ ”

(Photo by Olivia Rae James/Instagram.)

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