Joanna Goddard Alex toby Anton

Alex has been a dad for 11 years (here’s a post he wrote as a newbie) and we’re so grateful to have him in our lives. In anticipation of Father’s Day on June 20th, I interviewed Alex, and he shared six gifts he’d love, in case they resonate with you…

Monthly meat subscription, $30/box, full of local, humanely sourced pork and beef. Butcher Girls, a women-owned company, makes sure that all the animals are raised simply and naturally — on pasture with access to clean water, beautiful grass, and the great outdoors.

Perfect shorts, $75, made with sustainably-grown French linen. They’re a splurge, but, says Alex: “Shorts in general are really tough because most are way too baggy. These are a beautiful cut — not too short and not too long, which is EXTREMELY hard to come by. I’ve worn these almost every day since I got them. With linen, you can feel the air go through them; they’re so, so comfortable for summer.”

“My favorite thing in the universe is sitting around a fire pit, anywhere, anytime,” says Alex. This portable one, $199, would do the trick and gives off minimal smoke.

Hoagie towel, $45, to make your kids laugh at the beach. (The PB&J one is funny, too.)

Have you ever tried a Spaghett? Alex discovered the drink at Ray’s Bar and has been drinking it ever since. You just add a bittersweet aperitivo to a beer; plus, if you’d like, a squeeze of lemon. Light, tart, refreshing. $35.

A card listing 20 very specific reasons why you love him, $5.25. (We did this for Alex last year and he cried!) (And he never cries!)

Thoughts? What would your partner or your own dad like? Any other recommendations?

P.S. 8 more Father’s Day gifts, and Alex’s beauty uniform (including his dating advice).