What are you up to this weekend? We are going to see Alex’s mom and sister for the first time in ages. We’re so excited to squeeze them. Hope everyone has a safe weekend, and here are a few links from around the web…

Did you watch the Friends Reunion? Here’s the trailer. (Their chemistry is exactly the same!)

Now THAT looks like a great sandwich.

28 great reads for every summer mood. (The Atlantic)

Lovely quotes from Eric Carle, author of The Very Hungry Caterpillar, who died this week. Also: “Many children have done collages at home or in their classrooms. In fact, some children have said to me, ‘Oh, I can do that.’ I consider that the highest compliment.”

I want to try these Trader Joe’s snacks.

LOVING this little pot, which brightens up your whole face.

This gorgeous house tour, complete with a gingham sofa.

A baby boomer’s entertainment industry advice. You never know! (New Yorker)

Incredible paintings.

My nightmare, haha.

What a beautiful wedding dress. (New York Times)

My favorite Lulu & Georgia sale picks. (How gorgeous is the wallpaper?)

Finally, I wanted to say something important: American Jews need allies against antisemitism. Writes the author Jordana Horn: “If we don’t talk about what’s going on, candidly and openly, I fear for what will come next for us Jews in America. The fact is, there’s been a tremendous uptick in targeted hate crimes against Jews all over the world in the past two weeks.” We are standing with our Jewish readers and I apologize for not speaking up sooner.

Please join us in donating to send aid to Palestinian families. We stand with our Palestinian readers and are holding you close in our thoughts, hoping for safety and peace.

Plus, three reader comments:

Says Cooper on four fun things: “Has anyone else watched the NBC/Peacock comedy Girls5eva with Sara Bareilles and produced by Tina Fey? It is DELIGHTFUL. It’s not a show I expected to love but the quick wit, nostalgia, and hilarious song lyrics are such a mood-lifter. And so great to see a show featuring women in their 40s!”

Says Tracey on you are doing a good job: “We need to remember that coping is not the same as thriving. When there’s not enough water to go ’round, it’s enough to just hang on, sit tight and wait for the rains to come — THEN you will thrive! Until then, cope however you can.”

Says Agnes on you are doing a good job: “Ok, well, I am cat sitting and couldn’t find my friend’s cat in the house for 10 minutes and was about to have a literal HEART ATTACK that she was gone forever and I’m a negligent pet sitter and their family member is MISSING, before she appeared from — I swear — thin air. I am still freaking out. HOW YOU PEOPLE DO THIS 24/7 WITH ACTUAL HUMANS, I DO NOT KNOW. Please find a mirror and take a bow!!”

(Photo by yasmine.)

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