In January 2020, before there was any worry of staying indoors for the foreseeable future, I was on the hunt for a new hobby…

I do this every new year, hoping to enrich myself and learn something new — one year it was to go to at least one Broadway show a month!

Last year, I had the idea to finally try my hand at a pottery class. I’ve always imagined myself as the kind of person who walks around in overalls and a crop top underneath, pottery clay smeared lightly across my cheek as I sat at a wheel and made mugs and bowls to my heart’s content. But, last year, it was not to be. As soon as I had settled on the perfect pottery studio, lockdown started and it wasn’t for just two weeks like we all thought. I was bummed as my hopes of being a master potter diminished with every month.

I’d forgotten all about it, until a few weeks ago when I noticed that the pottery studio I had been interested in was opening again, with COVID restrictions. I looked at the available classes and found a beginner’s course with one more vacancy. That day, I ordered an apron and planned my future midweek morning walks to class.

Taking this second chance made me realize all the other second chances I would have this year, as more and more people get vaccinated, and the world opens up little by little. I’m looking forward to dancing on a sweaty dance floor with a piña colada in hand, seeing plays in a theater, and sitting in a quiet café. All the things I put on hold last year are almost on the menu again, and I feel grateful for the possibility of experiencing them all.

What’s something you put on hold last year that you’re looking forward to this year?

P.S. Do you have a hobby and what did you learn this year?

(Photo by Carey Shaw/Stocksy.)