Every few years, I will be at a market that has an array of the most beautiful olives and I’m tempted…

…to buy them all. I love how colorful they are, how varied their textures are, how elegant they look when served with a hunk of Parm or spicy nuts. The one problem? I detest them. It’s not like I’m a fan of Kalamatas but not of Castelvetranos. Or that I like the oil-cured but not the pimento-stuffed. I don’t like any of them. And this is not some picky-eater hold-out situation, either. Every year I’ll try a bonafide bite — like not a nibble — to see if I’ve outgrown the aversion, and every time, I’m reminded how fast I’d like to run in the opposite direction of a Puttanesca.

I’m not proud of this! But I do take some comfort in the fact that other people who write about food also harbor unexpected aversions. Ina Garten famously despises cilantro and Ruth Reichl steers clear of honey.

What about you? Do you have any food aversions that people might find surprising?

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(Photo by Pixel Stories/Stocksy.)