Do or Don’t: Balloon Jeans

Last weekend, I posted a photo of our family playing hide-and-seek at the park, and a friend commented “#sweatpantlife.” It made me laugh because it’s painfully true — I’ve worn the same pair of sweats all fall and winter. But! Today, Madewell launched some new jeans that I’m into.

The balloon jean. They’re a take on an iconic ’80s style, with a fitted waist and curved wide legs.

Thoughts? Would you wear them? I’m always here for a new jeans silhouette, and these look comfy and cool. Also, I love this vintage fit, this simple dress and this jean jacket (the back elastic!!!).

P.S. More dos and don’ts, including a wedding first look and two duvets on one bed.

  1. Jen says...

    I don’t give a rat’s ass what’s in style. I wear what I like and that RARELY coincides with what’s ‘in’. I knit and sew. A jacket I made recently, my husband said it looked bananas. Perfect.

    • turtle says...

      Yes! Here’s to not giving a rat’s ass, Jen, and to jackets that look bananas.