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What are you up to this weekend? We have been watching old Queer Eye episodes and playing gripping rounds of Australia’s Deadly Animals Bingo (one of Anton’s Christmas presents). Have a good one — take care of yourself — and here are a few links from around the web…

Wintery scenes from Sweden, including an Ice Hotel. (New York Times)

Listen to a random forest.

Have you gotten a text from your ex lately?

Head’s up: a rare sale on cashmere.

The benefits of cold water swimming. Would you do it? (New York Times)

Things I didn’t have on my Bingo card for 2020.

On a hunt for delicious winter soup recipes. Any recommendations?

Such pretty colors in this London home.

This Beatles documentary looks great.

I always love reading a media diet.

If you feel appalled by the Capitol riots, please consider donating to this D.C. fundraiser to help unhoused D.C. residents secure living spaces, keep D.C.-based people of color safe, and support frontline organizers and activists. We’ll be writing more about politics, news, race and how to help in the next weeks and months.

Plus, a reader comment:

Says Kamina on what’s your word for 2021: “My word is DOG. Because:
1. Dogs only have four modes: sleep, play, eat, and jobs. (This is what I call the intense, self-important focus of a dog in work mode – whether digging a hole or helping a human cross the street.)
2. Whichever mode they are in, dogs are totally focused on that mode. Dogs don’t multitask.
3. Dogs are happy in all modes. Even jobs. Dogs love jobs.
I tend to be sulky, distracted and discontent and I want to try to be more dog in 2021.”

(Photo by Jessie Brinkman Evans/Instagram. 100 tips via Kottke.)

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