toby and anton

This holiday, my mother-in-law sent the boys something truly amazing…

They’ve gotten many great presents over the years — books, games, a beloved ukulele — but this gift took us all by surprise, and we spent days playing with it as a family. I even told Alex that I would have loved to receive it for myself.

Reader, it was a magic kit.

kids magic kit

The boys went wild! We learned how to make a coloring book turn from black-and-white pages to colored-in pages; how to break a pencil into thirds and then magically restore it; and how to make a straight magic wand appear curved. The list goes on. We practiced the tricks on each other, and then performed over Zoom for the grandparents, aunts and uncles!



The exact kit my mother-in-law got was from eBay, but this Melissa & Doug magic kit looks great, too. They all seem to have fun, simple tricks, so I don’t think you can go wrong.

toby and anton

What do the kids in your life love playing with these days? What gifts were a slamdunk for you?

P.S. A children’s book I still think about, and Toby and Anton in conversation. Plus, the mentalist we had at my 40th birthday.