Yay! Where Were You When You Heard the News?

Biden Harris victory

Let’s take a moment to revel in the fact the Joe Biden and Kamala Harris won the 2020 presidential election! How are you feeling? And where were you when you heard the news?

Around 11:30 a.m. on Saturday, I had just stepped outside to see how warm the day was and if the boys would need to wear jackets. Suddenly, our neighbors started cheering, and people walking by were hugging and laughing. Cars driving by blasted their horns. I ran back inside and Alex looked up from his phone and yelled, “Biden won!” It was such a glorious moment!

If you celebrated, how did you do so? And I loved the part of Biden’s victory speech, when he said, “Folks, I’m a proud Democrat. But I will govern as an American president. I’ll work as hard for those who didn’t vote for me as those who did.” I’m looking forward to America coming together. xoxo

In other news:

* Early data shows that Pfizer’s vaccine is more than 90% effective, reports the New York Times. Keep the good news coming!

* Georgia will hold two run-off elections in January, which will essentially determine which party has control of the Senate. (These run-off elections are happening because no candidate in the two races won at least 50% of the vote; you can read more about it in the New York Times.) We’ve donated to support Jon Ossoff‘s and Raphael Warnock‘s campaigns. Please join us, if you’re able to.

* We also gladly donated to Stacey Abrams’s organization Fair Fight, which helps promote fair elections in Georgia and around the country and encourage voter participation in elections.

A huge sigh of relief and happiness today, and sending love to you all.

P.S. Raising race-conscious children and happiness vs. wholeness.

(Photo by Olivier Douliery.)

  1. Kate says...

    When I heard the news, I was struggling to get my daughter down for her nap. She’s a toddler, but always a hard sell on naps, and she was really wound up and fighting sleep. I finally decided to give up on the crib and hold her in my bed to sooth her so she could get some rest. I know this reinforces the bad habit, but I was desperate and feeling so frustrated. I was resigning myself to an hour of lost work time, when I started seeing the announcements on my phone. I spent the entire nap snuggling my sleeping baby girl and reading all about the happy news, with tears streaming down my face. It such a sweet, incredible moment I’ll always remember!

  2. Amber Marlow says...

    I live in Brooklyn, and started hearing what I thought was road rage because of the honking. I was about to get into the shower, and was stark naked! I threw on a robe and ran outside. The first people I saw were the couple who live two doors down, two women who have become like family. They were weeping with joy, and I absolutely lost it, breaking down and crying.

    I couldn’t hug them because of the pandemic, but we just beamed at each other!

  3. I live all accross the worls in the Mediterranean, so it was nighttime here, we spent all these days watching social media and refreshing browser searches and holding our breaths for the swing states’ vote, and the memes about states taking their time to count the votes, and Georgia forgetting to click upload… And then a friend texted me “CNN JUST MADE THE ANNOUNCEMENT” and I had goosebumps!

  4. Kiley says...

    My husband and I had been awaiting the birth of our nephew since the night before, and he texted me while I was at my parent’s house. I thought, “this is it! The baby is here!” But was excited to see that Biden had been elected President! Then a few hours later our nephew was born! What a historic day to come into the world.

  5. ST says...

    My partner and I went on a bike ride on the west side highway in NY and as we came back into Chelsea we started hearing what we now know were cheers and banging on pots & pans. As we got further into the streets and saw more people cheering, I looked at my partner and said “I think we have a new President.” It was such a cool, awesome New York moment.

  6. Cindy says...

    I had been nervously checking the news since 6 a.m. that morning. At around 10:30 I got a text from my sister that said, It’s official! She said she would be over soon for champagne. She knew I had a bottle ready to pop!

  7. Jenna Spurlin says...

    The President has not been officially elected, only called by the AP. “The media’s “call” of Biden as the winner doesn’t hold force of law. It’s simply the best estimation by the networks’ data-crunchers. Federal law allows states more than a month after the election to finalize the results. This year, that “safe harbor” date is Dec. 8. By Dec. 8, if states have wrapped up the certification of their results, Congress pledges not to dispute the results. However, the trailing candidate can also request recounts or going to court to challenge the results in certain states. President Donald Trump’s campaign’s litigation offensive is already underway”. This is consistent with due process. This is what keeps America a representative democracy and the President is in fact elected by the citizens. “Over the next few weeks, these efforts — finalizing and certifying ballot counts, adjudicating any recounts, and battling in court — will play out. Once the state-by-state lineup of electors is settled, the most important date is Dec. 14, when those electors cast their votes. On that day, the elector’s sign and seal six certificates listing their votes for president and vice president. There are some exotic potential scenarios that could change this process. If any state did this, the situation would have to be sorted out by Congress. Congress officially counts the electoral votes in a joint session at 1 p.m. on Jan. 6. Ultimately, the vice president declares a winner. At this point, the election is officially decided and simply awaits the inauguration.”

    Taken from article:

  8. Martha Patterson says...

    I was preparing for a day long board meeting on Zoom for my state education association, which I serve on. I had NPR on; the new broke around 8:26 PST! I ran upstairs to wake up my kids..both voted Biden/Harris, and my daughter voted in her first presidential election. I then unmuted myself and shared the news with the board…no one had heard yet. Many tears were shed, and I was trembling for awhile..the Board president said we needed to take a minute to process the news, So happy for our country!

  9. Molly says...

    It was my 30th bday! I was in the car driving with my husband and girls when I saw a text come through from my mom, “BIDEN WON!” We went to Ithaca, NY that day and people were dancing in the streets, honking and celebrating. My three year old daughter thought everyone was cheering because it was my birthday – haha! It was a birthday I will never forget.

  10. We had left the house for the first time … FIVE days. London is currently under our second lockdown so it made sense to stay glued to the tv. But my partner urged me to get some fresh air. The man walking behind us (from a safe distance) started screaming
    “Oh my GOD HE WON!”
    And I shouted
    “Did you just say he won?”
    And before we could answer our phones started to chime. People were shouting out their windows with joy. London isn’t usually a city that enjoys people crying on the street, but I stood there weeping with joy and everyone who past me understood exactly why as my partner hugged me.

  11. Caroline says...

    I was drinking coffee in my living room, when my I received the text from my mom. I proceeded to scream so loudly, that the people enjoying brunch at the bar next door were quickly alerted of the news. We all cheered together, as they toasted with mimosas, and I danced around in my pajamas:) The absolute best day to be a DC resident.

  12. Melissa says...

    I was driving home from running a few errands and listening to CNN on the radio and Wolf Blitzer made the announcement. I started sobbing and cheering all at once (luckily I was in a 25mph zone close to my house). A sense of relief instantly washed over me. I cried about 20 times more the rest of the day, but will always remember hearing that announcement.

  13. I was in a hospital delivery room with views overlooking Boston, on my 3rd day of laboring to give birth to my daughter. My husband and I hadn’t slept in days (both from the labor, and from the stress of the election, which in hindsight probably induced the labor,) and when we heard lots of noises on the street below and confirmed the news from our nurse I cried for the first of many times that day knowing our daughter would be born into a country where our votes mattered, where black lives matter, where basic human rights matter. Our little girl was born healthy and perfect a few hours later. We still have so much work to do in this country but this was the best day of 2020 for us by a long shot.

    • Melissa says...

      Wow! Congrats!

  14. Amanda says...

    I was outside talking to a neighbor while a yoga session was going on in the park. Kids started running out of their houses to tell their parents in the yoga class, but I couldn’t exactly hear what they were saying. Then we started to hear car alarms going off. I started making my car alarm go off even though I still wasn’t sure what was happening! Within minutes my neighbors and I had a little parade with our kids around the neighborhood. Later we lit off fireworks and watched Kamala and Biden’s speeches on a projector in the park. The most amazing part was celebrating with the kids of many ages. During Kamala’s speech when she talked about children and how they should dream big they all cheered. They were so, so happy, which made it all the better. By the way I live in Pittsburgh and we were very relieved that our city and state came through!

  15. CB says...

    I was in the shower and my four year old pulled back the curtain and casually said… “Hey Mom, we have a new president.” Life changing shower, literally.

  16. Jennifer I. says...

    I live in DC. It was a beautiful day, so my husband and I decided to take a walk around the National Mall. We started hearing cheers and car horns. We both looked at each other and knew immediately what had happened. How thrilling to accidentally be standing in front of the Capitol Building at this moment in history. I mean, we truly couldn’t have had better timing. Will remember it forever and ever.

  17. Anon says...

    I vote for Biden. But honestly, it’s because he’s the lesser of two evils. I’m over politics and politicians. They’re all flawed. I have maintained for many years now that they’re all corrupt, after popularity and their own personal agenda. That being said, I am shocked at the level of hatred, I’ll words, and the feeling of superiority that so many (liberal/progressive) people I know have been expressing after this presidential win. The emotional stress this whole year has taken in us all, a little compassion and “sportsmanship” would be nice. One can cite Trump’s horribleness in many ways, and it’s easy to equate those who voted for him to be that evil. But the reality is that isn’t true. Would we imagine liberal voters to be ok with Biden’s shortcomings as well, does that make us complicit to allegations to his sexual harassment issues?

    I read a quote that really resonated, it didn’t list the author:
    “ Be careful not to dehumanize those you disagree with. In our self-righteousness we can become the very things we critique in others… and not even know it. ”

    • May says...

      Consider this quote from James Baldwin. I believe this captures the sentiment of why many of us feel only animus and not empathy for Trump supporters.

      “We can disagree and still love each other unless your disagreement is rooted in my oppression and denial of my humanity and right to exist.”

    • DE says...

      May, I have been thinking about that quote a lot too. But I also think it isn’t so black and white. I’m not a Trump supporter by any stretch, but I have started to have open conversations with some of them, and I have discovered it isn’t so simple to say that they are purposely oppressing certain rights. It can be easy to say: “Well, a vote for Trump is a vote for oppression, racism, etc.”…but I think they have their reasons that have nothing to do with those issues (ie: abortion, the virus, the economy, etc.) It may seem so simple to us, but the reality is much more complex, with the other things people are concerned about. I personally can’t fully comprehend it either – aren’t human rights issues the most important?! – but I have met Trump supporters who aren’t bad people in their real lives, and they have their own life experiences/perspectives for why they voted how they did. And while anger towards the other side can be justified, it isn’t a way to move forward.

      Like I said, I am not a Trump supporter at all. I feel like I need to emphasize that because any time I even try to extend even a little bit of understanding to the other side, I get vilified and attacked instantly. I consider myself a Democrat, but not extreme. I worry about the extremes because then it becomes “If you’re not with us, you’re against us” and that’s a dangerous place to be.

      Back in 2016, Oprah did a special inviting several Democrats & several Republicans to a table to discuss why they vote how they do. It was civil debate about different viewpoints…and the amazing thing was, she followed up six months later, and many of them had become friends and spent more time together sharing their various interests. It felt hopeful. Maybe we can learn to treat each other with decency, even if we disagree.

  18. Emily says...

    we had friends in town and were sitting around having coffee (central time zone) with the news on in the background. took a minute for one of us to notice the yellow check and scream! we walked to the grocery store for mimosa fixins’.

  19. Maria says...

    I was sitting behind my desk watching videos on YouTube, when I saw the news of Biden/Harris’ win! Really happy for you, finally some good news 🙂

    Cheers from The Netherlands

  20. Sharon says...

    Slept in that morning and woke up to my phone blowing up with the celebratory texts and notifications. Then went downstairs and cracked opened the bottle of expensive Canadian ice wine (that I’d been saving for a good reason for 11 whole months!) that my trump-supporting relatives gifted to me, haha

    • Marie says...

      I’m a lawyer, so I was in a zoom meeting with a client (yes, on a Saturday). The client is the patriarch of one of America’s wealthiest families, so definitely a republican. The client cut in and said “looks like we have a new president.” I had to hide my elation, as I heard people in my neighborhood start yelling and cheering outside. Fortunately we had a break shortly after, and I got to properly celebrate.