How Are You Doing?

flowers by Kari Herer

My lovelies, it’s been a moment since we all checked in, and with the state of the world right now, I’d love to ask you: How are you doing? Here’s a pop quiz if you’re in the mood…

What you ate for breakfast today:
A book, TV show or movie you’d recommend:
Something you’re looking forward to:
What’s worrying you:
The name you would choose if you named yourself:

If you need to laugh, Frog and Toad tentatively go outside after months in quarantine.

And on a serious note, here’s how to help demand justice for Jacob Blake, and here are ways to help California’s fire victims. And please make sure you’re registered to vote. These are such important times.

Finally, I wanted to say how grateful I am that you’re here. I love this community of smart, funny people. We’ll get through this together. Sending so much love your way. xoxo

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P.S. Making a magazine cover, and do you have a favorite poem?

(Top photo by Kari Herer. Bottom print by AdamJK.)

  1. Elle says...

    Breakfast: Nutella on fresh baguette
    Book / TV: Normal People! Read the book first and then binged the show, loved both so much!
    Looking forward to my next pedicure, some me time (I don’t get any these days, with everyone remote working / schooling at home
    I’m worried about my relationship with my 9 year old son, lots of fighting around homework these days.
    I would love the name Poppy. It’s actually really close to the nickname my mom gives me, and that my husband and kids have adopted too!

  2. Laurel says...

    Very late to the party here….
    Brekkie: green juice, toast, coffee
    Reading: The Sellout by Paul Beatty. I recommend it. Writing is brilliant and I’m not sure I’m smart enough for it.
    Looking forward to the impending Australian summer
    Worried about bushfires and lockdowns
    A name? I am truly Laurel. Any other name wouldn’t fit.

  3. Marnie says...

    breakfast – oatmeal with blueberries
    book to recommend – Writers & Lovers by Lily King
    What I’m looking forward to – never hearing anything Trump has to say
    what is worrying you – when will Coronavirus end? will it end? what about the economy? the next virus?
    the name you would choose – Isabella (but only if I was taller with long curly hair)

  4. Sam Heindel says...

    Late to the game, but i’m here!

    What you ate for breakfast today: two hard boiled eggs, a handful of almonds, a bigger handful of blueberries

    A book, TV show or movie you’d recommend: I’ve been watching Crazy Ex Girlfriend on Netflix and it soothes my anxious soul so much

    Something you’re looking forward to: An all female backpacking trip that i’m planning for October :)

    What’s worrying you: I’m in year long relationship and we’ve been having some bumps along the road lately. I’m totally in love and a little nervous about our future.

    The name you would choose if you named yourself: Francine

  5. Tabby says...

    BREAKFAST: Peanut butter on toast (I’m 8wks pregnant it is’s the only thing I can stomach right now!
    TV SHOW: I’ve just re-watched Virgin River on Netflix, it’s so comforting. Makes me daydream of leaving the city for a tiny forested community.
    LOOKING FORWARD TO: This morning sickness passing, it’s sucking everything out of me right now. Where’s that glow everyone promises pregnancy brings lol.
    WORRYING ABOUT: Hoping that we both keep our jobs as both of our companies are about to start a restructure process.
    NEW NAME: Something long and classy like Cordelia or Rosalie

  6. ANNA LEAH says...

    What you ate for breakfast today: Oatmeal with butter prepared by Mom
    A book, TV show or movie you’d recommend: Gilmore Girls and Chef’s Table on Netflix
    Something you’re looking forward to: Christmas – It’s the first of September and where I live (Philippines), we anticipate the Christmas Season as early as now. Yes to Jose Mari Chan Christmas songs!
    What’s worrying you: While I count myself fortunate to still have a job during this trying times, I worry if our company will be able to hold it through. I constantly worry to getting infected because we have reported positive cases within our work vicinity and I have a senior citizen Mom who lives with me.
    The name you would choose if you named yourself: Bethina or Betsy

  7. Nicole A says...

    What you ate for breakfast today: Junior Mints
    A book, TV show or movie you’d recommend: This is How by Augustan Burroughs
    Something you’re looking forward to: My one year anniversary with my boyfriend tomorrow!
    What’s worrying you: I have a biopsy scheduled soon. I’m 27. My dad had cancer when I was young. My nerves are driving me insane.
    The name you would choose if you named yourself: Brooke. This is my middle name.

  8. Jen V says...

    Love these!
    Coffee, just returned from out of town so the refrigerator is empty
    I May Destroy You, brilliant, profound and thought provoking (basically came here to write this). I had 6 weeks off between jobs and made a goal to read 10 books during that time. I’m only on book 8 with 2 days to go!! So far my faves have been Solitary by Albert Woodfox and Heavy by Kiese Laymon (oof, so powerful) for lighter fare I liked My Year of Rest and Relaxation by Ottessa Moshfegh.
    I’m looking forward to a new president and soup weather.
    Worried about the economy and people who have lost their livelihood, politics, racism, my neck, etc. etc. I inherited my worry wart gene from my nana.
    Another Jen that always wished for a more exotic name. My favorite name is Jemma, which was the nickname my grandpa called me.

  9. Jenn P says...

    BREAKFAST: Waffles and venison sausage that I didn’t cook for myself (WIN!)
    BOOK, TV, MOVIE: I’m struggling with books these days. I’m usually an AVID reader, but I just can’t focus, and anything REMOTELY stressful I just can’t get through. So I’ve rereading all of my guilty pleasure Nora Roberts books, and the Chronicles of St. Marys series by Jodi Taylor which are silly, laugh out loud easy reads. And we’ve been watching Sherlock, which is GREAT.
    LOOKING FORWARD TO: Going camping again. We just got back from a week long car camping trip, and we’re going back out in two weeks for another couple of nights. It’s so peaceful and calming that I’m just loving it.
    WORRYING: About finances. I’ve been out of work since March, since my industry ground to a complete halt with Covid. It’s slowly starting back up, but that brings with it a whole slew of additional worries, so, yes. Just worried.
    NAME: With 80 bajillion other women my age being named “Jennifer” I always wanted to be named something not so common. I also wanted to be named something vaguely boy-ish, like Ryan or Sam.

  10. D says...

    – Oatmeal with lots of cinnamon.
    – Reruns of I Love Lucy.
    – Looking fw to a much needed vacay after working 60-80 hr weeks.
    – It worries me that women who claim to support other women are demanding justice for Jacob Blake while a woman in fear called the police on him, he violently resisted arrest, AND a warrant from earlier this summer states that he (at same address of shooting) forcefully digitally penetrated her vagina and told her she smelled like she’d been with other men, while she was sleeping next to her young son. Worries me and hurts my heart for the world.
    – I’m happy with my name but have always liked the sound of Marie.

    • Sunfem says...

      To use this platform and check in space to spout spurious police-provided statements about a man who was just gunned down while walking away from police towards his children with his hands up is beyond the pale.

    • D says...

      Sunfem – I kindly ask that you do not try to silence the voice of a woman who reported being assaulted by that man at a time prior to that incident. And no, he was not “walking away…with his hands up.” Sadly you have validated my worries further. How must she feel that what she went through seems so unimportant to so many.

  11. Kelly says...

    What you ate for breakfast today: Bacon + a cold brew coffee (it’s Saturday!)
    A book, TV show or movie you’d recommend: “I May Destroy You”
    Something you’re looking forward to: One day – being able to go to Paris
    What’s worrying you: My job for the rest of 2020. When I’ll be able to see my partner again (long distance). Migraines. Feeling lonely and a bit suffocated in my small apartment.
    The name you would choose if you named yourself: Cleo

  12. Dianne says...

    Breakfast: Toasted bagel with cream cheese and Diet SunKist (my guilty pleasure) :-)
    Watching: I’m early into The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. So far, so good.
    Reading: Dean Koontz
    Looking forward to: Cool, crisp fall days with the hope of local weekend getaways
    Worried about: The lack of civility in our world today. We can all be different, have different opinions and still be respectful to others. It hurts my soul.
    I love cupofjo for it’s uplifting and supportive community.
    Name: I like my name.

  13. Martha Patterson says...

    Breakfast: Avocado toast with a fried egg on top.
    Book recommendation: The Scent Keeper by Erica Bauermiester…magical
    and mystical, even set in present times!
    Looking forward to: Traveling again…staying in a hotel room by myself! Covid
    cancelled many trips I was looking forward to, some
    business, some for fun. And swimming in a pool again!
    Worrying me: The state of our country…our current POTUS is basically a
    white supremacist, and his behavior has legitimized racism,
    sexism, xenophobia….and it is heavy on my heart that many
    people I know who consider themselves good people of faith
    support DT.

  14. Ivy says...

    What you ate for breakfast today: Honey Nut Chex cereal. I’m just starting my second trimester of pregnancy and need to shovel down something right as I get up or my stomach lurches in anger.

    A book, TV show or movie you’d recommend: Did you watch Palm Springs on Hulu? So good. Also, my husband and I started the daunting task of watching The West Wing right before quarantine hit. Needless to say, we are midway though the final season and canNOT believe how applicable these stories are to today’s political climate.

    Something you’re looking forward to: Redoing our family room. We just bought a house built in 1967 that had the same owners for 47 years. There are plenty of brass fixtures to remove. :)

    What’s worrying you: I’m a teacher in Iowa and our covid restrictions are anything but tight. We are back in school (in-person) – yesterday was our first day. We found out last night that a kid came to school who was covid-positive. It stresses me out worrying about kids and their health/safety. Selfishly, I’m worried too because I’m pregnant and not sure how a covid diagnosis would affect my pregnancy/child/birth. I wish we would have been as strict as other countries were.

    The name you would choose if you named yourself: Ouh… I’d keep mine! My name is Ivy and I get compliments on it all the time. I’ve never been bored by it and have found that people generally know very few Ivys. I’ve loved having a unique name – it feels like it gives me a license to be weird.

    • Isabelle says...

      Just wanted to say that it isn’t selfish at all to be worried about your own health and safety these days! It’s a very big deal that you are helping to support kiddos during this time, and you’re allowed to take care of yourself too. And also lovely to hear someone say something about themselves that they have always liked!

  15. Regina Mareglia says...

    What you ate for breakfast today: English muffin and jammy egg. Elderberry tea with honey.
    A book, TV show or movie you’d recommend: I Know This Much Is True and Middleditch and Schwartz.
    Something you’re looking forward to: Getting back into therapy and joining a support group.
    What’s worrying you: My relationships.
    The name you would choose if you named yourself: I’ve grown into my first name but would change my last name to Leone.

  16. Lucy says...

    This is so fun!

    I do intermittent fasting, so no breakfast for me.

    A book I read and loved: The Girl With the Louding Voice

    I’m a worrier, so lots. Anxiety is high. About to homeschool kids and feeling it all.

    Margot feels very me!

    • celeste says...

      I am starting to do intermittent fasting – breakfast is easier to give up that I thought!

  17. Susan Magnolia says...

    Breakfast was almond butter and strawberries on bread that I make.

    Recently read books two and three from Crazy Rich Asians trilogy and it made laying on the floor for days with back pain more enjoyable and go by fast. As a family we just read all of the Moomin books and my daughter is obsessed. They are wonderful stories.

    I am looking forward to going camping with my family the last weekend of September. Worried fires may affect us taking the trip but mostly scared of one of us getting sick, and well everything really. Never seeing my aging parents again. 45 being in charge of anything. Police violence and racism.

    Growing up I loved the name Claire/Clara and suggested the name to my sister when she was pregnant so now I have a niece Claire. :)

  18. Ashley L says...

    Oh I love these! I usually just read them but I think I’ll jump in and add mine today.

    Today I had sprouted toast with peanut butter and jelly. why is breakfast so hard?! Either its too heavy and I feel sick or too light and sugary and I’m hungry all day. My mom ate pb&j toast and so by default its what I eat now.

    My daughter and I have been watching Grand Design on Netflix and we love it. Highly recommend!

    Looking forward to my second daughter going back to preschool. I know its controversial but my daughter is a lot like me and needs her people. She misses her friends so much. I am looking forward to her being able to giggle with her friends. We love and trust her school.

    Sex trafficking, rape and Porn websites. I have two little girls and a son. I fear them being taken from me and harmed or someone laying their hands on them in a sexual way. I see the pure evil that comes from this horrible hidden part of our society and the horror stories that have come from people who have been exposed to this world and it makes me sick. I’m thankful for a God who I can trust with my children and loves them even more than I do. It’s the only way I sleep at night.

    My second daughter’s name is Paige. I have always loved that name and I think I look like a Paige. I would have loved to be named that. Its such a sweet name without being too out of the ordinary.

  19. Jacqueline says...

    What you ate for breakfast today: Toast with cream cheese and fresh peach slices, coffee
    A book, TV show or movie you’d recommend: I read Such a Fun Age a few months ago and it is currently haunting my subconscious…
    Something you’re looking forward to: I wish I could freeze time right now as my daughter is starting daycare next week and I’m going back to work. I’m looking forward to being adjusted to our new routine and normal.
    What’s worrying you: Getting adjusted..!
    The name you would choose if you named yourself: All I want right now is for my daughter to add “Mama” to her list of many words.

  20. Ann says...

    What you ate for breakfast today: Oatmeal with chocolate chips, raisins, nuts, and ground flaxseed, plus water and a pour over coffee.
    A book, TV show or movie you’d recommend: The Heart’s Invisible Furies (book).
    Something you’re looking forward to: Moving to Europe.
    What’s worrying you: Putting my baby on an international flight soon. Also, the logistics of the entire move.
    The name you would choose if you named yourself: Evelina

  21. Ssan says...

    Breakfast: iced black coffee with KitKat bar
    Book: the confession
    Movie: the outlander
    Looking forward: trip to the north borneo islands with my colleagues (i’m a cross district local btw, no state/international border travel)
    Worrying about: buying my very first property (a piece of land)
    Name: Nadine

  22. Anya says...

    What you ate for breakfast today: a peach and an iced latte
    A book, TV show or movie you’d recommend: Half of a Yellow Sun by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (beautifully written, utterly devastating portrait of life during the Biafran War)
    Something you’re looking forward to: the release of the live action Mulan on Disney Plus! Mulan was my childhood favorite movie
    What’s worrying you: November. COVID. The state of the world. Post-grad plans
    The name you would choose if you named yourself: I’d keep mine

  23. Kate says...

    Breakfast: cut up fruit (my husband’s speciality dish!), lots of coffee
    To recommend: Ronan Boyle and the Bridge of Riddles is a book my 10 year old and I have LOVED reading at bedtime –it is hilarious and such a pleasure for us both. And like other commenters before me, I recommend Olive, Again for an engrossing read.
    Something to Look Forward To: Apple Picking this fall AND voting in November
    What’s worrying you: voter suppression in November (and pretty much everything else!)
    The name I would choose: I like my name now, but remember wishing for something more unique growing up when there were so many Kates. Now it makes me so happy when I meet a little girl named Kate.

  24. K says...

    What you ate for breakfast today: peanut butter jelly sandwich and OJ
    A book, TV show or movie you’d recommend: currently bingeing Insecure, rewatched Sleepless in Seattle recently and it was so good! A classic. New Girl and Schitts Creek are favorites for good laughs too.
    Something you’re looking forward to: post pandemic life when hopefully there are vaccines/treatments for Covid. Traveling to see my family abroad.
    What’s worrying you: the pandemic and the fires and bad air quality in California, the election
    The name you would choose if you named yourself: Amaris

  25. Christina says...

    What you ate for breakfast today: A “tea sandwich” of Branston pickle and cheddar cheese on soft, squishy bread.*

    A book, TV show or movie you’d recommend: I’ve been binge reading a lot of books by Katherine Center and Louise Penny, and continue to be on the look-out for light, happy, and/or not-to-complex books.

    Something you’re looking forward to: I’m two weeks into a positive Covid 19 diagnosis, and while I’m generally doing OK, I can’t smell or taste a thing. N O T H I N G. So that *yummy sandwich I made for breakfast was…eh…it tasted like nothing at all…but I really can’t wait to smell and taste again!

    What’s worrying you: I want my chest congestion to go away…I want to smell and taste again…I am an elementary Teacher Librarian and I worry about doing a good job distance teaching…I worry about losing my small business (a dance studio)…and overall, I worry about the state of our country and how we are going to get through all this crap.

    The name you would choose if you named yourself: When I was little I really wanted to be named Betsy! Now, I like Christina. :)

  26. Lane says...

    What you ate for breakfast today: A piece of toast and an iced coffee.

    A book, TV show or movie you’d recommend: Buzzfeed Unsolved. I’m late to this, but Ryan and Shane’s banter is so funny.

    Something you’re looking forward to: Nothing. What is there to look forward to anymore? I live in Georgia where almost no one wears masks, there’s hundreds more cases every day, and I’m constantly second guessing myself on whether we’re doing the right thing by staying in and social distancing still.

    What’s worrying you: Climate change. Racism. The upcoming election. My children and what would happen to them if they got Covid. My 5 YO is particularly sickly, and I’m terrified that he’d end up with lifelong problems if he got this virus.

    The name you would choose if you named yourself: Still Lane, although it took me many years to come into liking my name.

  27. Laura says...

    Late to the game but here I go…
    Breakfast: Latte and a raspberry scone
    Book I’d recommend: My friend recently gave me an old copy of The Casual Vacancy by JK Rowling, which far exceeded my expectations haha
    What’s worrying me: Dying alone (only half joking!), US election, and being cooped up all winter. Not sure how I will deal with that.
    Name for meeeee: before it got super popular I loved the name Isla for a girl. For myself, I’ve never really thought about it. Maybe Anna.

  28. Claire says...

    What you ate for breakfast today: oat groats, harissa chickpeas, fermented turnips and daikon radish pickles.
    A book, TV show or movie you’d recommend: What We do in the Shadows/Amazon Prime Series
    Something you’re looking forward to: hiking in Olympic National Park
    What’s worrying you: My elderly parents and their health; two good friends who have children with severe mental health issues
    The name you would choose if you named yourself: My mother named me Julie Claire after my grandmothers, and at age 32, when I moved to a new city where no one knew me, I told everyone my name was Claire. I like both names, but Julie felt like my childhood name, and I was a grown ass grown up now.

  29. Cora says...

    What you ate for breakfast today: egg, ham, and cheese wrap
    A book, TV show or movie you’d recommend: Kim’s Convenience (Netflix)
    Something you’re looking forward to: Beach day with my girls tomorrow as a goodbye to summer before school starts
    What’s worrying you: School starting
    The name you would choose if you named yourself: When I was a kid I wanted my mom to have a baby named Trixie, so maybe I’d try being Trixie for a day. I think she’d be fun.

  30. S says...

    What you ate for breakfast today: a piece of 100% rye sourdough bread i made myself, dill butter, black coffee
    A book, TV show or movie you’d recommend: New Girl on Netflix. Been going through it every night as I pack lunch for work! It makes me light hearted and smiley.
    Something you’re looking forward to: Tomorrow is my last day at the company where I’ve worked for the past 5 years and in two weeks, I am starting a new job! Been wanting to move jobs for a while, so looking forward to some changes!
    What’s worrying you: The state of this world – environment, Covid, nasty people everywhere and lack of medical care in Korea coz docs are on strike. Feel like every stable ground is falling apart. Sorry if there was depressing. On a lighter note, am successfully not using paper cups for the past 2 weeks!
    The name you would choose if you named yourself: Something bold like Sienna!

  31. Claire Walker says...

    What you ate for breakfast today: English muffin with peanut butter & over-ripe strawberries

    A book, TV show or movie you’d recommend: Brooklyn 99 – it’s so positive, light, hilarious, and the characters like each other! It’s a breath of fresh, even the 2nd or 3rd time you watch it!

    Something you’re looking forward to: My best friend lives in D.C., I live in Chicago. She mentioned that Cleveland was smack-dab in the middle (a 6 hour, 8 min drive for me; a 6 hour, 1 min drive for her) and we booked ourselves an AirBnB for a weekend in October!!! It will be the closest thing to a vacation I have taken since COVID-life began in March and I can’t wait to walk around a new city with her and have a break from being called “Mom” for 48 hours.

    What’s worrying you: THE ELECTION. I just cannot imagine what 4 more years of this President would bring.

    The name you would choose if you named yourself: Samantha! I was a tomboy growing up and I desperately craved a nickname, especially one that worked as a boy’s name – but my name is one syllable and that just doesn’t lend itself to nick-namification!

  32. Fiona says...

    Breakfast: Cinnamon Toast Crunch and potentially a handful of cheetos (coping mechanism)
    Book recommendation: Going Postal by Terry Pratchett; movie: The Old Guard; tv show: Umbrella Academy
    Looking forward to: TomatoeFest – every year a group of about 12 of us buy about 300lbs of tomatoes from our farmer and process them together, all day, with drinks and laughs. This year we will be doing it just for us in our home, but still with drinks and laughs and will still have sun-warmed tomatoes to get us through winter and the hope to be all back together next year.
    Worried about: I’ve come to the realization I won’t be a mother, so I am trying to work my way through emotionally, mentally, spiritually, what it now means to be “a good ancestor” (as the amazing Layla Saad phrases it), a matriarch and generally how to build a legacy built on something other than my job.

  33. Emily says...

    What you ate for breakfast today: my dad’s homemade sourdough bread with non-dairy cream cheese + coffee

    A book, TV show or movie you’d recommend: I’m Sorry (on Netflix) is so funny

    Something you’re looking forward to: just found out I’m expecting! Grateful for the opportunity to be pregnant…

    What’s worrying you:
    Trump rigging the election, 4 more years of him (eek!)

    The name you would choose if you named yourself: Mine’s too popular, always liked Courtney with CoCo as a nickname.

  34. Heather says...

    What you ate for breakfast today: Raisin Bran with fresh figs
    A book, TV show or movie you’d recommend: Unforgotten (British mystery series)
    Something you’re looking forward to: fall and sweaters
    What’s worrying you: work. I work for a university and we start in a couple weeks. There’s just so much to do and I’m so worried about Covid getting worse.
    The name you would choose if you named yourself: I used to wish I had a different name, but as I get older I feel like we suit one another. I’ll stick with Heather, thanks!

  35. A says...

    Breakfast: Honey bunches of oats Cereal with almond milk and blueberries
    Book: Just finished Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn. Haunting, disturbing, addicting. The show on HBO is equally as good!
    Looking forward to starting IVF
    Worried about … see above

    When I was little, I told my kindergarten teacher my real name was Jessica- it’s not!

  36. Maria says...

    What you ate for breakfast today: Rice crackers with cheese, an apple ?
    A book, TV show or movie you’d recommend: So You Want to Talk about Race by Ijeoma Oluo (book), The Umbrella Academy – season 2 (TV show) and A Monster Calls (movie)
    Something you’re looking forward to: Being able to travel ?
    What’s worrying you: The pandemic…
    The name you would choose if you named yourself: I’m happy with my name ?

    Cheers from the Netherlands ?

  37. Arlene says...

    Breakfast: Raw oats, yoghurt, seeds, cinnamon and banana
    Loved the series Years and Years with Emma Thompson
    Looking forward to going camping in the Robertson winelands(South Africa)in a couple of weeks
    Worried about my work unfortunately…
    I have no problem with my name, but love the name Imogen.

  38. Kat O says...

    Breakfast: a hard-boiled egg from our chickens, on toast spread with hummus (a favorite camping breakfast that I put into regular rotation).
    A book: The Vanishing Half – so well-written! Unfortunately my library loan expired before I could finish, so now I’m back on the waitlist…
    Looking forward to: being done with our DIY, extremely budget-friendly bathroom reno that’s turning out SO well.
    Worrying: literally everything. Top two are kids going back to school (I work in education, although I’m not a teacher) and the election – especially because I think the Man-Child in Chief is going to contest the results.
    The name you would choose: Everyone born in the late 80’s was named Kaitlin, and I kind of hate it. I at least wish my parents had spelled it the traditional Irish way! I’d rather have an E name, maybe Emily or Esme.

    • Fayola Pollard says...

      I feel you on the library loans…I feel like mine always expire and then it’s back on the waiting list :) I now take pics of the page I’m on when I have to return books before I finish reading them!

    • Denise says...

      It’s worth finishing The Vanishing Half. I found it slow to start (almost put it down), but very glad I made it through. fingers crossed you’re not too far down the list. :)

    • Kat O says...

      Denise only #1180 out of 100 copies! (insert laugh-cry emoji here)

  39. Julia says...

    Watermelon, coffee
    Michael A. Singer: The Untethered Soul – (my bible!) It is all about living intensively in the present and skip all the thinking and worrying. Life is not thinking, life happens just now around you.
    Looking forward to traveling and meeting friends again without covid19-worries
    Worrying that my life (raising two kids) goes by too quickly and that I grow old too fast. I want to stay healthy so that I’ll be able to travel about the world and learn more about everything as soon as I can…
    My name is wonderful for me: Julika

    • Kate says...

      I have the same worry, Julia! I just had my first child and was hit by a wave of anxiety that life is going to pass by so, so fast.

  40. Natasha says...

    Joanna, it is only fair if you join the game too! What are your answers? How are YOU?

    What you ate for breakfast today:
    Bell peppers sprinkled with fleur de sel on rye bread slices, with cream cheese under it and fresh feta cheese on it.
    A book, TV show or movie you’d recommend:
    We’ve been watching After Life on Netflix and we absolutely loved it. Go Ricky Gervais.
    Something you’re looking forward to:
    Vacation! Whether we stay home or travel to my parents, I’ve been needing it so badly… I am from Europe and the borders are complicated at the moment, so I am hoping for some relaxation of travel warnings soon. We are missing our families so much!
    What’s worrying you:
    The name you would choose if you named yourself:
    I wouldn’t change my name, but another one that would suit me is Sofia. It’s my grandmother’s name and I always thought it is beautiful.

  41. WMom says...

    What you ate for breakfast today: ham and cheese sandwich from the grocery store – nothing on it. It is comfort food because it reminds me of the first food I ate after my first son was born — a plain ham and cheese sandwich (with American cheese) from the hospital
    A book, TV show or movie you’d recommend: I am about to rewatch the modern Wonder Woman
    Something you’re looking forward to: Work tomorrow. I teach, and I love my cute bug students (6th grade ELA – all online) and so far, so good!
    What’s worrying you: Why do I sometimes feel so melancholy even though my life is so great?
    The name you would choose if you named yourself: Agnes

    • Lara says...

      I know exactly how you feel when you talk about what’s worrying you. I feel the same and still trying to figure out why! Currently looking at my hormones to see if they’re in balance and using a mood tracker called Daylio which helps me understand when I feel most melancholy and why. I’ve also found that magnesium and vitamin D supplements help. Sending lots of love and good wishes your way x

  42. Larissa says...

    I loved Olive, Again!

  43. A says...

    Breakfast – Two hard boiled eggs with TJs everything but the bagel seasoning + berries and sliced almonds + coffee with whole milk and coconut sugar
    Show – Modern Love on prime
    Looking forward to: Post COVID times
    Worrying About: My daughter starting kinder online today. I also worry I might have depression. Virtual learning means it will be a while before I have some space to myself again, and I’m not doing great.

    • Yulia says...

      A, I am thinking about you. You’re not alone. None of us are ever more than a comment away. Write again if it gets too hard.

    • mims says...

      I realize I am likely a little depressed too…..just trying to be kind to myself and do acts of kindness for others, like pull my neighbors weeds or leave flowers on a friend’s doorstep. You can do these things with your child and model random acts of kindness. These small acts cheer me up immensely and and I find when I think about others and what I can do for them, I forget about my own internal drama (which in the grand scheme of things is not so bad). When my son was small, keeping him entertained/fed/bathed/cared for was exhausting. I cut myself some slack and realized in no way did I need to perfect as long as he was safe and felt loved, he would likely be ok. I let go of formal education (left that to teachers) but did try to model lifelong learning, reading, critical thinking, and doing/making things with your hands. He is 21 now and turned out fine. He actually likes spending time with us and is his own person. I also come here to cupofjo when I have time and read thru these megathreads (So many good ones in the archives). It stimulates so many ideas (for cooking, reading, watching, doing!). You are not alone. PS. Try to take a nap every day. Tell your daughter it is a required part of kindergarten (we had to bring our own rug to sleep on when I was in kindergarten, do they still have nap time?). Announce nap time at the same time every day, close the curtains, turn off the lights, play quiet music or the sound of ocean waves to drown out city noise, and take some me time. You gotta recharge your battery daily! Even my dog now understands what “siesta time” means and respects it.

  44. Larissa says...

    Breakfast: granola with blueberries, mint tea, a square of dark chocolate
    Book: Hard Copy: Postscript (the sequel to P.S. I Love You) by Cecelia Ahern Audiobook: the Little House on the Prairie series (so comforting)
    TV: the Danish series Rita, and then Gilmore Girls on repeat for comfort as needed
    Looking forward to: going to my cottage, the weather cooling down
    Worrying about: my health (chronic conditions) and if I’m ever going to be able to parent a child
    Name: once, a Starbucks barista wrote my name as ‘Larsia’ instead of Larissa. And I kind of loved it. So maybe that!

    • Anna Leah Bahinting says...

      Watching Gilmore Girls too now! :)

    • Rae says...

      Gilmore girls is always comforting. I can’t wait for my yearly rewatch that I start every fall. Sitting down with a cup of coffee and some poptarts is my favorite way to watch!

  45. Jennifer says...

    Breakfast: Amanda Hesser’s succotash (from Cooking for Mr. Latte), with a soft-boiled egg on top.
    TV Show: I watched the first episode of Trying last night on Apple TV+. I never thought I would enjoy a show about infertility but it was really good and funny.
    Looking forward to: dining outside in fall weather.
    Worrying me: School choices – virtual, hybrid, in-person. So hard.
    Name I would have named myself: hmm, Rachel, not sure why.

  46. Caroline says...

    Whole milk kefir, 2 kiwis, handful of almonds
    Books: The Body in Question, The Vanishing Half
    Movies: The Speed Cubers
    TV shows: Strong (a reality show/competition about women strengthening & transforming their bodies with the help of a trainer); Alone (so happy to see it get some love here, haha!)
    Starting a new chapter in my life after a big promotion
    The election, the deadly and ongoing antiblack racism in this country, the virus
    Norae (it means “song” in Korean!)

    • JR says...

      YES to Alone! I haven’t finished the finale yet but I am so stoked to see two out of the three final contestants are women!!

  47. Michelle says...

    *Coffee. I need to learn to eat breakfast.
    * Olive, Again. God Elizabeth Strout is good. I put off coming back for fear of a “sequel”. This isn’t that. Olive Kitteridge and the whole world she lives in is so clear, funny, heartbreaking… and ever evolving, as we all are.
    * I’m looking forward to fall while still savouring the last drops of summer.
    * I hate to say it, but work. It’s taking up so much of my brain space when objectively I know it’s not needed.
    * I have no idea. I’ve grown to like my name.

  48. Allie says...

    I’ve been telling everyone I know to read The Overstory! So beautiful.

  49. Amy says...

    — A steaming bowl of pho (Vietnamese mama for the win!)
    — Book: “On Earth, We’re Briefly Gorgeous” by Ocean Vuong. I’ve never read anything like this before; the words and images flow like poetry, and the stories and ideas are complicated – it’s definitely a book you can reread!
    — Moving back to California after 12+ years away. I’m ready to settle down and stop moving every other year!
    — The pandemic recently reached the small area of the world where I am an aid worker. I worry about the number of confirmed cases in the last week and the safety of my colleagues and their families.
    — I’ve always loved “Lucy” – such a friendly name!

    • Margaret says...

      Breakfast: A vegan mushroom tamale, which I spoiled by adding an egg on the side. ) : And dark, black coffee. I just don’t understand medium roast coffee.
      A book/show/movie: I think my favorite of the year so far is Leaving Atlanta, Tayari Jones’ debut novel. More recently I just finished Miracle Creek, and highly recommend this literary courtroom drama. Great exploration of the challenges of raising disabled kids, an immigrant story, more! A crazy amount going on in this novel and the author somehow just nails it.
      Something I’m looking forward to: President Biden?
      What’s worrying me: That I may not be brave enough to be who I want to be in this awful time we are living through. My volunteer work has been a central part of my entire adult life, but the work I dedicated myself to for the last many years turned into heartbreak (on top of heartbreak). And I can’t make myself get back out there.
      A name: I love my long, clunky old-fashioned name!

  50. Sasha L says...

    Breakfast: hot oatmeal with PB and strawberries and blueberries and almond milk (a wild divergence from same, only with a banana)
    Book: Afro Vegan cookbook by Bryant Terry, it’s AMAZING!
    Shows: The Other One – cute, smart funny and touching – a family finds out there is ANOTHER family, when dad dies
    Call My Agent: very fun French comedy drama about a talent agency
    Looking forward to: a backpacking trip with my husband to a beautiful lake, Labor day weekend, and my daughter’s 22nd bday next month
    Worried: oh just stupid covid, still. Husband is high risk. It’s just a constant worry.
    Name: Sasha. I love love love my name – just like Chrysanthemum, in the Kevin Henkes children’s book.

    Sending love, good luck, big hugs to everyone out there.

    • margaret says...

      I remember hearing about that cookbook years ago and wanting to try it. Thank you for bumping it back onto my radar screen!

  51. Matilda/Claudia/Jessica says...

    I am so grateful for your blog right now. I’m a long time reader from the days of Toby as baby and you’ve seen me through a lot of stress and life changes over the years … Things are really rough right now with the state of the world: the pandemic, the inequality, the race violence – I’m feeling it all and we have personal stress with our landlady putting our apartment up for sale despite her promise not to, my job on the rocks due to lack of tech investment and not knowing what our next steps should be. Buy a house? Keep trying for a baby? Etc. But you’re always here being bright and interesting and so supportive and I just wanted to reach out and say I’m so appreciative. Using my if I was picking name options ..!

  52. Kristen says...

    1: Breakfast was a fried egg and bacon sandwich with pepper jack cheese on wheat. Generally, I skip breakfast and have something mid-day, but didn’t have a proper dinner last night and woke up ready for a REAL breakfast.
    2: I recommend Devoted by Dean Koontz. My dad recommended it and I couldn’t get enough, I even listened to it while just riding on the Peloton for over an hour.
    3: I’m looking forward to starting our family, we just started trying and I have such a good feeling. I hope it pans out!
    4: I’m worried about the election but remain fiercely optimistic that things are about to get better. I sometimes worry about our jobs and selling our house after putting so much work into it, and how expensive our city is becoming. I’d love to just up and move to the mountains or someplace simpler, but who knows what the future holds.
    5: I’m surprised to see how many people are happy with their name! I don’t dislike my name, but I have always loved Natalie, Charlotte, or Nora. They just sound sweeter to me.

  53. Kim says...

    I am loving all these women saying they love their own names.

  54. RT says...

    What you ate for breakfast today: plain donut
    A book, TV show or movie you’d recommend: Lucifer for a little drama, Selling Sunset for something mindless, I’ll be Gone in the Dark for True Crime, book Rural Diaries, Maybe You Need to Talk to Someone, I’ll be Gone in The Dark. All non-fiction.
    Something you’re looking forward to: hopefully kids going to school. I need to scrub down my house for about two months. And perhaps working out. Had a herniated disk at the beginning of this year and though better need to rehab myself, not totally recovered. Of course, this depends on things going somewhat back to normal.
    What’s worrying you: well kids going back to school. Youngest starting Kindergarten. Mask wearing. Have they gone totally feral after 6 months mostly at home. So basically everything surrounding back to school for my little kids

  55. D says...

    What I ate for breakfast- leftover samosa burrito (potatoes, cauliflower, chick peas) with TJ’s creamy green jalepeno sauce and chutney. Black coffee.

    TV show- Rewatching The Mindy Project.

    Looking forward to- Trying to make biriyani fried rice style, with day old basmati rice, all the biriyani spices, and veggies. I’ve made not great biriyani 3 times, and I’ve made excellent fried rice 300 times.

    Worry- Everything. Possibly never seeing my mom again. Seeing my FIL, who I hate, every week instead because he lives here and she doesn’t. But I’m also really appreciating and enjoying my small, personal happinesses. My kids will be staying home and doing remote schooling, and I will be home with them, and I really like taking care of them and being around them all day.

    I love the name Candy for myself, and I especially like it as an older person’s name.

    • Mims says...

      that sounds like an awesome brekkie….I think leftover dinner upcycled into breakfast is super smart and delicious eating strategy!

  56. Katie says...

    love these little check-ins :)
    What you ate for breakfast today: egg in a hole with lots of salt and pepper, and three teeny tiny pluots (a plum/apricot hybrid i didn’t know existed!)
    A book, TV show or movie you’d recommend: Love Life, series on HBO Max. it feels like sex and the city for millennials
    Something you’re looking forward to: seeing my sweet pug puppy after work…it’s the little things in the day that you have to look forward to!
    What’s worrying you: the country, as a whole. the amount of hate, cruelty, and vitriol i see on the internet saddens and frightens me.
    The name you would choose if you named yourself: Katie is such a ubiquitous 90s baby girl name…i would choose a unique name like my grandmothers’, Lena or Joelle

    • margaret says...

      Katie is ubiquitous because it is so simultaneously cute and beautiful! I love your name.

  57. Meg says...

    Oh I just LOVE these check ins and reading all of the comments :)

    What you ate for breakfast: post-run oatmeal with pb, cinnamon, and a sliced up nectarine with coconut milk AND also many handfuls of ruffles chips because #pregnancy
    Book: Untamed by Glennon Doyle and Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi are two recent standouts
    Movie: Saint Frances (please do search and find this movie it is SO heartwarming and wonderful)
    TV Show: husband and I are just getting into Pen15 and dying laughing!
    Looking forward to: our first prenatal appt at 9 weeks on Monday!
    Worried about: our first prenatal appt and that I’m doing this pregnancy thing right in general (first timer), our current political climate, climate change, my husband who is a teacher at a school that decided to go back in person, etc.
    Name I’d choose: Maybe Chloe or Naomi

    • Heidi says...

      You’ve got this, girl. There is no such thing as doing pregnancy right. Your body was made for this. Listen to yourself and you will be fine!
      Best of luck and have fun!

  58. Sarah says...

    Today’s breakfast: scrambled eggs on seedy, buttered toast and a cup of coffee.

    Recommendation: the book And Now We Have Everything by Meaghan O’Connell— memoir of early motherhood that was funny, smart, true and felt like a conversation with a friend.

    Looking forward to: the next time I can sit in a loud crowded restaurant with friends, everyone leaning over the table to hear stories, tasting bites of one another’s food, losing track of time, and hugging goodbye on the sidewalk afterward.

    Worried about: feels like everything is really, really bleak…

    Name I would’ve chosen: why is this question giving me stress like I’m actually committing to a new name?! I can’t pick!

    • Meredith says...

      I loved that book too! And she wrote a good list/review of parenting books on NYMag that I reference occasionally. Did we first hear about her on CoJ?

    • Sarah says...

      Hi Meredith! I first heard of O’Connell’s book on the podcast Mom Rage, which is also great and sadly now defunct. But maybe I heard about that here?

      Going off to find the NYMag book recs piece now. Thanks!

  59. Arielle Otero says...

    We had our 11 week ultrasound yesterday and the baby was gone. We are deeply devastated. I had a missed miscarriage, my body still thinks I’m 11 weeks pregnant. I take comfort in the fact the pregnancy has brought me and and my husband closer together and the baby is now part of me. I’m so sad. We just held each other and cried for hours.

    • Kristin says...

      Oh Arielle, I am so very sorry!

    • Anna says...

      Arielle, I am so, so sorry for your loss. I have walked this road myself years ago and know how devastating it is. Sending you all the hugs, hope, and comfort I can muster. Xo

    • Amy says...

      I am so so sorry for your loss, Arielle. Wishing you and your husband all the best during this incredibly tough time

    • Mindy says...

      Arielle sending hugs to you. I am so sorry.

    • Kim says...

      Oh, Arielle. I am so sorry. Wishing you peace and blessings and light at the end of this tunnel.

    • Noelle C says...

      So sorry for your loss. Sending hugs from Colorado.

    • Mariana says...

      I’m so sorry for your loss Arielle.

    • Kristen says...

      I am so sorry for your loss, Arielle. Holding you and your husband in my heart.

    • Sasha L says...

      Oh Arielle. I gasped outloud reading this. My heart hurts for you. I’m so very sorry. I hope you are doing ok today.

    • Lydia says...

      I’m so sorry for you loss, this is such a difficult time to grieve. I hope you can do something kind for yourself today.

    • JR says...

      I’m so sorry. I went through this exact awful experience three months ago. It’s so awful but it does get easier, day by day.

    • Lottie says...

      Arielle and JR, I’m so sorry for your loss. XX

    • S says...

      Oh…. I am so sorry Arielle! Praying for you…

    • Ashley says...

      That baby will always be apart of you and your husband Arielle. My heart hurts for you two. It was never supposed to be this way. So happy that you two allowed yourselves to grieve. keeping communication between you two will help. May you two grow closer through this. Be gentle with yourself. Praying for you.

  60. Lillian says...

    Breakfast: 2 go-go squeezes (lately I’ve been eating cereal in the mornings, but when I’m in a huge rush like I was today, I settle for these or fruit snacks hahah…)

    TV show: Marrying Millions on hulu – recent binge that I burned through

    Looking forward to: maybe getting away to DC for Labor Day weekend with my friends :)

    Worry: that some of the negativity surrounding me in my personal life is getting to me; other side worry: that it’s taking forever to find someone to date!!

    Name: I used to want to be a “Courtney” or “Tiffany” when I was little (cool girl names, I thought) but I’ve grown to like my name; it fits me well.

  61. Riley says...

    I made a hash with kale and brussel sprouts and topped it with two fried eggs. Coffee, and then more coffee.

    The Fixed Stars by Molly Wizenberg.

    Looking forward to spending the winter in Hawaii with family, my toddler getting to interact with someone other than just my husband and me, and riding horses with my MIL.

    The election. Constantly worried that we have Covid. The flight to Hawaii. Whether school will even be safe in fall 2021.

    I love my name.

    • margaret says...

      Damn this community is good at breakfast.

  62. Amanda says...

    – Breakfast today was a bowl of berries, goat’s milk yogurt and granola (+ a croissant from a local bakery for second breakfast)
    – I’m currently reading and enjoying The Nickel Boys.
    – I’m looking forward to meeting my second baby in the fall.
    – I’m worried about the upcoming school year and, funny enough, meeting my second baby in the fall and how this will affect our family dynamic.
    – I like my middle name – Eve!

  63. Megan says...

    What you ate for breakfast today: a cinnamon raisin Ezekiel English muffin with peanut butter, banana and cinnamon, green tea AND coffee (not going to deny myself little luxuries these days!)
    A book, TV show or movie you’d recommend: The Fixed Stars by Molly Wizenberg. This book shook me.
    Something you’re looking forward to: Seeing my family again. Traveling. Having more personal time when my daughter starts kindergarten in two weeks.
    What’s worrying you: Life never returning to any semblance of normalcy.
    The name you would choose if you named yourself: I like my name.

  64. Meghan says...

    What you ate for breakfast today: a slice of homemade cheddar & jalapeno sourdough, black coffee
    A book, TV show or movie you’d recommend: Me & White Supremacy (Layla Saad), Americanah (Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie), Why Won’t You Apologize (Harriet Lerner)
    Something you’re looking forward to: Starting my Masters, camping next week!
    What’s worrying you: climate change, the worldwide descent into fascism, the harm to Black and Indigenous bodies, the US election and what will happen if we open the US/Can border
    The name you would choose if you named yourself: I like my name!

  65. Natalie Anne Magdalene says...

    What you ate for breakfast today: My partner is whipping up waffles in an old cast iron waffle iron we found at a thrift store. (wish us luck!)

    A book, TV show or movie you’d recommend: Tales of the City (loved the multigenerational view points), Anne with an E (an visual escape!), and Marvellous Mrs. Maisel

    Something you’re looking forward to: crisp fall mornings

    What’s worrying you: that i won’t feel unabated joy again

    The name you would choose if you named yourself: i’ve grown to really like my name! But I love Molly, Melanie, and Collette.

    • Sarah S. says...

      What you ate for breakfast today: A bowl of honey nut oatmeal and milk with a small glass of cranberry juice
      A book, TV show or movie you’d recommend: World’s Toughest Race on Amazon. It highlights an 11-day extreme Eco-Challenge in Fiji. The competitors are so inspiring!
      Something you’re looking forward to: seeing my 9-year-old son’s smiling face when I pick him up after work and hearing about his day at school
      What’s worrying you: Job stress! I’m in a “work slump.”
      The name you would choose if you named yourself: Lila

  66. MMC says...

    What you ate for breakfast today:
    Smoothie = almond milk, frozen berries, cauliflower, peanut butter, leafy greens, flax seed, chia seed

    A book, TV show or movie you’d recommend:
    “Maybe You Should Talk to Someone: A Therapist, Her Therapist, and Our Lives Revealed” by Lori Gottlieb

    Something you’re looking forward to:
    My brother’s small wedding in January

    What’s worrying you:
    The election and holidays

    The name you would choose if you named yourself:
    I like my name :)

    • Riley says...

      Really inspired by your breakfast smoothie!

  67. What you ate for breakfast today: smoothie
    A book, TV show or movie you’d recommend: Beach Read. So well written!!
    Something you’re looking forward to: trashy book club next week
    What’s worrying you: 2020 election.
    The name you would choose if you named yourself: Lola

  68. Brandy T says...

    Bulletproof coffee, Fleabag, a hot bath tonight, upcoming COVID-19 test, Lucy. :)

  69. J.R. says...

    What you ate for breakfast today: Peanut butter, chocolate, and banana smoothie.

    A book, TV show or movie you’d recommend: We have been bingeing “Alone”; a Survivorman-style reality show where 10 people are dropped off in the northern Canadian Arctic and have to survive completely alone for 100 days. It’s SO good!!

    Something you’re looking forward to: Starting our family; soon, I hope. Setting up a sewing room in our house so I can continue to practice new my quarantine skills.

    What’s worrying you: I had a miscarriage (my first pregnancy) at the end of May and I’m so, so anxious to be pregnant again… and worried that it won’t happen and that there is something wrong with me. I’m also worried about going back into the classroom and what that will look like.

    The name you would choose if you named yourself: I used to really dislike my name but it’s grown on me, so I’ll keep it :)

    • Dani says...

      My husband and I binge watched all the seasons of Alone, too! We were both surprised to find ourselves addicted to a show about surviving alone in nature for long periods of time. But highly entertaining!

  70. Lisa says...

    What you ate for breakfast today: Homemade granola with almond milk Yum, it hit the spot.
    A book, TV show or movie you’d recommend: Book – Really into historical romances right now. Reading the Sin for All Seasons series by Lorraine Heath. TV show – Lucifer on Netflix. The latest season has just been released. Movie – A Little Chaos, also on Netflix
    Something you’re looking forward to: The cooler fall weather. It is my most favorite time of the year. I am bit over this sticky, hot summer heat.
    What’s worrying you: The state of the world today. It just seems to be a big, sloppy mess.
    The name you would choose if you named yourself: When I was younger, I would have chosen Kate or Olivia. Now that I older and much more comfortable in my own skin, I think my name suits me.

  71. Maggie says...

    These were so nice to read!

    Breakfast: cereal (a delicious mix of multigrain cheerios, quaker squares, and cracklin’ oat bran) with half a ripe banana and almond milk. Two cups of coffee.
    Book/movie/show: Selling Sunsettt (if you love trashy reality TV, like I do!)
    Looking forward to: chilly fall dog walks. Finishing my book tonight after work. BLTs for dinner. An international vacation…sometime in the future…maybe 2021? Who knows.
    Worrying about: money, always. Will I ever make enough to reach my financial goals (buy a house, pay off grad school loans, have a baby on my own if I’m still single in a few years…)? Feeling unmotivated to be my best at work and wondering why. Finding love. The election in November.
    Name: I like Maggie but also love Lorelai as someone mentioned above :)

  72. Melissa says...

    Eggs, banana, black coffee
    Marlon show on Netflix
    Summer of 2021
    My husband’s upcoming deployment and how my kids will feel once he’s gone
    I’ll keep my name

    • margaret says...

      Melissa (that is a good name!) – Sending lots of good wishes and gratitude to your husband and you and your kids as you prepare for the deployment.

  73. Kristin says...

    Breakfast was Greek yogurt with peach and almonds (and a tiny bit of honey because the peach wasn’t awesome.
    I just finished The Boy in the Field by Margot Livesey. It was beautiful and I could hardly put it down.
    I am looking forward to traveling again someday.
    I am worried about the outcome of the election.
    I can’t imagine having a different name.

  74. Wendy Taylor says...

    Breakfast Smoothie – Banana, strawberry, cashews, cacao, salt, coconut water & protein powder. So good!
    Book Re- reading Isabelle Allende – The japanese Lover
    Netflix – looking for a recommendation
    Looking forward – my next bike ride with my husband (Training to do 140k in a couple of weeks).
    Worried about all the hate in the world and all the police brutality we see on TV everyday.

  75. Alyssa says...

    Breakfast: A homemade cinnamon raisin bagel with cream cheese, fried egg, and turkey bacon. Matcha mint tea and water to drink
    TV show: I recently loved Dead to Me
    Something you’re looking forward to: My brother and future sister-in-law’s wedding. Still no date, and probably won’t be for a couple of years, but excited none-the-less
    What’s worrying you: The election and so much hate everywhere
    The name you would choose if you named yourself- Violet

    • Em says...

      Was not expecting it but I LOVED Dead to Me as well!

  76. Karen says...

    What you ate for breakfast today: oatmeal
    A book, TV show or movie you’d recommend: Taste the Nation – amazing!
    Something you’re looking forward to: The start of Le Tour de France this weekend, it’s like a beautiful travelogue of France with some bikes thrown in.
    What’s worrying you: When we’ll ever get out of this pandemic.
    The name you would choose if you named yourself: I’ve never really thought about it…but as a kid I wanted to be a Karen with an “i” instead of an “e”

  77. Lydia says...

    Breakfast was a warm, buttered sourdough toast presented to me by my husband as I lay as still as possible on the couch warding off a migraine.
    Gail Honeyman’s Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine is a perfect summer read; funny, addictive and a bit poignant.
    Getting pregnant (hopefully) soon! After a long break from being a mom-like figure (helped raise almost innumerable younger siblings and niblings) I’m excited to welcome my first. Wish me luck everyone.
    Other than the ubiquitous pandemic worries, well – nothing. Most days I feel about as lucky and carefree as they come.
    I think my own name is just right for me.

  78. Rachel says...

    What you ate for breakfast today: coffee with oat milk, a gf toaster waffle with peanut butter, and a nectarine (yay summer stone fruit!)
    A book, TV show or movie you’d recommend: Very Nice by Marcy Dermansky (I normally read more “serious” books and this is a juicy fun summer read). I also just watched The Lost Husband on Netflix, and even though I’m pretty sure a Pinterest algorithm wrote it, I still loved it – perfect early fall cozy vibes. Clearly I’m craving comfort right now!
    Something you’re looking forward to: My husband and I just bought a house, so spending fall nesting and making it ours.
    What’s worrying you: Police brutality. My well-intentioned friends and family who are afraid of truly transforming our white supremacist society. I’m also worried about my anxiety returning as the days get shorter and darker.
    The name you would choose if you named yourself: I like my name :)