flowers by Yasmine Mei

What are you up to this weekend? We’re going to watch Parasite for the first time, which I’m looking forward to, and I just started the great book Want. Hope you have a restful one, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

How delicious does this jam look?

A Dirty Dancing sequel is in the works.

Good luck doing this 30-minute meal in 30 minutes, haha.

A spiral museum in Switzerland.

Salted double chocolate peanut butter cookies.

Cool puzzles.

Issa Rae is making a documentary about the history of Black television, and Ta-Nehisi Coates’s book Between the World and Me will become an HBO special.

What a beautiful São Paulo home.

A blog series about new motherhood at age 40+.

Made me laugh. (The New Yorker)

Modern Citizen is killing it right now. (How pretty is this dress? I’d like to wear it every day this summer.)

Speaking of pretty dresses, in a recent week of outfits, Marianne said she wears her nicest dresses to Trader Joe’s because life is short! Should we join her? Take a photo of yourself in a favorite dress at home, walking around the block or at Trader Joe’s, and send it to We’d love to feature a post with us all swanning around! xoxoxoxo

Plus, two reader comments:

Says Tess on will I be single forever: “I had an amazing neighbor when I was in college. She was about 75 and single. Very maternal, always taking care of the students next door. She’d never had a date or relationship in her life. Then she met someone at the swimming pool. They went out on a few dates, and we were thrilled for her. One day, we saw her come home early in the morning. We ran to her, wanting to know everything. She said: ‘Is this what all the fuss is about? I can do a better job myself.’ And lived happily alone ever after.”

Says Diana on I’m moving into my own place: “To make my space homey, I like to frame ordinary things I’ve saved over the years. I saved a sugar packet from a trip to Cuba with my family. A bus ticket from my cousin’s town in Poland. Guitar picks I caught at concerts, napkin doodles, my mom’s grocery list. Ikea has cheap frames and picture frames are almost always lying in ‘free’ piles in my neighborhood on trash day.”

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(Photo by yasminemei/Instagram. Dirty Dancing sequel via GOACA.)