A Week of Outfits: Shannon Buckley

Shannon Buckley lives in Andersonville, Chicago, with her husband and three fluffy cats. She works for a local nonprofit, and uses her Instagram platform to share her love of slow and ethical fashion design. “When I first got into these designers, I never saw models who looked like me,” she says. “Now I’ve pushed myself to put myself out there and share my own outfits, hoping to inspire others to do the same.” Here, she shares five looks…

A Week of Outfits: Shannon Buckley

Light jacket: Elizabeth Suzann. Dark jacket: Elizabeth Suzann. Sweatshirt: Tradlands. Jeans: Imogene + Willie. Sneakers: Converse. Purse: Madewell, similar.

“This looks like a reversible coat, but it’s actually two cotton canvas jackets layered on top of one another. It’s a good way to add warmth if you don’t feel like wearing a huge parka. These jackets are by Elizabeth Suzann — the brand that first got me into slow, ethical fashion. In a nutshell, slow fashion means making things to order rather than having an inventory, and ethical fashion means being transparent about how the clothes are made and supporting the people making them. Elizabeth Suzann is a great example, and I love how functional her clothes are. Her big thing is really deep pockets, which both these jackets have. Wearing them together is like a pocket-fest.”

A Week of Outfits: Shannon Buckley

Cardigan: Babaà. Turtleneck sweater: Babaà. Cropped pants: Eli & Barry. Boots: Everlane. Backpack: VereVerto, similar.

“I know this outfit is bulky — I look like a pink marshmallow! — but I go for comfort rather than ‘flattering.’ I think people should be able to wear what makes them happy, not just things that make their waist look small. My office’s dress code is laid-back. I work at a nonprofit called Chicago Foundation for Women. CFW focuses raises funds and invests in organizations supporting local women and girls, particularly on the south and west sides of Chicago. Our main goals are supporting their economic security, access to healthcare, and freedom from domestic violence.”

A Week of Outfits: Shannon Buckley

Cardigan: Dôen, similar. Top: Elizabeth Suzann, similar. Pants: Elizabeth Suzann. Necklace: Oatmeal x Bombabird, similar.

“This is an outfit formula for me: When in doubt, I wear a high-waisted pant, a fitted shirt, and a chunky sweater or jacket. On the days when I just can’t come up with anything, this is my foolproof combination. The necklace is ceramic, so it’s pretty substantial and a little heavy. Before I found it, I’d never thought of wearing a ceramic as jewelry — but I love it. It’s a nod to my fantasy of being an elementary school art teacher.”

A Week of Outfits: Shannon Buckley

Cardigan: Babaà. Top: Elizabeth Suzann, similar. Pants: Madewell. Shoes: Martiniano.

“When I was younger, I was really into bright colors, but when I got into slow fashion I did a complete 180: no frills, no patterns, I thought everything had to be hyper-minimalist. Now, I’m pushing myself out of my comfort zone by trying more attention-grabbing colors, rather than just black and grey. I LOVE these Madewell pants. They have the perfect wide-leg silhouette.”

A Week of Outfits: Shannon Buckley

Corduroy jacket: Paloma Wool, similar. Sweater: Everlane, similar. Pants: Eli & Barry. Shoes: Everlane. Necklace: Oatmeal, similar. Watch: Michael Kors, similar.

“This jacket reminds me of my mom. She always wore long corduroy jackets when I was growing up — and she wasn’t a fashionista. She was like, ‘This is a decent jacket and I’m going to wear it for utility purposes.’ But when I wear it, I’m definitely choosing it for the look, to channel her — it makes me nostalgic.”

Thank you so much, Shannon!

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(Photos by Anna Spaller for Cup of Jo.)

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