lou and grey sweatpants

Like everyone I know, I’ve been living in sweats around the house. And the comfiest-of-all-time are these Lou and Grey ones. They’re soooooo much softer than any others I’ve ever tried. What have you been wearing?

rhianna in paris

giancarlo staubmann

Photographers describe their best shot, including Rihanna getting mobbed in Paris and a big yawn during a train ride through the Alps. “I love how the yawning man contrasts with the majesty of the mountains outside,” says Giancarlo Staubmann.

mary tyler moore show

All seven seasons of The Mary Tyler Moore Show are now streaming on Hulu. After my parents got divorced, my mom used to let me stay up late so we could watch reruns together, and it was one of my favorite memories from childhood.

broccoli melts

When it comes to getting kids to each vegetables, how about these broccoli melts? Yum.

P.S. A secret trick, and more fun things.

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