How Are You Doing?

How are you doing this week? As the year starts rolling along (we’re almost done with January, you guys!), I’d love to know what you’re thinking about these days. Here are a few questions, if you’re in the mood…

What you ate for breakfast today:
A book, TV show or movie you’d recommend:
Something you’re looking forward to:
What’s worrying you:
Your current celebrity crush:

I also wanted to say how grateful I am that you’re here — whether you’ve been reading for years or just stopped by. I love this community of smart, funny women so much. xoxo

P.S. 14 things to do with friends (other than dinner), and a very easy dinner party.

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  1. María says...

    Hello from Madrid :)

    What you ate for breakfast today: Avocado on toast and a chai latte
    A book, TV show or movie you’d recommend: A book, “La uruguaya” by Pedro Mairal, a TV show “Mad Men” and a movie… “Jojo Rabbit”
    Something you’re looking forward to: Going back home (and the beach) in a couple of weeks!
    What’s worrying you: Still thinking about my ex-boyfriend
    Your current celebrity crush: Zoe Kravitz

  2. What you ate for breakfast today: a granola bar
    A book, TV show or movie you’d recommend: Murder at the Grand Raj Palace by Vaseem Khan
    Something you’re looking forward to: visiting my husband’s family in April and meeting my nephew for the first time
    What’s worrying you: my job search
    Your current celebrity crush: Saoirse Ronan

  3. Alysha says...

    What you ate for breakfast today: overnight oats with some maple syrup and frozen blueberries
    A book, TV show or movie you’d recommend: anything by Robyn Harding
    Something you’re looking forward to: Girl’s weekend away to New Zealand
    What’s worrying you: how my old students are doing, even though I should move on
    Your current celebrity crush: Hans Ulrich Obrist – back into school so back into finding those inspiring people.

  4. Elizabeth says...

    What you ate for breakfast today: a banana and some almonds
    A book, TV show or movie you’d recommend: highly recommend The Good Place
    Something you’re looking forward to: date night with my husband on Saturday
    What’s worrying you: my daughter’s allergies and her need to argue with us about EVERYTHING
    Your current celebrity crush: Ryan Reynolds

  5. Mel says...

    What you ate for breakfast today: Cereal. Specifically, bran flakes, for fiber as I am pregnant and…TMI
    A book, TV show or movie you’d recommend: Circe, a book that retells Greek mythology in modern language
    Something you’re looking forward to: Meeting my new baby, who seems oh so close and yet so very distant from me currently
    What’s worrying you: Giving birth again. My first birth was pretty traumatic (epidural didn’t work, I had no preparation)
    Your current celebrity crush: Jemaine Clement

  6. Rene says...

    What I ate for breakfast: pancakes
    Book: Unsheltered by Barbara Kingsolver
    TV or Movie: Ponyo: Derry Girls
    What’s worrying you: My third IVF embryo transfer on Friday. After two failures, it is hard to stay hopeful. I’m only 30, and I thought IVF would’ve worked by now, dang it.
    Celebrity Crush: err, can’t think of any…I don’t pay much attention to celebrities!

  7. Jutta Humphreys says...

    What I ate for breakfast- Tofu Scramble
    Book: Woman in the Window
    TV or Movie: Ponyo.. a Japanese take on the Little Mermaid, so touching!
    What’s worrying you: Trump winning in November. :(
    Celebrity Crush: Issa Rae

  8. Maria says...

    For breakfast: Mate tea – on an intermittent fasting and start eating at noon.
    TV/Movie: the Outsider on HBO, Terrace House on Netflix, and Parasite. Something I wouldn’t necessarily recommend but a fun Monday night watch: the Bachelor.
    Looking forward to: a family reunion in Washington DC this week!
    My worry: Not being able to get pregnant a second time around, after a miscarriage last year.
    Celebrity crush: Zoe Kravitz, Brad Pitt

  9. Jessie says...

    What you ate for breakfast today:
    Oatmeal with banana and berries with maple syrup. Then I got hungry and had avocado toast.
    Book: The Swallows by Liza Lutz
    Something you’re looking forward to: The superbowl today!
    What’s worrying you: The Iowa caucuses
    Your current celebrity crush: Jesse Eisenberg

  10. Margaret says...

    Breakfast: Vegan muffin, egg over easy (I guess I should also say choc chip muffin, rather than just focusing on the “virtuous” vegan part!), coffee and sparkling water

    Entertainment: The series finale of the Good Place (the last season wasn’t great but it is so worth it to see that finale) and the novel the Snow Child. My favorite book of 2019 and perfect now that we’re in the heart of winter.

    What’s worrying me: The possibility that this is not just a bad stretch but that democracy could truly be in long-term decline

    What I’m looking forward to: Getting through this crazy period at work so I can have my first weekend off of 2020!

    Celebrity crush: I cannot think of one single person!

  11. GK says...

    What you ate for breakfast today: A cup of tea – got up late, decided to have a lie-in this Sunday
    A book, TV show or movie you’d recommend: ‘The Two Popes’ – what a wonderful, uplifting film about goodness personified, about human endeavours towards goodness. You realise goodness is, above all, about humanity. Also – am now listening to the instrumental version of ABBA’s ‘Dancing Queen’ on repeat.
    Something you’re looking forward to: Borrowing this book – it will give me answers.
    What’s worrying you: As of this moment – nothing. There are things that I’m remaining optimistic about, or holding out a lot of hope for, because positive energy is a force. It wearies the mind to worry – energy is better used in more constructive ways.
    Your current celebrity crush: Ah, Ben Fogle!

    Also, just a note to the team at Cup of Jo – I’ve been reading this blog for as long as I can remember. It’s a wonderful place on the Internet to return to – it brings such comfort, like a bright, sun-lit, airy living room, with French windows. Thank you for this.

  12. Lucy says...

    Toasts with avocado and hard boiled egg.
    Book: Biblio-style by Nina Freudenberger, Movie: Birdman (after six years I eventually watched it and the movie is really good!)
    I am looking forward to: the theater performance next weekend
    Celebrity crush: Not the celebrity, but Elite-model Max Townsend :)

  13. EW says...

    For breakfast: plain yogurt, dried cranberries, lemon curd, rice crispies, and crumbled up bits of leftover slightly-stale madelines haha, and tea
    Recommendation: The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay by Michael Chabon. I just re-read it for my book club’s 10th anniversary, and it’s just so good.
    Looking forward to: Graduating vet school in 3 months!
    Worrying about: Politics, the environment, and how hurtful some of my relatives are
    Celebrity crush: Umm… Monty Don and the Hairy Bikers/Cooks? They’re all adorable and I wish they were my uncles

  14. Michelle says...

    What you ate for breakfast today: so far just coffee. Still deciding on scrambled eggs at home or a pastry from the bakery.
    A book, TV show or movie you’d recommend: Bullshit Jobs by. It’s hilarious and resonates deeply.
    Something you’re looking forward to: Spring.
    What’s worrying you: climate change and the impact it’s having with the fires and drought especially on my homeland Australia.
    Your current celebrity crush: I’m endlessly impressed with Greta Gerwig.

  15. Lauren says...

    What you ate for breakfast this morning: smoothie bowl
    A book, TV show, or movie you’d recommend: Finally saw Parasite. Must see.
    Something you’re looking forward to: Backpacking Patagonia in March by myself!
    What’s worrying you: Loneliness, work deadlines, feeling a little lost in my life
    Your current celebrity crush: Harry Styles

  16. Tash says...

    What you ate for breakfast today: Ezekiel Raisin Toast with Strawberry Preserves + Butter
    A book, TV show or movie you’d recommend:
    The Good Wife (Hulu- Seven Seasons) is so binge worthy and shows the complexity of motherhood, entrepreneurship, and intimacy vs. convenient, unattached sex.
    Something you’re looking forward to:
    I’m having vegan donuts from a local brilliant bakery for lunch and I feel no shame. None.
    What’s worrying you: Teen Homelessness is increasing in my city and there aren’t enough beds in local shelters to keep them off the streets at night. A local law recently permitted police to arrest people without homes for “camping” on the streets. Bail is typically set at $1000. My frustration- Who the hell has $1000 for bail if they’re sleeping outside in the winter?
    Your current celebrity crush: Tessa Thompson

    • Jess says...

      Ugh, I hear you. My city (Cape Town) recently fined homeless people R500 for “living” on the streets. It’s so embarrassing. We live in a country with the highest inequality rates, and our flagship city does something like this? It’s disgusting.

  17. K8 says...

    What you ate for breakfast today: Bagel Sandwich and a French Press Coffee
    A book, TV show or movie you’d recommend: The Durrells in Corfu PBS
    Something you’re looking forward to: Spring!
    What’s worrying you: My job is soul-crushing
    Your current celebrity crush: Can’t think of one. Is that bad?

  18. S says...

    What you ate for breakfast today: no breakfast yet- I’ve been doing intermittent fasting on occasion. I know thats bad.
    A book, TV show or movie you’d recommend: anything written before 2015.
    Something you’re looking forward to: moving, getting to know someone and having him get to know me at the same time
    What’s worrying you: Money, feelings of having my privacy violated, but worse, my self esteem. I have never really struggled with self esteem before the past few years. I’ve had my faults and my quirks but I’m pretty confident and good at offering myself a blank slate. I have never felt that I was sincerely less than anyone else. I’ve always loved reading beauty articles and either feeling inspired or happy to forgive myself because I don’t have the resources to spend to look that way. Recently, though, I have felt hate and unworthiness from evey direction, but from one man in particular, and it’s been so hard for me to not internalize feelings of worthlessness. My hair isn’t good enough, my skin isn’t good enough, he doesn’t like the way I eat or exercise or the amount of water I drink, he even scoffs at health issues I’ve dealt with my whole life (but evidently he likes my body, phew!) and all I’m worth is the way I look. He is always giving me examples of the way I should look, the girls he would prefer for me to look like, and I have let it make me bitter. I come from a family that really prioritizes learning, working, and kindness, and so it’s been an ugly reminder that that’s not what others see as my worth. On top of that, although I’ve always been pretty accepting of others and especially their appearance, I feel like I’ve recently started to become hard on others, like I’ve caught this contagious disease of shallow judginess. I cannot tell you how hard I have worked to try to escape this person, this attitude, and how ashamed I am for letting it get to me. I don’t want to become like this. I want to have the self esteem and the guts to be really, really nice and uplifting to everyone.
    Your current celebrity crush: If I say my favorite celebrity crush, I’ll never be able to watch a movie with him in it again ?.

    • Tash says...

      You are worthy. Immaculate and deserving- not because you look a certain way but because you live a certain way. You know true self worth is measured by how you love and value yourself x how you aim to improve the lives of others. You know kindness matters and radical acceptance does too. Accept yourself and call yourself beautiful. Hate and judgement are contagious and they’re infused in this current comparison culture. Don’t let anyone reduce you by pointing out things about you they’d like to change. The only thing that needs to change is his disrespectful and demeaning attitude towards women. You deserve all the good things.

    • C says...

      Sending you love and strength, S.

    • margaret says...

      S, I hope you find peace and I hope you are able to escape this person very soon and reconnect with people who will uplift you.

    • LCLCL says...

      One-thousand-plus comments on this post and I keep coming back to yours: S — please RUN as fast as you can away from this toxic person who is trying to control you and your every move. Figure out a way to get away from him, collect your money, and GO. Change your number, tell him to stop contacting you. Be prepared for him to try to convince you to come back, and for him to tell you he will change. But he will not. Do not go back. Get away, start new. It does take a plan, but you can do it. Please get help and get away. Unfortunately, no good will come of him. I see you, I believe in you, and I KNOW you can do it.

  19. Gemma says...

    Breakfast was a cup of decaf coffee.
    I’ve just re-read my entire collection of a historical romance series by Stephanie Laurens, and purchased the next 2 books in the series. I devoured them both in less than 3 days. I did not sleep much, but was so excited to read something new in the series.
    I’m looking forward to all the fun things I’ve booked for me and my 9 year old son. So far for 2020 I’ve booked 3 trips to the theatre, a weeks holiday and a trip up north (we live in England) to watch a show called Kynren. It looks out of this world amazing!!
    Brexit, failing my exams, being turned down for a mortgage & getting ill. (and that’s just this morning :D)
    Current celebrity crush – I’ve got 2. Jason Momoa & Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Looks like I’ve developed a new type as I’ve matured!!

  20. Joanna Tsay says...

    What I ate for breakfast today: PG Tips black tea with a spoonful of condensed milk, my 4 yr old’s leftover PBJ crusts.
    A book, tv show or movie you would recommend: Just came across the most beautiful children’s book called The Desert is Theirs by Byrd Baylor. The words are so moving and the illustrations are stunning. And I found it for $1 used at the library! Something you’re looking forward to: going to sleep tonight as soon as my hair dries
    What’s worrying you: that we are all going to die post-apocalyptic movie style from this coronavirus
    Current celebrity crush: John Mulaney

  21. Hannah Avery says...

    Breakfast: porridge with banana and blueberries + coffee
    Book: Currently reading : Love is Eternal by Irving Stone. Super good!!! (An old book about Abraham Lincoln and his wife)
    Show: just watched the new Lion King with my kids, and sobbed a bunch. It was sooo good!!!
    Worried about: moving soon.

  22. Hannah Avery says...

    I love Noosa too!!!!

  23. Christine says...

    What you ate for breakfast today: Smoothie (spinach, 3 oranges, 2 bananas, ginger, 1 lemon, water)

    A book, TV show or movie you’d recommend: why women kill (one season- funny, dramatic, touching)

    Something you’re looking forward to: Our niece and nephews are sleeping over next weekend- they bring so much joy and laughter to our home.

    What’s worrying you: death. my daughter is 1.5 years old. I have never felt love like I do for her and I am worried that something tragic will happen to one of us and prevent us from spending our lives together.

    Your current celebrity crush: I don’t have one!

  24. Alysha says...

    What I are for breakfast: cereal

    Book/movie/TV show: succession was so great! The bright hour is a beautiful and powerful book that I loved

    Looking forward to a vacation with some girls friends in August!

    Worrying: I’m a year post Partum from my second baby and my hair is still falling out , I know it’s just cosmetic but I’m afraid I’m going to loose it all, I have bald spots and it’s so thin. The balance of trying to be the best mother, wife and pediatrician I can be while still taking care of myself

    Celeb crush: Leo , always :)

    • Ray says...

      I had a pretty long period of hair loss too first it was whatever, but after a while…not fun. Could it be aggravated by another cause? I got extremely anemic and deficient ( vit d&b12) and my hair grew back once that was fixed. Hope it gets better soon!

  25. Kelly says...

    What you ate for breakfast today: Green smoothie (Spinach, chocolate protein powder, 1/4 c. frozen blueberries, 6 oz. almond milk, 2 oz. Trader Joe’s cold brew concentrate) and a handful of almonds.
    A book, TV show or movie you’d recommend: I loved The Farewell so much (movie) and Shrill (tv show – I just moved to Portland, so it’s extra exciting!)
    Something you’re looking forward to: Going to FL in April for my cousins wedding, who is one of the sweetest people in the world.
    What’s worrying you: Trying to find all of my retirement plans from different jobs!
    Your current celebrity crush: Dax Shepard (I’m a total arm-cherry)

  26. Anna says...

    What you ate for breakfast today: Homemade green smoothie (pre-make 10 and freeze them!); coffee.
    A book, TV show or movie you’d recommend: Lucia Berlin (A Manual For Cleaning Women, Welcome Home …)
    Something you’re looking forward to: Seeing friends who are family on a trip to NYC (ok, Brooklyn) in two weeks — extra special as I live in Alaska!
    What’s worrying you: The election. Being 30 and single-ish, while simultaneously wanting babies and contemplating my career. All elections.
    Your current celebrity crush: (current = always) Kate McKinnon, John Krasinski, Gal Godot, Richard Madden, Oscar Issac …

  27. cristina perez says...

    oh, i want to participate
    What you ate for breakfast today: yoghurt with muesli
    A book, TV show or movie you’d recommend: this movie entitled O QUE ARDE
    Something you’re looking forward to: CHrissie Hynde´s last work
    What’s worrying you: my at times loneliness
    Your current celebrity crush: Michael Fassbender


  28. Eleonoor says...

    What I ate for breakfast? A single hardboiled egg. I have them on stock in the fridge in case I’m running late in the morning (which is often).

    The last movie I saw in theaters was Jojo Rabbit. I expected it to be funny (love dark and I-shouldn’t-actually-say-this-out-loud humour.) I didn’t expect it to be such a beautiful movie too. It starts laugh out loud but I swear, the last fifteen minutes you could hear a pin drop in the theatre.

    What’s worrying me? I’m from the Netherlands, and I studied in (and deeply love) the UK. Brexit is worrying me.

    Celebrity crush?
    Henry Cavill. Who else? He is gorgeous. He’s dedicated to his craft. He’s well spoken. He seems to be beyond polite and friendly. He’s a total nerd! He’s perfection.

  29. Darby says...

    What you ate for breakfast today: Toasted Olive Bread with lots of Butter
    A book, TV show or movie you’d recommend: Shrill! on Hulu with Aidy Bryant
    Something you’re looking forward to: Vacation to Hawaii in March!
    What’s worrying you: Climate Change, Parents’ Health, Unhappy Family Members, Not Enough Work/Life Balance
    Your current celebrity crush: LaKeith Stanfield

  30. Sofia says...

    What you ate for breakfast today: tofu breakfast sandwich on english muffin with jasmine tea.
    A book, TV show or movie you’d recommend: i guess i haven’t watch or read anything new because i can’t think of anything. loving all the recommendations!
    Something you’re looking forward to: the weekend and my mom’s visit in february.
    What’s worrying you: the political situation and my preferred candidate not making it into the primary.
    Your current celebrity crush: colin jost. always.

  31. c says...

    Breakfast: Two pastured eggs, green smoothie, jade cloud tea
    TV show: Currently caught up in ‘Sister Wives’
    Something I’m looking forward to: First OB appointment for first baby! 2/14
    What’s worrying you: The normal possibility of a miscarriage
    Your current celebrity crush: I never have one!

    • Kim says...

      Congrtulations C! Wishing you a healthy, happy pregnancy!

    • Alexa says...

      Thinking of you, C, and rejoicing with you! Wishing you and Baby a safe journey!

  32. Brooke says...

    What you ate for breakfast today: Coffee and Noosa lemon yogurt with blackberries and granola
    A book, TV show or movie you’d recommend: Little Weirds by Jenny Slate
    Something you’re looking forward to: A restorative weekend
    What’s worrying you: The impeachment hearing and what’s happening to our democracy
    Your current celebrity crush: Oscar Isaac

    • Kristina B says...

      Oh I LOVE lemon noosa. Must try that!

  33. Laura says...

    Breakfast: Superhero muffin (Shalane Flanagan recipe)
    Book: The Indifferent Stars Above – historical fiction account of the Donner party which is absolutely fascinating and heartbreaking. Loving it.
    Looking forward to: a facial in two weeks with my best friend
    What’s worrying me: How I’m going to afford my son in full time daycare/school, with a nanny for my newborn, and figuring out childcare next summer when daycare/school is out. My husband and I both work full time and its reaching the point where I wonder if its even financially beneficial for me to be working anymore, but I don’t want to be a stay at home mom. I know I’m not alone in this but it feels isolating.
    Celeb crush: Not normally a Brad Pitt fan but he recently looked amazing at the Globes

    • sarah morabito says...

      oof I hear your worries re: childcare this is something we’re also navigating and it’s really tough. after 5+ years with full time nannies we opted for an au pair but I’ve had to sacrifice putting my kids into preschool full time because it’s just not feasible cost wise right now. I would look into public schools for both preschool and TK programs, we moved to a district that offers both and it’s less than half of what I was paying at a private preschool.

  34. Jacqueline says...

    Just wanted to say how touched I was by this comment. One thing I try to repeat to myself and others whenever I can is this; if you are worried about being “enough” of something (smarts, empathy, etc), it means you already are enough, and/or actively doing the work to get there which is amazing. Your patients and friends and the world are lucky to have you.

  35. Vivian Jones says...

    What you ate for breakfast today: a yogurt parfait and iced coffee from McDonalds because I was running late to work
    A book, TV show or movie you’d recommend: The Morning Show — I had to check it out because of the Golden Globes nominations, and I’m hooked!
    Something you’re looking forward to: My husband and baby girl are going to Florida through Wednesday with his parents, but I couldn’t take off work next week to join them. I’ll have all of Sunday to myself, and I’m going to go see a movie, take a bath, drink some wine, and finally turn our basement “junk room” into my home office.
    What’s worrying you: I’m in the interview process for my dream job, and the thought of not getting it — and the thought of transitioning from my current job — is stressing me out.
    Your current celebrity crush: I don’t really have one

  36. Gemma says...

    What you ate for breakfast today: orange juice, cheese sandwhich and coffee. Pretty standard, right?
    A book, TV show or movie you’d recommend: Sexeducation and Modern Love
    Something you’re looking forward to: Falling pregnant again soon and finishing some works at home
    What’s worrying you: Been trying to fall pregnant for 2 years now, just turned 40 and my daugther is almost 5… will this not happen to me again? we’ve been checked and everything looks fine but age is really taking its toll, I guess… too expensive to go to IVF. Feeling a bit down lately. Also, eating well and trying to get at least 7 hours of sleep a day but still feeling down and exhausted…
    Your current celebrity crush: Adam Driver

    • Alexa says...

      Thinking of you, Gemma. You are not alone in this. Keep the faith, dear heart.

    • Laura Trevelyan says...

      Here’s what helped me at almost 40: red raspberry leaf extract (I think this was the key), spirulina, l-arginine, B vitamins, eating estrogenic foods at the beginning of the cycle, and getting a wristwatch that tracks your most fertile time. I’ve heard of lots of people falling pregnant after getting a dog, too!

  37. Alyssa Leister says...

    What you ate for breakfast today: Egg, Turkey & Cheese on a Sundried Tomato Wrap with Iced Coffee

    A book, TV show or movie you’d recommend: The World According to Jeff Goldblum. What a weird freaking dude. But the show is so captivating and I legitimately have learned some cool facts from watching it.

    Something you’re looking forward to: Seeing my mama this weekend! She’s been on a business trip and I just miss her close presence. She will be visiting to go to the farmer’s market, out to lunch and to see a show at our local theater.

    What’s worrying you: I’ve been on a healthy eating plan and exercise plan for the last month. And I haven’t budged a single pound. While I know that healthier lifestyle is the important part and it’s not only about weight loss, it signals to me that there’s something else preventing me from losing weight.

    Your current celebrity crush: Henry Cavill, as the Witcher.

  38. Laura says...

    Hello Joanna!

    Breakfast: Kefir Yoghurt with toasted mixed nuts

    Book: I’m on the last chapter of Johann Hari’s ‘Lost Connections’ and it’s honestly the best book on Mental Health i’ve ever read. I read quite a few books on this subject as I’m really interested in health & wellness and i’ve had/do have ‘blips’ in my mental health over the years. I trained to become the Mental Health First Aider for my work, and if I could purchase a book for everyone to read on how to improve their mental health (and how to help society as a whole), it would be this one!

    Worries: Changing my career path. My two young boys are growing up and I want to try and transition to a more fulfilling career after working part-time for the past 7 years in a job which mostly feels like it’s there to pay the bills.

    Celebrity Crush – Pedro Pascal (from Narcos series). Oh. My. Life…….. That is all.

    P.s Thanks to your and your team for all the hard work you put in to this blog. I have been reading it for years and i’ve found so many helpful and beautifully written articles along the way. It’s like having a great friend’s advice from afar! (I live in Edinburgh, Scotland!). Xx

  39. Helena says...

    What you ate for breakfast today: Banana and coffee.
    A book, TV show or movie you’d recommend: Australian comedy TV series ‘Frayed’ – it’s brilliant.
    Something you’re looking forward to: Taking my son to swimming lessons this weekend – such a cute series of splashes.
    What’s worrying you: Making it in my career. There’s so much constant trying! Also the negative effect this has on my husband and son. I’m far too stressed and distracted lately to give them the attention they deserve :(
    Your current celebrity crush: Fredrik Eklund from Million Dollar Listing – so adorable!

  40. What you ate for breakfast today: Home made museli, natural yoghurt, nectarines from our neighbours tree (surprise drop off)
    A book, TV show or movie you’d recommend: The post natal depletion cure
    Something you’re looking forward to: Some rain for our water tank. Were in a major drought in New Zealand (northland). My vegetables are suffering and dishing out kids bath water to them and short showers is getting pretty old
    What’s worrying you: Climate change
    Your current celebrity crush: Ryan Gosling

  41. Isabelle says...

    What you ate for breakfast today: porridge
    A book, TV show or movie you’d recommend: Brazen by Pénélope Bagieu
    Something you’re looking forward to: trip to NY in April
    What’s worrying you: what isn’t ;-)
    Your current celebrity crush:
    François Civil (french actor that was In Frank)