Polruan, Cornwall, England

Polruan, Cornwall, England

On this blustery Wednesday, let’s talk about something fun. What are your favorite sounds? My top five are…

Anton and Toby sharing a room

Anton sucking his thumb. It is painfully, painfully sweet.

Polruan, Cornwall, England

The seagulls in Cornwall, England, where my grandmother lives.

Mamma Mia dancing

Toby singing Mamma Mia songs at top volume.

rose wine

The sound of a cork coming out of a wine bottle.


The oven popping as it heats up.

I might even say Alex’s toes while watching a movie, a sound that usually drives me crazy but I also sort of weirdly have grown to love?

What about you? I want to hear…

P.S. The most beautiful thing you’ve ever read, putting ice in wine, and the hardest tongue twister.

(England photos by Belathée for Cup of Jo. Wine photo from Need Supply. Cookies photo from Half Baked Harvest.)