Pride Parade engagement

Pride Parade engagement

Happy Pride Month! What are you up to this weekend? We’re going on a sail for my friend Gemma‘s birthday, and we’ll also be getting family haircuts on Saturday. The boys are dreading it, but I can’t wait to get a fresh cut. Hope you have a good one, and here are a few fun links…

Big Little Lies Season 2 starts this weekend!

Cutest sandals. LOVE the straps.

Dating goals.

Is long Sunday lunch better than Saturday dinner?

Seth Rogen apologizes for having gay jokes in his past work. “We do not want people to feel bad when they’re watching our movies.”

A Japanese secret to a longer life.

We made these shark attack cupcakes for Anton’s kindergarten class this week, and his teacher played the Jaws theme song. :)

The sweetest love letter to a teacher.

Our friends at Lewis made a Mad-Lib-style Father’s Day card that kids can fill out. Print it here, if you’d like!

How to speak Australian.

Queer Eye star Tan France’s new memoir just came out, and our girl Caroline helped him write it!!!!! She’s included on the title pages.

Have you tried Care/of? To stay healthy and get that summer glow, you find your ideal vitamins with a fun little quiz. They’re offering 25% off your first order with code JO25.

Plus, two reader comments:

Says LSH on a funny question to play with friends: “One ‘game’ that my friends and I came up with in high school — and we still resurrect sometimes — is ‘The Compliment Game.’ We start with one person, and everyone goes around and tells the person the things that they love or admire about them. It could be a physical trait or something endearing about their personality. The person receiving the compliments is not allowed to deflect or deny them – which can be surprisingly hard! We continue the circle until everyone has been complimented. It’s such a sweet and uplifting way to get a glimpse of yourself through the eyes of the people who love you.”

Says Nicole on my kids’ hilariously passive-aggressive notes: “My 5-year-old son regarding his 9-month-old sister: ‘I don’t trust that baby.'”

(Photo of EMT Trudy Bermudez and paramedic Tayreen Bonilla getting engaged at the Pride Parade in 2018 in New York City by Kena Betancur, via the Atlantic. Japanese secret via Swissmiss.)