Austin with Kids

Austin with Kids

Do you live in Austin, or have you visited? This past weekend, we went to visit old friends, and we loved the city’s food trucks, street musicians and overall cool vibes. Here are a few photos, if you’d like to see…

Josephine House

First up: food! Our friends Matt and Megan, who live in Austin, made the dinner reservations, and we were psyched to follow their lead. This trip, they took us to Josephine House, a restaurant inside a little cottage. You can sit inside or on the front lawn — how cute is that? We had delicious hard cheese with Texan honey, and pasta with ricotta, spring onions and peas.

Elizabeth Street Café

We also went to Elizabeth Street Café for incredible Vietnamese food. Even though Alex never ever wants to share plates (he literally wrote an article about how much he hates it), he miraculously wanted to this time, and we had a great time tasting different noodles and spring rolls and spicy chicken. During the day, we also hit up Veracruz food truck and Papalote for tacos.

Barton Springs

This first afternoon, we went to Barton Springs, the 1000-foot pool fed by natural springs. Families, couples and friends were lounging on the grass and dipping their toes in.

Barton Springs Austin

The water was chilly, and usually I wuss out pretty quickly in those situations, but I kept thinking of Elizabeth Dunker challenging herself to do winter bathing. When I pushed myself to go in, it felt so refreshing and invigorating. I realize swimming on a hot day in Texas is not the same as swimming in the winter in Sweden… but, to me, it a little bit was!

Laguna Gloria Water Woman

Laguna Gloria sculptures

Another morning, when Alex was sleeping in (we switch off on vacations), I took the boys to Laguna Gloria‘s lakeside sculpture park. I was inspired by the artwork, especially the Water Woman by Kenyan artist Wangechi Mutu.

Laguna Gloria with kids

Laguna Gloria with kids

But to file under “vacation outtakes,” the boys were yawning the entire time and asking which way the parking lot was.

Joanna Goddard Anton

Joanna Goddard Anton

We also spent time just hanging at the rental house, which made it feel like a truly relaxing vacation. Side note: I get lots of questions about travel packing, and I have to say, I recently found two Ganni dresses on sale, and they are SO GREAT for trips. They’re wrinkle-free; they’re also light enough to wear during the day, but dress up nicely for dinners and drinks.

Toby and Anton

Before we left, Alex told the boys they could each choose a souvenir. Toby picked out a cowboy hat at Allen’s Boots, and Anton got a belt that he hasn’t taken off since (even to sleep). True Texas dudes!

Alex Williams and Toby

Thank you so much for a wonderful weekend, Austin. We love you! (Any other food or activity recommendations you’d add?)

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(Top photo taken by our friend Matt, at Fresa’s.)