Shelter Island Airbnb

When we’re planning a trip, and I’m searching for a rental home for our family, there’s one thing I always look for…

A pool? No. A microwave? Don’t care. TV? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

TOYS. If all things are equal, we always and forever pick the place with toys.

airbnb with toys

When we were in California this winter, our rental apartment had a children’s bedroom with games, dinosaurs and Hot Wheels, and the boys played in there for HOURS. Because a long-standing truth of childhood is: Nothing is more fun than other kids’ toys.

airbnb with toys

Meanwhile, Alex and I unpacked, opened a bottle of wine, read our books and chatted. I might have even taken a nap. We felt like we were on a true vacation because our children were so happily occupied. No one needed anything from us! Not even a snack! Not even a glass of water!

airbnb with toys

The toys don’t have to be fancy or novel. At one rental, even this lone Jenga set was a total thrill (and doubled as a dollhouse). Now, as we’re looking ahead to the summer, I’m happy to stay anywhere anytime, as long as there are toys. Any toys. The end.

What about you? What are your tips for traveling as a family?

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(Top photo of an Airbnb.)