A Week of Outfits: Marti Esther

A Week of Outfits: Marti Esther

Marti Esther lives in a farmhouse in Bend, Oregon, where she works as a marketing manager for an aviation company and paints in her free time. “I’ve settled into a style that feels like me,” she says. Here, she shares how she dresses for the extreme seasons, the joy of catalog shopping, and five outfits she wore in a week…

A Week of Outfits: Marti Esther

Tank: Anthropologie, similar. Skirt: Ace & Jig, similar. Straw bag: vintage, bought on Noihsaf Bazaar, an Instagram account where women resell pieces. Necklace: Malso.

“Bend is smack dab in the middle of Oregon, in the high desert. We have snowy winters and dry summers. Lots of people move here for their outdoor recreational hobbies, so it’s comically casual. The joke is that if you’re going to the fancy steak house, you put on your nicest Patagonia! Bend has also taught me how to layer. I wear my summer jumpsuits over long-sleeved tees in the winter, throw sweaters over collared shirts in the fall and fully appreciate soft leggings under dresses during the colder months. Thank god that ’90s-style layering is ‘back,’ because it’s warm!”

A Week of Outfits: Marti Esther

Dress: Sundance. Scarf: Madewell, similar. Slides: Target. Hat: similar.

“There’s a war in my brain between having a minimalism and maximalism style. Half of me wants to be Georgia O’Keeffe and wear simple linen dresses all day; and half of me wants to be Iris Apfel and cover myself in patterns and jewelry. I sit somewhere in between. Almost everything in my closet is neutral colored, but I have a collection of pink, blue and green scarves from thrift stores that I look at every morning and think, ‘How can I put this on my body today?’ I’ll tie them around my waist or put them in my hair.”

A Week of Outfits: Marti Esther

Linen cardigan: CP Shades, similar. Camisole: Artisan NY. Jeans: Warp + Weft. Necklace: Ritual.

“This camisole was actually from a pajama set! With little shorts that matched. I wear it constantly — with jeans, skirts, layered under anything. It has lovely details, like an eyelet neck and swiss dotting. Often, my best outfits happen in a panic — in those moments when I’m getting ready and NOTHING is working. That’s when I try something random that I normally wouldn’t think of, like this tank, and then decide to wear it forever.”

A Week of Outfits: Marti Esther

Shirt: Eileen Fisher, similar. Skirt: Loft, similar. Slides: Target. Turquoise necklace: handmade in Spain. Gold pendant: Ritual.

“Business attire is a nightmare for me, but this Eileen Fisher top has always made the cut. It’s first thing in my suitcase when I’m traveling for work. It can fold up in the teeniest little wad. Bend has a Macy’s that often has markdowns on Eileen Fisher. Those pieces last forever. I’m also a catalog shopper for brands that are probably aimed at a different age demographic than mine, ha! I. LOVE. CATALOGS. When I was younger, I would go to my parents’ house and bring all their catalogs home with me, until I started ordering from Garnett Hill and Sundance myself. They’re how I learned to put together outfits.”

A Week of Outfits: Marti Esther

Jacket: Supplies. Jumpsuit: Anthropologie, similar. Gold pendant: Ritual. Sandals: Old Navy, similar.

“For a long time, I felt like my body was at war with trends. Low-rise jeans were the worst, and I wore only A-line skirts and dresses because that was marketed to me as the only shape that a curvy woman should wear. But lately, I’ve been rejecting that idea. Loose, linen dresses feel comfortable and chic! Similarly, high-waisted blue jeans make me feel sexy, even if they don’t minimize the size of my thighs the way that black jeans do. There is not a one-size-fits-all way to dress your body type.”

A Week of Outfits: Marti Esther

“It’s easy to be your own harshest critic, but I’m learning to be more gentle with myself — be it about academic achievements or my social anxiety. I can also get behind a face mask and a glass of wine, like any true millennial woman. I want to honor myself in the place I am, but still have fun.”

Thank you so much, Marti! You are wonderful.

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(Photos by Brooklyn Wagner for Cup of Jo.)

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  2. Ashley says...

    THANK YOU for posting a week of outfits for a woman’s body that looks like mine!! I hate, I HATE, my arms….yet hers are so lovely & uncovered & unapologetic! Again — thank you!

  3. Sasha L says...

    Loved every bit of this! I live in a casual vibe place where Patagonia is considered dress up as well and dress very similarly to Marti, or at least I aspire to. She looks amazing.

    I’m so sad that lovely swiss dot camisole (PJs!) is sold out 😥
    Anyone find a link for a similar one? That’s also only $20??

    • Danielle says...

      I was so sad about this too! I happened to be near a TJ Maxx yesterday and found the set at the store for $12.99 If you have one nearby it may be worth checking. I also saw some similar items at Marshalls.
      Last but not least (and it’s not $20) but I have this in black and adore it.

  4. Julia says...

    This is one of my favorite Week of Outfits posts! It’s the perfect cross of accessible and inspirational. But mostly Marti’s just so photogenic!

  5. Awesome style! I especially love the linen dress and the idea of using a pj cami as a top!

  6. florence says...

    So pretty and great style! Thanks for the inspo.

  7. Adrienne says...

    Oh wow… Garnet Hill and Sundance and Eileen Fisher all in one post… Marti might be my style spirit animal. :)

  8. She has the best style! I just recently bought a linen dress and I really like it, and she has inspired me to get more.