Have a Great Weekend.

Thalia Ho

What are you up to this weekend? While Joanna’s in Maine, I’ll be taking over today’s link list! Tomorrow, Andrew and I are taking an early train upstate for a day date and kicking it off with a stack of ricotta pancakes. Hope you have a good one, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

Wow, this NBC News intern is incredible.

The best tomato toast for the last days of summer.

Visualizing life with autism. So beautiful.

Wishlisting this pretty shirt for work.

How to master the six most common interview questions.

The journeys to ‘Crazy Rich Asians.’

For your future self.

Loving the colorful art in this Brooklyn loft.

How I made peace with my family’s silent dinners.”

Made me laugh.

Great news! The beautiful shoe brand Nisolo is giving Cup of Jo readers 20% off with the code COJ20.

Plus, two great reader comments:

Says Kelley on a home in the Ohio cornfields: “When I was growing up, my parents’ bed was always the place that the family congregated. When I came home from college, I would lie for hours in my mom’s bed and tell her everything, and when my dad died unexpectedly, it was in that bed that we all lay together for days and figured out what to do next. My husband always jokes about our ‘family bed,’ but it’s something so special.”

Says Lan on the mistake I made at ‘Crazy Rich Asians’: “Growing up, I distinctly recall that Cyndi Lauper much video Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. I don’t particularly care for that song but there is an Asian girl in the group – she has funky Rainbow Brite hair, Madonna makeup and SHE WAS ON TV. I would eagerly wait for her slice of time on the screen. Now I don’t have to wait for slivers, and it’s. About. Damn. Time.”

(Salted espresso fudge brownies photo by Thalia Ho. NBC intern link via Lexi.)

  1. Interesting links, Stella. Thanks! The silent dinners article thought-provoking and lovely. And thanks for the salted espresso brownies link. Looks like I’ve found my birthday dessert. ;)

  2. Sally K says...

    Oh my goodness those brownies!

  3. Leah says...

    I’m surprised to read the author of “Visualizing Life with Autism” as well as the photographer describe autism as a mental health condition. It is not. Perhaps the young man *also* has a mental health condition? I appreciate the work very much but also hate to see misinformation spread about autism.

  4. Kate says...

    I’ve eaten a toasted sourdough + pesto + mayo + whole sliced tomato sandwich nearly every day this August (if I have time, I add 2 over easy eggs). I’m already sad about tomato season ending and looking forward to next year!

  5. Gabby says...

    I loved the “How to Answer the 6 Most Common Job-Interview Questions”, especially “Why are you thinking about leaving your current job?”. I’d would be so THRILLED if you’d do an article on what you do after you leave a position where you were harassed !

    I’m a reporter and I’ve left a major company a few months ago because of harassment and power abuse, but I can never say that when applying to a new job, because I don’t want to criticize my former employer + I don’t want to get into the specifics + I don’t want people to assume that I’m weak. I came up with fairly mundane answer like “I wasn’t happy anymore” or “I feel better working for a small company”, but I’m always SO AFRAID when answering this question. And it sucks because I shouldn’t be the one to be afraid, they should.

    • Megan Tannahill says...

      I left a job like this once and I used the “I want to learn new things” as my answer instead of “because my boss is harassing me”. Sometimes you just gotta say what sounds good even if it is not the whole truth!

  6. I just wanted to mention that I loved all the links except the interview one. I thought it was lacking and a bit simplistic. For example, what salary are you looking for, is really something for which you should provide a range. Additionally, “Tell me about a time when” type questions really come up in entry level jobs. I would love to see some pieces on this blog that speak to a more mature career audience. Perhaps something discussing how to prepare for an interview that is for a job that is a level above your current role. I find almost all the interview and career based articles posted about on here targeted towards entry level.

  7. Claire says...

    This is a very enjoyable list! I love the card from your future self, and the lavender silk blouse (I never buy silk because of the dry cleaning, but maybe that’s worth reconsidering….). And I have to put in my 2 cents on the brownies, because we’ve tried a lot of different recipes (my teenager loves baking) and the King Arthur fudge brownie recipe is the gold standard in our household:

    • I have several Everlane silk shirts and I never dry clean them! I wash in the machine, cold on hand wash/delicate cycle. I remove immediately and give the garment several shakes to get some wrinkle out and then air dry on a cloth hanger. It is not super smooth like from the dry cleaner, but I don’t mind it. I have a steamer just in case I ever need my shirts to be truly wrinkle-free. That lavender shirt that Stella posted is so lovely!

  8. Okay, those brownies look so good!

  9. Carrie says...

    The conversation with dad- that was so sweet. Such a cute glimpse of what my husband will be like one day with our kids haha!

    Also, somehow that 2 second clip of the news intern makes me want to follow her entire day as an intern. Very interesting, she’s fully committed.

  10. Sally says...

    I loved the tale of the phone calls between Bill and Phoebe! It reminded me of phone calls with my own parents. Up until dad passed away, it was a weekly call, where mum would do 90% of the talking. Dad would only come on occasionally to tell me stuff, and I knew if he was telling me something, it REALLY mattered to him. It was usually something work-related (we were both teachers – different age groups though) and dad would always start his tale with “I’ll tell YOU this. It’ll make you smile”. I loved being thought about by him in a “I’ll tell Sally this story, she’ll like it” way. And like he’d decided that I would be the best recipient for this tale.

    After he died unexpectedly at 62, Mum and I started daily phone calls. At first they were gut-wrenching and sad. Lots of tears and awkward silences. But now, nearly a year on, because of these daily calls, we are closer and more in tune with each other than we have ever been. It’s only about 10 minutes a day and our chat is so inane now, like “I posted a letter and did some laundry”, but I wouldn’t change it.

  11. Laura C. says...

    Thanks for the link about the autism. Please let make autism and Asperger’s be more known to others. I struggle a lot with my daughter, but the main problem remains that people think to know what the AS is, and they don’t. AS is also known as the invisible syndrome. Being Asperger IS NOT being super brilliant or being Sheldon Cooper. So thank you Stella for bringing up this topic to the weekend round. May I suggest a post about this kind of disease, and I’ll be happy to collaborate. Thanks for being a part of my life. This blog and its community are a huge support to me.

  12. Lan’s comment about no longer having to wait for slivers– that got me. I am so glad they are more stories that allow more and more people to feel seen.

  13. Kristina says...

    Thank you, thank you for the Nisolo discount! I just bought two pairs of shoes that I’ve been thinking about forever. What a sweet deal! Hope you all have a lovely weekend : )

  14. Loved the links this week – I think Stella should compile the list more often! The article about silent dinners was so beautifully written.

  15. Ingrid says...

    Interesting links, Stella. Thanks!

  16. Emily L says...

    Wow, the silent dinners article thought-provoking and lovely. And thanks for the salted espresso brownies link. Looks like I’ve found my birthday dessert. ;)

  17. Alexa says...

    Stella, please do tell us more about this day date in upstate NY?! I, too, live in NYC and am forever looking for fun ideas just a train ride away!

    Thank you in advance!

  18. Megan says...

    Joanna, This weekend I am hunkering down preparing for some hurricane weather here in Hawaii and I just re-watched the sweetest most touching film that I know you would adore by Norwegian film maker Aslaug Holm about life with her two sons called Brothers (Brodre). She captures everyday moments for 8 years as they grow (from ages 8 and 5 to 16 and 13) and the result is a beautiful, magical little film. As a fellow mom of two boys (mine are 14 and 8) it hit me as a gorgeous and heartbreaking story of how full and profound the little moments of life are and of the brother bond and family and raising two sons and how fast and fleeting it all is. I think you and your readers would love it if you haven’t seen it already.

    • courtney says...

      Megan, stay safe! I hope you’re able to avoid going out in the rain and mudslides, and that you don’t see damage to your home!

    • Alice says...

      I’m checking this out immediately! Thanks for the recommendation :)