Jean Shrimpton

Once upon a time, my everyday bag weighed almost as much as I did…

At any given moment, were you to peek inside, you would have found at least one book and enough random beauty products to rival the inventory at the nearest mall. Then, earlier this summer, I injured my shoulder. While it healed, I needed to lighten my load — no more behaving like a snail hauling a Sephora inside its shell.

Out of necessity, I cut my makeup routine down to, well, the necessities. Here is what I learned: A few multi-tasking products are all you need, and a lighter bag translates to a lighter disposition. These days, the shoulder is happy again, but the minimal routine lives on.

Here are the three do-everything products that made the cut:

1. RMS Un Cover-Up
How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. One, it’s a foundation and a lightweight concealer in one. Two, it lives in a little easy-to-carry pot. Three, the moisturizing formula blends seamlessly into my skin, and leaves behind a glow-y finish. Four, it doesn’t ever settle into lines or creases. And five, I swear my skin has actually gotten better since using this product. How many foundations can do that?

2. Kari Gran Lip Whip in Suji Red
You know that perfect flush where someone’s had maybe five sips of red wine but their teeth and lips do not yet look purple? It’s hard to reproduce in life; yet here it is, in a pot. The tiniest dab of this formula gives you the prettiest, flushed berry stain. Add more to create a full-on red lip. It smells like peppermint and, thanks to avocado, sunflower and calendula oils, is hyper moisturizing. Insert kiss emoji.

3. Jillian Dempsey Lid Tint in Glimmer
Eyeshadow can be so polarizing. Whatever your feelings about it, this is the most flattering, natural looking eyeshadow of all time. The light, creamy formula goes on smoothly and leaves just a hint of sheen, making you look a little more awake. You cannot mess it up. It also makes a really amazing blush — peachy and slightly dewy, like you spent the day chilling on a lotus blossom.

All three are certified non-toxic and weigh practically nothing.

What's in Your Bag?

What’s in your bag? Are you a stuff schlepper or a light packer or somewhere in between?

P.S. My life in perfume and the best face mists.

(Top photo of Jean Shrimpton, 1961. Bottom photo of my hand, in a plant.)