Have a Lovely Weekend

What are you up to this weekend? We’re having a little party at our place — not so much a dinner party, but more a drinks-and-chips-and-stay-up-late party. We’ll see if we still have it in us, haha. Hope you have a good one, and here are a few great links from around the web…

Why children’s books should be a little sad.

How cute are these hooks?

Six fairy tales for the modern woman. Yes!

An East Village bar will literally kick you out if you use the word “literally.”

What a beautiful work dress.

The $2 ingredient I have on hand for every single party.”

Marbled chocolate chip cookies.

These basketball players move like ballet dancers.

A mother’s promise: You can be yourself.

The smallest act of kindness.

Good news: Lo & Sons is having a huge winter sale, with up to 50% off their fantastic travel bags and crossbody bags. (The Catalina has been my long-time favorite.)

Plus, two great reader comments:

Says Rue on a cheesy soup for hangovers: “Frozen peas are my weeknight dinner MVP, hands down! You can turn almost ANYTHING into a meal if you have peas. Examples: Pour peas into boiled pasta before you’ve drained the water, then strain the pasta and peas, and fold in butter or oil, plus a cheese or two of your choice (ricotta! feta! Parm!); add frozen peas to packaged ramen and suddenly your $0.30 ramen has a VEGETABLE in it; put frozen peas in a bowl with a little water, microwave with butter and salt — now you have warm, buttery peas as a side dish for whatever thing emerges from your freezer.”

Says Diana on building new skills: “I try something new (roughly) every year, and it’s the best thing I’ve done for myself. I joined a running club and made new, lasting friends despite often being the slowest runner out there. I took swing dancing lessons that I will never use again, except to demonstrate a proper Charleston at parties. I took up boxing with a girlfriend and we learned to throw proper hooks. This year I’m taking up volunteering with New York Cares – I did my first BINGO night at a home for the elderly and served food at the Gay Men’s Health Center. Everyone should try something new this year! Especially as a single person, it has helped me connect with people while gaining new perspectives and purpose.”

(Photo by Emily Billings. East Village bar via Kottke.)