Gingerbread Cookies by Yossi Arefi

What are you up to this weekend? Tonight we are having our Cup of Jo holiday party with games, pizza and cookies at our apartment, and tomorrow we’re taking the boys to see these crazy Christmas lights. Hope you have a good one — stay warm! — and here are a few fun links from around the web…

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These owls made me laugh out loud.

Seven things every kid needs to hear.

How cool is this countdown to summer? Also, this funny gift tape.

Black women kept Roy Moore out of office. Here’s how to actually thank them.

Maybe the cutest study in history: Young children believe that birthday parties cause aging (and not the other way around).

Love this pretty party look and these amazing earrings.

Have you read the viral short story Cat Person?

Pro tip: Al dente pasta is actually overcooked.

How to stay happy in the winter.

Finally, thank you to Sonnet James — beloved for their playful dresses — for offering Cup of Jo readers 20% off with code 20cupofjo.

Plus, an amazing reader comment:

Says Meghan on gifts for impossible-to-shop-for people: “The best gift I ever got was a handmade card from a ninth-grade student. Earlier in the year, some girls asked me if I knew who this boy liked. He had admitted to having a crush, but remained tight-lipped over the identity. I looked up at this boy, surrounded by girls who were all hoping they were the object of his affection, and was struck by the expression on his face. I strive to use gender-neutral language as much as possible, so I said, ‘If he wants to tell me about who he likes, then I’m happy to hear it. All I know is that whoever he likes is a very lucky person.’ A couple days later, I got a Christmas card from him. Inside was a piece of paper that had been folded up so small that I almost missed it. In the center, written in tiny writing, were the words, ‘I like a boy. Thanks for listening.’ I later found out that I was the second person he told, even before his twin brother. I keep the note at home to remind myself that even the smallest acts can make the biggest difference.”

(Photo by Yossi Arefi. Birthday study via Kottke.)