Gift Guide #5: Your Outdoorsy Twin Sister Who Seems Wise Beyond Her Years (Even Though She’s Two Minutes Younger).

Frances Ha Meme Game

Meme game, $25, where matching funny sayings with pop culture pics will leave you both in hysterics.

Books are Magic

Books Are Magic pennant for her bookcase, $40, because it’s true.

grilled cheese kit

The PERFECT grilled cheese kit, $40, where the butter is just as important as the cheese.

beauty blender

I’m obsessed with how this blender makes skin flawless. You apply your foundation with it and poof! $20.

The Meaning of Michelle

The Meaning of Michelle, a collection of essays about one of her all-time heroes. $13.

Outdoor Voices leggings

Colorblocked leggings, $95, for long runs.

Nike Cortez

The perfect 1970s sneakers for fun adventures all year. (All the Nike Cortez colors are awesome.) $70.

Everlane puffer coat

Lightweight puffer, $88, or wool beanie, $58, to keep her cozy.

annie costello brown tetris earrings

Tetris earrings, $49, or these modern hoops, $80.

pup mug

A pup mug, $32, that’s almost as adorable as she is.

pt reyes cabin

A dinner out or even a cabin getaway (on her coast or yours) for fun sister bonding — no babies allowed!

Listen to Women button

A Listen to Women button, $9, which includes a donation to Planned Parenthood.

P.S. Last year’s gift guide for sisters, and the 2017 gift guide so far.

(Button photo by Hannah Henderson/Instagram. Nike gif by Tory Williams for Cup of Jo.)

  1. yes… trust women. love that pin. Hope you are well! <3

  2. Anamaria says...

    Love the grilled cheese set but really have to question if you’re listening to women, is planned parenthood the answer? Their services often enable male abuse- look up the videos of guys bringing underage girls in acting like their pimps- the girl is “helped” only by killing her child conceived in rape, not by getting her out. It’s outrageous. Has “consequence-free” sex really worked out so well for us?

    • kate says...

      Oh, screw off. Planned Parenthood is a lifesaver for thousands of men and women. And do your own research- that video was produced by a pro-life group.


  3. Lydia Chan says...

    That grilled cheese kit is perfect for my BFF. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction!

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      so cute!

  4. Savannah says...

    All this stuff is beautiful but it mostly makes me want to be closer to my sister-in-law! She’s the only sister I’ve got and I want to have a list of things I know she’d like.

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      awww, i’m sure she would love that, savannah.

  5. Amanda G says...

    I absolutely love those Outdoor Voices leggings, but there’s no way I can afford those for myself, let alone my sister :(

    I’ve found some of the best and more affordable gifts can come from obscure and lesser-known makers. I have a few favorites that craft beautiful mugs, prints, pillowcases, and embroidered hoops for super affordable prices! I love that I get a well-priced item for my loved ones while also supporting independent makers. For instance, my hedgehog-loving sis-in-law is getting an original hedgehog painting that the maker was selling for $15!

    Some of my favorites:

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      thank you, amanda!

  6. Meghan says...

    I don’t have a sister but I do have some close family friends and a girlfriend-of-a-stepbrother to gift for this year. I knit, so I’m starting a hat today in a raspberry colour, and then making the same hat over and over again (in different colours) for all of the women on my list (provided they won’t see each other receiving it). I figure it’s a fast way to get through holiday knitting and something that everybody appreciates! As long as you know their style a little bit. :)

  7. Laura C. says...

    None of these would fit my sister. I guess it is perfect for Lucy though. Lately I’ve been trying to tell the family to make a Secret Santa among us and leave the gifts to our children. But my sister is kind of material girl and she wants to have a gift at any cost.
    Anyway I have to ask, is this Beauty Blender worthy of such praises?

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      i really, really, really love it. i have an uneven skin tone so i need foundation, but even the best foundation often ends up sitting on my pores and looking obvious. this beauty blender makes my skin look totally even and flawless and natural, like i’m not wearing makeup. i HIGHLY recommend it. we all use it in our office!

    • t says...

      I was wondering the same thing about the beauty blender. Joanna, does it soak up all your foundation though? I find when I apply makeup with a sponge (rather than my fingers) my foundation gets used up too quickly.

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      it does soak up some, i think, but i actually end up using less foundation overall because it spreads it more evenly/efficiently.

    • Kaitlin says...

      I love my Beauty Blender. But you really have to get it wet before you use it or it will soak up your foundation. I run it under the sink, squeeze out the excess. I apply dots of foundation on my face (nose, each cheek, and chin) with my finger, and then use it to apply foundation by bouncing it against my face.

  8. I am the younger twin sister in my pair. I would love to get or gift the Listen to Women button.

  9. Emily says...

    I used to get the butter in the grilled cheese kit from my CSA, and oh my goodness, I have never tasted anything so good! You will always regret buying grocery store butter after you have tasted that stuff.

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      good to know, emily! thank you!

  10. Lauren says...

    We stayed in that cabin over New Years a few years ago! West Marin is one of my favorite places on earth and that cabin on the ranch was a lovely place to stay. Be warned – it was very cold in the bedroom at night in the winter – we were too cold to shower – the thought of being wet in that temp was too much to bare. But otherwise it was a great place to ring in the new year!

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      how fun, thank you for the tip!

  11. I really loved reading your blog. I also found your posts very interesting. In fact after reading, I had to go show it to my friend and he ejoyed it as well!

  12. Well, this just makes shopping impossible — every item has me saying, “Oh yes! That’s perfect!” and then I scroll down to the next, “No, this! That’s perfect!” Especially in love with the pup mug, the bookshelf pennant, the grilled-cheese kit. And the woman button. Too much :)

  13. Thanks for all of the awesome small businesses you included here. Great picks!

  14. jade says...

    I agree with Beauty Blenders! They are incredible and maybe not something you would splurge on yourself but they do make the world of difference.
    I have added the book of essays to my wishlist and will make sure to check out Books are Magic when visiting New York over the holidays!

  15. Sarah says...

    Hi! Can I request a gift guide for your wealthy 90 year old grandmother in law who already has 2 homes and needs nothing, yet cheesy handmade gifts don’t cut it? Asking for a friend

    • Margaret says...

      yes please! i want this one too….

    • Alice says...

      Hahahaha the specificity of this make me chuckle out loud!!
      I recommend very nice tea/ coffee and biscuits, and perhaps a beautiful edition of a classic book?

    • Cynthia says...

      Maybe put together a basket with cookies, chocolate, gourmet teas or coffees. Handmade gifts are not cheesy, as I make a lot of the gifts I give, and I love handmade gifts. I’ve always had that issue with my mother-in-law because she can afford anything she wants. As she is in a retirement home now, I give food gifts because she doesn’t need anything and space is at a premium. You can’t please some people any way….

    • Obscure custom gifts! Recreate a favorite candy (like butter mints or salted caramels), but go pro grade on the packaging. Gorgeous slippers from Birdie so she do don’t have to pack a pair between homes. A portrait of her yappy little dog as a grand lady (Coat and Tails does this). Something to store whatever her favorite treasures are (a mirrored jewelry box, a cool tray). Something from a brand she’s never heard of that matches her taste, like Les Lunes jersey trousers, or an Alberta Ferretti necklace. Small batch spirits, like the Orleans Cider from Eden ciders.

      The more time you spend with her, the more weirdly specific you can be. I discovered recently that my father in law has always wanted an orrery, a clockwork solar system model, so that’s what he’s getting. Curiosities can be picked up for a song at The Evolution Store, and I find people are often delighted by cool shells or sea fans.

    • Caroline says...

      Ha! Maybe donate to a worthy cause in her name?

    • I have a 99 year old grandmother who is not rich but hates new stuff because she is concerned about everything outliving her (“this is the last white thread I’ll ever need to buy!” We’ve been doing this for thirty years.) I give her alcohol because she does use it and knows if she passes before finishing a bottle that my parents will finish it!

      To upscale it maybe include all the fixings for a specific, obscure cocktail you think she might like along with the recipe.

    • I’m all for gifting expieriences and/or time, like a concert, a class, lunch in her favorite spot. Or if leaving the hose isnt for her she could recieve a monthly something like flowers, choclate or a magazin. Or placing a lovely note in her favorite newspaper that she can show to all of her friends.

    • Corinne says...

      YES! I need this gift guide too!

    • Christina says...

      Joanna & team, please tap Kelly for guest writing your next gift guide! What amazing ideas!!!! I just ordered my Coat and Tails print and am drooling over all her other ideas. Does that make me a wealthy 90-year-old lady? I hope so.

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      wow, kelly really nailed that answer! (you’re hired!:)

      and sarah, we’d love to help, too, and will share ideas coming up xoxo

    • Zena says...

      I’d benefit from this one too! I bought a crystal bud vase that went down well one year (ironically the packaging said ‘not your grandmother’s crystal) and merino gloves have been a hit. But fancy toiletries and a Parker pen have flopped :-/

  16. Maybe your sister and I are kindred spirits.

  17. Lily says...

    Best one yet!