Lady Bird by Greta Gerwig

Have you seen Lady Bird? Greta Gerwig’s directorial debut is an absolute masterpiece…

Set in Gerwig’s real-life hometown of Sacramento in 2002, the coming-of-age story follows Catholic high-school senior Christine “Lady Bird” (played by Saoirse Ronan), who yearns for independence. The quick scenes reflect the consuming adolescent emotions of elation, heartache and humiliation. And, oh my goodness, does it get it right. I watched the movie with a group of friends and we whisper-screamed, “That was me!” to each other more times than I can count.

There are teeny hilarious details, too, like the dramatic line from Anna Karenina scribbled on Lady Bird’s bedroom wall: “Boredom: The Desire for Desires,” or a moment where Christine and her best friend are snacking on communion wafers while giggling about sex. Or Lady Bird’s deep appreciation for the Dave Matthews Band’s song “Crash Into Me,” because, really, what could be more soothing to a heartbroken teenager?

But the thing that stands out most of all is the sympathetic portrayal of a mother-daughter relationship. Lady Bird’s mom Marion (played by Laurie Metcalf) isn’t easy — she’s described as “warm but kind of scary.” Their exchanges capture the frustrations of everyday arguments — chores, rules, finances — while recognizing the underlying tenderness they’ll always have. The complicated dynamic is refreshing to see on screen.

Below, Gerwig narrates one of these moments for the New York Times:

We all called our moms afterward. It’s a triumphant film that’s hard to forget. Highly recommend.

Thoughts? Have you seen it? Any other movies that you’ve enjoyed recently?

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