What are you up to this weekend? We’re taking the boys to Coney Island, and they’re also very seriously planning a lemonade stand. Can we just take a moment to acknowledge that summer is just so much better than winter? Hope you have a relaxing one, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

Found! The best $6 sunscreen. (It goes on almost like water.)

Leap when you’re almost ready.

Have you been watching the Bachelorette? This was a great article.

Wonderful, wonderful advice for a teenage girl about sex.

Bailey44’s warehouse sale is on, with up to 70% off their pretty things.

What this week has been like for a transgender soldier.

When to delegate. (I swear by this.)

Who’s up for a zucchini grilled cheese?

This family home has such beautiful wallpaper.

Turns out that Larry David and Bernie Sanders are actually related.

Plus, three great reader comments:

Says Kelly on weekend links: “I read a flight attendant memoir (which I hoped would be dishy but was instead insipid), but I did learn to take your arms off the armrests when you’re feeling turbulence. My impulse is to really grip the seat, but if you put your arms in your lap you feel the motion a lot less and it’s less scary.”

Says Louisa on secrets to hosting overnight guests: “1. A grocery list ready in case you run out to pick up some things to eat. 2. Some books to read my toddler while I sleep in. 3. An empty washing machine, but you’ll need to fold the clothes that are in the dryer. 4. A list of people who will be coming by today because someone is finally home during work hours: the plumber, electrician, and some guy from Craigslist who wants our highchair. 5. A list of restaurants I’ve been dying to try but am too cheap.”

Says Aileen on what to say to a grieving friend: “I lost my dad 13 years ago, and when a friend asked me if there was anything she could do, I said the bathroom and kitchen needed cleaning as my mother and I had to go to the undertaker and we had family arriving. My mother was mortified that I had actually given her a job, but my friend was grateful since she had felt so helpless. When we came back, not only had she done the kitchen and bathroom, she had dusted and hoovered the living room and made all the beds. She was amazing.”

(Photo by The Tart Tart. Leap link via Jocelyn Glei.)