This Is How We Do It children's book

Even though Toby and Anton have a big bookcase in their bedroom, we still end up reading the same handful of books over and over — including This Is How We Do It about kids’ lives around the world. (Toby even woke up early the other day so he could read it before breakfast.) It’s amazing how certain books can hold their attention for years. Here are our tried-and-true favorites…

On growing up:
The Baby Tree
The Knuffle Bunny series (I can recite all of these from memory. Also, this made me laugh.)

On being a good friend:
Stick and Stone
A Sick Day for Amos McGee (The illustrations are really beautiful, and I love the sweet friendships.)
I Am Invited to a Party!

On funny animals:
The Illustrated Compendium of Amazing Animal Facts (This book is fascinating, even when you’re thirtysomething. Did you know that a group of mice is called a mischief?)
Harold’s Hungry Eyes
Storm Whale

On solving problems and going for your goals:
Tía Isa Wants a Car
The Brownstone
Iggy Peck, Architect; Rosie Revere, Engineer; and Ada Twist, Scientist (all the best)

Toby is also getting into chapter books, like Captain Underpants, which is a cute book and just the right level for him. I’d love to hear more chapter book recommendations, if you have any!

What are your go-to children’s books? I’d love to hear… (I also just got this book to hopefully help Toby with his fear of putting his face underwater:)

P.S. Books with female characters and characters of color.

(Photo by Lena Corwin.)