A few weeks ago, we featured reader questions and answers. Here are four more, including how to avoid those dreaded Visible Panty Lines, and what to do with your life (big questions, guys!)…

Q. Aside from wearing thongs, how do women avoid panty lines? No matter what I do, my behind always looks frumpy and lined. Big undies. Small undies. Different pants. NOTHING helps.
A. I struggled for years with this! Have you tried Hanky Pankys? They use a special type of soft stretchy lace that lies flat, and even their thongs are miraculously comfortable. I wear them regularly and never feel them. My friends also swear by Commando Boy Shorts, which are completely flat, even under fitted dresses. Adds a reader named Sasha: “Have you tried none? I stopped wearing underwear 21 years ago. It was *very* exciting for my husband for a while. Plus, you could use all the money you save to buy books (or better yet, take a vacation).”

Q. My friend just had a baby, and I’m going to visit her. What should I bring?
A. During those hazy days of new parenthood, it’s such a gift when someone hands you food. Homemade lasagna would be delicious, of course, and I remember almost crying with gratitude when Toby was born and my friend Abbey brought us a bag full of sandwich fixings: sliced bread, sliced turkey, sliced cheese, fresh tomatoes and grainy mustard. Voila, easy lunches for a week!

Q. My fiancée and I are adulting about 90% of the time these days, and we’re trying to make our home reflect that. But transitioning from hand-me-down furniture and IKEA purchases to a unified look has been challenging. Where should our upgrades start, considering that we’re renters?
A. Congratulations on adulting! Says Lexi: “Here are a few things I’ve learned after eight apartments in three different cities: 1. Upgrading light fixtures makes all the difference, and you can take them with you when you move. Three inexpensive favorites: Ikea sconces, CB2 flushmounts and Etsy pendants. 2. A pretty shower curtain (splurge, steal) gives any bathroom an instant makeover. 3. You can transform a room with small touches, and Instagram has some awesome feeds with budget finds. My current favorite is Vintage Fine Objects (that orange chair!).”

Q. How do I figure out what I’m meant to do with my life? I know, big question, but I’m really struggling to figure out my next career.
A. Figuring out a career path is never easy. Here’s a great suggestion from a reader named Jennifer: “Have you ever heard of the podcast Hidden Brain? Episode 56 — ‘Getting Unstuck’ — talks about an interesting approach to the question of ‘what do I do with my life?'” Also, remember, it’s never too late to switch things up — life is long! My mom stayed home with three kids for decades, then went to college and grad school in her late forties to become a psychologist. We’re rooting for you. xoxoxo

Thoughts? Do you agree with these? Any different answers? And please leave any other pressing questions below…

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(Photo by the Sartorialist.)