Have a Lovely Weekend.

What are your plans for the weekend? Our team is in Dallas for a conference, and I’m wearing this for my presentation. Wish me luck! We were laughing about how I’m not scared of the usual things (like public speaking), but instead completely freak about random things (elevators, swallowing pills, the dark). What about you? Anyway, hope you have a good one, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

Barack being Michelle’s Instagram husband is the best thing you’ll see all day.

What a beautiful painting.

Adding this one sentence makes any book instantly better.

Sofia Coppola’s new movie looks creepy and great.

The ingredient-in-a-tube that will apparently make your food taste better.

Running may be socially contagious.

Two gorgeous apartments in Paris. That wallpaper!

How pretty are these mules? Each artisan woman in Italy hand makes just six pairs a day.

CEO Rick Goings shares his career advice, including: “When you go on job interviews, always be nice to everyone. ‘I like to check with the driver, our receptionist, and my assistants on how the candidate interacted with them. How you treat others means the world.”

How to read a whole damn book every week.

Do you ever initiate sex?

Finally, and most important: Gather for Goats. (More on this next week.)

Plus, three great reader comments:

Says Amy on delivery room guests: “We adopted our sweet little boy, and we met his birth mom for the first time the morning of her induction. She invited us both to stay in the room while she was laboring but after a while my husband got too nervous (and modest!) and stayed down the hall for the actual birth. I held her hand while she pushed and it’s one of my most precious memories.”

Says Donna on summer reads: “I recently read and can’t stop thinking about The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas. My hands trembled while reading certain parts. It made me laugh, cry, sick to my stomach, and, most of all, angry. This book should be required reading for everyone.”

Says Anna on first period stories: “I went to the Nutcracker with my 7th grade class and wore my favorite khaki corduroys and white turtleneck (peak early aughts outfit right there!). When I got home, my sisters and mom were out, but my older brother nonchalantly pointed out that my khakis were covered in something. Desperate and mortified, I begged him for help. I’ll never forget his walking up to me with a pad, opening it, and sticking it to the wall with a loud ‘thwap’ and saying, ‘That’s how you do it.’ Bravo to him for not making me more embarrassed. What a good brother.”

(Photo by Ben Wagner/Instagram. Sofia Coppola trailer via Ashley. Sentence link via Emily. Book-a-week link via Kottke.)