Have a Wonderful Weekend.

Eggs and Bacon by Nikole Herriott

What are you up to this weekend? Tonight we’re taking the boys to this drum performance. It looks mesmerizing — plus, they get to stay up way past their bedtime:) We’ll see how it goes! Hope you have a good one (stay warm), and here are a few fun links from around the web…

The trailer for Amy Schumer’s new comedy special.

That’s a relief.

An argument for open-faced sandwiches.

YES! The new Beauty & the Beast has an openly gay character. #disneyhistory

Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s grueling workout routine.

Love these boob cards.

Whoa, check out this apartment’s view!

Why typography matters, especially at the Oscars.

Alex and I are watching this movie tomorrow, and I can’t wait.

How to motivate employees? Compliments + pizza.

The prettiest bag.

When your greatest romance is a friendship. (“Friendship, like its flashier cousin, love, can be wildly chemical and, like love, can happen in an instant.”)

Easy meals your family can just f-ing make themselves. Made me laugh out loud.

Plus, two great reader comments:

Says Ashley on exercising: “If I’m not feeling into a workout (which is often), my trick is to make it tiny! It usually goes like this:
Me: Okay, Ash. Time to work out?
My brain: Lol, no.
Me: Just do one push up.
My brain: *eyeroll* Fiiiiiine.
My brain: I’m already down here, might as well do five.
*5 push-ups*
My brain: Omg, these ~endorphins~ are so delicious! I am a ~fitness~ goddess.

The hardest part is the first step. If I can make that first step teeny, I can work out (or do anything I don’t want to do).”

Says Lynn on wedding ideas: “Honestly, our wedding was such a stressful day, and it took me years to realize that I didn’t need to feel guilty about it not being the ‘best day of my life.’ Like most things involving family dynamics and love and growing up, it was complicated, and I’ve learned to be gracious with the young me that made imperfect decisions and tried too hard to make everyone else happy. Even if it’s awkward or exhausting, that very hyped-up day is only part of your story, not the last word. The marriage itself won’t be perfect either, but the more you learn to take those imperfections and work through them in a loving and generous way, the stronger and more transformative the relationship can be. Maybe starting that work on the first day isn’t such a bad thing after all.”

(Photo by Nikole Herriott. Ruth Bader Ginsburg and employee link via Jocelyn Glei).

  1. I was such a pleasure to read Modern Love, by Victor Lodato, on friendship. Thanks for that link.

    • *It (not I!)

  2. Anilia says...

    My trick to get to the gym is I tell myself if I am still so tired when I get there I can lay down on a bench. I’ve never had to actually do it. I can’t imagine how bad I’d be feeling if I did lay down. But that it is an option makes it easier somehow just to get there.

  3. bill says...

    I so love these Friday posts! Although that article about pizza and compliments pissed me off. I prefer cash and I know my productivity would not have declined because of that! It’s a very flawed study.

  4. Franzi says...

    I’m German and the open-faced sandwich is pretty much the only way to eat it here (unless you wanna take it somewhere, but upon arrival, you may as well flip it back open). So, when I studied abroad in England, I would continue to make sandwiches in this style and it really weirded out my roommates, haha.

  5. Catie says...

    Kodo is fantastic! I was in a taiko group in college with an instructor who was one of their former members…they’re such an incredible ensemble. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself feeling sleepy during the performance. It feels so wrong, but seems to be totally normal. Something about the rhythm and the sound.

  6. Susan M. says...

    Can’t wait to see Moonlight! The friendship story was just perfectly reflective and heartfelt and true about difficult endings. And funny. wow.

  7. Chuck Boose says...

    Hope you enjoyed the Kodo drummers. how could one not??? Saw them several years ago and loved the performance. Just so powerful and mesmerizing!

  8. I loooove this Beauty and the Beast story, people saying they’re going to boycott it are ridiculous! Also those meals haha!
    Kate ||

  9. That typography article about the Oscars snafu was so great.

  10. Jo says...

    The reader comment on her wedding brought me to tears, I hope I can achieve that same perspective someday…

  11. Laurel says...

    That article should just be titled “RBG does bootcamp. Like a lot of other people.” It’s awesome that she works out but the tone of that article is pretty condescending. Maybe if he worked out a bit the routine wouldn’t have nearly killed him.

  12. estelle says...

    omg I LOVED the “Easy meals your family can make…. blah blah” – the best!

  13. Lisa says...


    Please, may I be RBG!

    Okay, there there only one Ruth, so please keep writing about her – such an inspiration!

  14. Teree says...

    I love the comment about weddings. I have never been. ‘Wedding Person’. I love marriage: mine and others’, but the former seems to have little to do latter.

    Maybe I am just a weirdo. I don’t like fireworks either. I would rather buy wine and candles.

  15. Leah says...

    Just bought the Moonlight dvd tonight (early b-day gift to myself). Can’t wait to watch it.

  16. Nicole says...

    Oh man, Kodo is FANTASTIC. We saw them in LA a few weeks ago and Dadan is absolutely mesmerizing. The solos just kept coming, and I never wanted them to end!! I hope you all enjoy!!

  17. Jen says...

    Wow, that NYT piece on an unlikely friendship is just beautiful.

  18. rita maria says...

    That comment was brilliant, I am going to turn “make it tiny” into my new motto!

  19. I loved the story of friendship being the greatest of all romance. Everyone should read this story to kick start their weekend with hope in unlikely friendships and love :-)

    And how amazing is Justice Ginsburg?! Don’t mess with her in a dark alley!

    Reader Lynn’s comments have made me feel better about my own wedding day… we sometimes forget about what’s really important, and that’s the relationship, the marriage that is forged over many many years. Life is going to present far greater challenges than a problematic wedding day for us to face with our husband/wife. If we can fare stormy waters together as a team from the start, we’re better placed to know we can face them in the future.

    I hope everyone has a beautiful weekend!

  20. Liz says...

    I thought everyone knew LeFou was gay (at least he was for Gaston).

  21. I love the quote at the bottom on marriage and weddings – I find it very applicable to childbirth too. I felt like the birth of my first child should have been the best day of my life, and when it wasn’t I felt like I did something wrong. Reflecting back on it, it’s easy to realize how silly that is. Motherhood isn’t always perfect either, but it’s the imperfections that make it wonderful and real. As always, I love you blog Jo!


    • Andrea says...

      Yes! I find the fetishization of these events or days and make them into a performance with one strict script, and not deviation or other emotions allowed.

  22. Hillary F. says...

    Just wanted to say you guys killed it this week. Great job.

  23. I’m laughing out loud after reading Ashley’s comment about exercising. That is so so true!! Great advice, just do the tiniest and it will start from there. Working out is the worst! But we have to do it. I’m gonna try the tiny thing when nothing else works. Oh man, and the easy meals for your family to make themselves, LOVE! So needed these laughs with 2 kids home sick. Ugh!

  24. Amanda says...

    I absolutely loved Moonlight. My boyfriend and I had planned on sticking around the theater to catch a midnight showing of some classic movie, but after Moonlight’s credits rolled, we just couldn’t. We needed it to stay with us for at least a little longer.

  25. Jeannie says...

    My college roommate did Taiko throughout school; she loved it and I loved attending the performances. Now, this group of men add a whole other dimension of appeal for me: shirtless, nice bodies, and sweaty. Hahahaha

    • Kyle Neal says...

      I saw Dadan in LA recently at Disney Concert Hall. They were fantastic! I took my son who is in a Taiko ensemble at his high school.

  26. THANK YOU for sharing that medium piece on typography. Typography is so much more important than we think; The reason we just don’t think about it is because when it’s done well, we don’t notice it and don’t have to think about! You only notice it when sh*t hits the fan like at the Oscars. As a web developer/designer, I think about this daily.

  27. Hillary says...

    You’re going to love Kodo!! My coworker is in a Taiko drumming group in Chicago, and they got to go to dinner with them when they performed in Chicago last weekend. Great group of young men, hope you enjoy!

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      oh, how exciting!! thank you, hillary!

  28. These little roundups are our FAVS! Thanks for always introducing us to new things!

    xo – Stellogirls

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      haha love it!

  29. Angela says...

    Lynn said exactly what I wanted to say about the wedding post, which was lovely. Modern Love column please, Lynn! :)

  30. K says...

    Re: Lefou being made to be gay… Look, I get if you’re not LGBTQ then it seems like a “yes!” moment. But there are a few things that make it feel like that choice either wasn’t really thought through, or was made as a sort of bitter “fine we’ll include a gay” choice. The first is that Lefou in prior Disney portrayals was already canonically gay, if implicitly written as such. He did the whole lusting after his straight best friend thing, which, yea, if you do anything re: media studies or queer studies you see pretty immediately. His character is that of the “fop,” of the gay dude who’s all up for their straight friend and is pathetic because of it. Which is such a crappy trope to call upon and claim representation with.

    Taking a character who is this mewling, creepy little dude sadly lusting after a straight person (note: straight people, queer folk do not inherently want you, you are not an ungettable get, you’re just straight… so) and making that the first time a Disney character is noted openly as gay? That’s not positive representation. That’s not anything other than openly affirming what had already been written into prior Disney characterizations of Lefou (whose name means The Fool when translated, by the way, a textual choice which does matter in analysis). All that this choice affirms is the same queerphobic crap we’ve always gotten: you can be here but only if we get to mock you. You can be here but only if you are still “othered.” You get to be here but not like us you don’t.

    I get that if you don’t do media studies, text analysis, queer studies, if you aren’t a queer person then you likely won’t see it that way. Because you don’t deal every. single. day. with the microaggressions that remind you that the straight people in the room still think you’re weird, immoral, sinful, dirty, creepy, predatory. Including having media representations of queer folk always be done in a way that reminds you that you don’t belong, that you are seen as gross.

    Want a better example? “Moonlight” which was beautifully done and actually treats the people as human. Or years ago, “Desert Hearts” which was from the 80s, about lesbians in the 50s, and actually treats them as human. We want to be portrayed as human, not tropes. And there are already positive representation of queer folk in media. This little “toss them a crumb” bs from Disney does not count as that. In prior characterizations they’d already relied on a bunch of negative tropes about gay men in creating Lefou, so further creating the character as gay in an explicit rather than implicit manner simplies reifies and strengthens those characterizations which is dangerous and will negatively impact us.

    And for those of you going to do the whole “you queer people just aren’t happy”–we are when it’s deserved. There are a ton of media examples where we’re beyond glad about it. But we don’t have to settle for scraps, and Disney shouldn’t get accolades for something which could have been fixed simply by listening to a sensitivity reader, and ya know, casting the clock and candlestick as husbands seeing as they already bicker like an old married couple. The choice was either made without due thought, or was made knowing the issues and not caring. Neither of which deserve praise.

    • I agree with 99% of this, but I did read that there is a “moment” at the end of the movie and I’m wondering if LeFou’s attraction is reciprocated? It could be problematic as well…the trope of the hyper-masculine man overcompensating for his gayness isn’t exactly uncommon, but maybe it’s handled well. The actor who plays Gaston is gay, and it’s possible that the whole scenario is treated better than we expect. I will certainly hold my praise, but I’m going to hold my criticism until the movie comes out as well.

      I think it’s also worth noting that while LGBTQ representation is on the rise, it is seriously lacking in children’s programming, so as a mother I’m happy to see some inclusion. I don’t want to join the “any inclusion is better than no representation” party, but I am happy to see some progress in childrens’ movies.

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      oh my gosh, K, this is so, so helpful to hear. thank you so much for taking the time to share your perspective and insight here.

    • t says...

      As a lesbian mother with kids and a wife I appreciate and respect everything you write, K and my experiences sound like they are different than yours but I have to agree with what Meltown writes. My three years olds will appreciate it when I say Lefou is gay just like mama and mom are gay and they won’t analyze him as a “crappy trope” nor will they translate his name.

      Personally I am so pleased with how far our country has come and how quickly and I appreciate it even when progress is made in baby steps such as this.

    • Laura says...

      When I first read the headline that the new Beauty and the Beast would include a gay character, I immediately assumed it would be Lumiere and Cogsworth!
      Although now that I think of it, Lumiere does seem to have a thing going with the feather duster :-)

  31. Joanna says...

    Love Lynn’s comment. So wise – wonderful perspective to have!