Eggs and Bacon by Nikole Herriott

What are you up to this weekend? Tonight we’re taking the boys to this drum performance. It looks mesmerizing — plus, they get to stay up way past their bedtime:) We’ll see how it goes! Hope you have a good one (stay warm), and here are a few fun links from around the web…

The trailer for Amy Schumer’s new comedy special.

That’s a relief.

An argument for open-faced sandwiches.

YES! The new Beauty & the Beast has an openly gay character. #disneyhistory

Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s grueling workout routine.

Love these boob cards.

Whoa, check out this apartment’s view!

Why typography matters, especially at the Oscars.

Alex and I are watching this movie tomorrow, and I can’t wait.

How to motivate employees? Compliments + pizza.

The prettiest bag.

When your greatest romance is a friendship. (“Friendship, like its flashier cousin, love, can be wildly chemical and, like love, can happen in an instant.”)

Easy meals your family can just f-ing make themselves. Made me laugh out loud.

Plus, two great reader comments:

Says Ashley on exercising: “If I’m not feeling into a workout (which is often), my trick is to make it tiny! It usually goes like this:
Me: Okay, Ash. Time to work out?
My brain: Lol, no.
Me: Just do one push up.
My brain: *eyeroll* Fiiiiiine.
My brain: I’m already down here, might as well do five.
*5 push-ups*
My brain: Omg, these ~endorphins~ are so delicious! I am a ~fitness~ goddess.

The hardest part is the first step. If I can make that first step teeny, I can work out (or do anything I don’t want to do).”

Says Lynn on wedding ideas: “Honestly, our wedding was such a stressful day, and it took me years to realize that I didn’t need to feel guilty about it not being the ‘best day of my life.’ Like most things involving family dynamics and love and growing up, it was complicated, and I’ve learned to be gracious with the young me that made imperfect decisions and tried too hard to make everyone else happy. Even if it’s awkward or exhausting, that very hyped-up day is only part of your story, not the last word. The marriage itself won’t be perfect either, but the more you learn to take those imperfections and work through them in a loving and generous way, the stronger and more transformative the relationship can be. Maybe starting that work on the first day isn’t such a bad thing after all.”

(Photo by Nikole Herriott. Ruth Bader Ginsburg and employee link via Jocelyn Glei).