Breakfast Idea: Toast Spread

For the past year, breakfast felt like a snooze in our household. We’d sleepily pour our kids cereal, and after a while Toby stopped asking for milk, and there you have it: dry Cheerios in a bowl. Have a great day! But recently I half-jokingly told the boys that we were going to have a ‘Toast Party,’ and it has become a great new breakfast ritual. We spread on Nutella and strawberries; peanut butter and banana; avocado; sharp cheddar, egg and cucumber. You could also do cream cheese and lox, scrambled eggs and mushrooms, cinnamon sugar, ricotta and jam, etc… Everyone’s into it, and it takes less than five minutes. That’s all. :)

P.S. Two-ingredient pancakes, and how to get kids to talk at meals.

(Photos by Stella Blackmon for Cup of Jo.)