What Do You (Actually) Eat for Lunch?

When lunchtime rolls around, what do you eat? On the days I bring my lunch to work, I resort to the meal I’ve packed since kindergarten: a yogurt, an orange and some sort of nut-butter sandwich. Reader, I cannot see another cup of Chobani.

Feeling curious, I quizzed people in our shared workspace about their recent meals:

“A slice of pizza and a chicken roll. A pizza slice is not enough for a lunch. Neither is the chicken roll. Together they are enough.”

“I picked up a Cuban sandwich. It was underwhelming. And water.”

“Frozen Snickers.”

“A bento box with two rice balls.”

“I brought steak tacos with avocado and pickled cabbage. I’m a big fan of leftovers. ”

“Today I went to the deli and got a whitefish salad on pumpernickel bread. Sometimes I’ll get one leaf of lettuce. Never tomato.”

“A Clif Bar.”

Sound familiar to you? This month, our food series will be all about lunches — inspiration for quick meals that won’t make you feel bummed out or hangry. But before we begin, here’s a pop quiz: What did you have for lunch at work today — thumbs up, thumbs down? Did you pack food? Order delivery with office mates? If you’re home, did you reach for last night’s leftovers?

What Do You (Actually) Eat for Lunch?

Here’s to never eyeing your coworker’s plate again.

P.S. Five-ingredient dinners, and stretches for people who sit at desks.
P.P.S. This makes me laugh every time I think about it.