If you liked Catastrophe, you’ll love the new dark comedy Fleabag. In the six-part series, a London woman — played by award-winning playwright Phoebe Waller-Bridge — tackles friendship, dating, work, family and grief. There have been a bunch of shows in the past few years (Girls, Master of None, Broad City, Catastrophe, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, etc.) about people dating; we’ve loved them all in their own right. But this one is totally fresh and surprising. I watched the whole thing this week and can’t stop thinking about it.

The easiest way to make popcorn

This might seem random, but do you know the easiest way to make popcorn? Put plain kernels into a brown paper lunch bag, toss it in the microwave, and there you go! Now we never buy the plastic microwave packs anymore.

Le Labo

Fall calls for woodsy tomboy perfumes, and our go-to fragrance brand is Le Labo, which has a serious cult following. Santal 33 is universally beloved (sandalwood, cedar), but our current favorite is Thé Noir 29, which has notes of black tea, fig, bay leaf, tobacco, cedarwood, vetiver and musk. So sexy.

Good Thing candlestick

For family dinners, the boys love having candles on the table and taking turns blowing them out. This candlestick would be so pretty (and comes in playful colors).

P.S. Beautiful earrings, and seven great podcasts.