1. Sally says...

    I have a few ‘dump’ playlists where I gather hundreds of songs so I can find them again easily (who can remember all those names of new artists?) – mellow, upbeat, remixes, etc. Then I pull them into new playlists by purpose – the Annual Driving list (for vacation cruisin’), dinners, etc.

    My best source for mellow background music when I need to be creative? Soundtracks – it’s like classical music for the 21st century

  2. Leah says...

    “Oops, I’m playing D’Angelo” is basically the story of my life.

  3. Anna says...

    Hehehe! – I like “The three blocks I run really fast”!

  4. Mia says...

    Literally laughing out loud at “Oops i’m playing D’Angelo.” Ha! I have a good soul playlist that I love for dinner parties and “wine” playlist I use for…drinking wine. :) But my favorite playlist is the one I use for my girls-only monthly cocktail club, comprised entirely of female artists that range from Dolly, Loretta and Reba to Fiona, Alanis and Jewel to Gwen, BeyoncĂ© and Gaga to Wilson Phillips and Paula Abdul. I smile to myself every time a song starts – the randomness cracks me up.

  5. A favorite to share!! (I used to make friends playlists according to seasons, now they are ALL so RaNDoM!
    Current favorite is named: “The Children are Fine!” or Let’s Kick these Germs–I teach & am still awaiting having my own children!
    Midnight City M83 Great for robot dancing around the living room…

    Just Curious Outsides
    Bim Bom Astrud Gilberto (epitome of understated cool)
    A random Waterdeep song thrown in the mix is 99.9% of the time good
    Everybody Knows it Waterdep
    Turn of This Song and Go Outside The Lonely Forest

  6. So glad to see you featuring original illustrations on your site! ?
    Illustration just really gives that extra layer of meaning that photos are too literal to do.

  7. Lauren O'Neill says...

    So good. I need to actually create some playlists + love this inspiration!

  8. I love the Apple music playlists and they have hilariously specific ones (boozy brunch?!) but also like to have a playlist on the go where I add random music that I hear on Beats 1 so it’s always growing and I don’t keep hearing the same old chart music.

  9. Twyla says...

    All my playlists are very specific and deeply personal.
    ‘Cardio’ – loud, punchy music like Missy Elliott and the White Stripes for the gym. Angry music motivates me.
    ‘Low’ – really depressing, sad songs for when I need it, like Elliot Smith and Jeff Buckley.
    ‘Mine’ – songs that meant something and helped define my feelings/goals at certain critical points in my life.
    ‘Singy’ – songs I love to sing at the top of my lungs. A little bit of The Head and the Heart, a little bit of 4 Non Blondes. Everyone needs a playlist like this for the drive home after a crap day at work.
    ‘Ruminate’ – spacey, shoegaze songs that you want to listen to while lying on a blanket looking at the stars. M83, Too Far Moon, that sort of thing.

  10. Christie says...

    Aw, I thought this would be actual playlist recommendations. I’ve just started running regularly and would love to hear people’s playlists for workouts!

  11. Rosie says...

    My running playlist is all about Robyn!

  12. Diana says...

    I’ve been making a playlist for every month (since June) and saving them on Spotify. Any song that pops into my head or that I discover during that month goes on the playlist. It’s been really fun! So now when I go back to listen to June I can remember the moods I was in and even sometimes where I was!

    • Tracy says...

      Such a cool idea!

    • Eva says...

      I also begun a spotify monthly list in July 2015. It’s nice to see the mood we were :)

  13. Oh gosh, I would be embarrassed to share all of my Spotify playlists, but I have a bunch. When I see a band in concert, I make a playlist of their set list so I can enjoy the show all over again. I’ve got a workout playlist, seasonal playlists (I check New Releases and add the stuff I like), and one called “Pure Cheddar”. I don’t like to hunt too much when I’m ready to listen to some Little River Band “Reminiscing”.

  14. kim says...

    in the last 6 years, I have made 5 playlists. 2 were for running. and 3 were for being in labour. and then i am too tired after that to make another and listen to ‘labour awesome tunes’ until the child is 2, when I make one for running.

    • I love that!

    • jess says...

      this is amazing haha i love it, and also identify with it.

  15. Hai Yen says...

    These are perfect and spot on. Really enjoying these Friday illustrations! :)

  16. Heather says...

    I’ve got one for the gym (filled with Daft Punk & David Guetta remixes), one with classical piano hymns if I can’t sleep, and one with a bunch of favorites for when I’m in the mood to turn the music up and roll the windows down.

  17. Kristina says...

    I’ve developed many playlists over the years that reflect a certain time in my life. I don’t listen to all of them regularly, but enjoy reminiscing when I do.

    The two I use most often are for long runs (5-10 miles) or doing school working. I have lots of top 100 songs on my running playlist while including some instrumental pieces from Explosions in the Sky and the Xx. My school-work playlist has lots of Fleet Foxes, Bon Iver, and Ben Howard. It’s a wonder I don’t fall asleep.

  18. Alison says...

    Seems appropriate being that you posted a still from Frances Ha yesterday, but I just made a “Noah Baumbach’s OK Movies with Great Soundtracks,” playlist on Spotify. Mainly because I love Dean Wareham… Also, this post makes me yearn for the days of real life mixtapes/cds… sigh!

  19. my new most played playlist starts with the “itsy bitsy spider” so i think we know who is in charge now !

    i have a fall essentials at every price roundup on my blog if you’re interested!

  20. Molly Sarah says...

    This is really funny.

  21. The other day I rediscovered an old playlist I made titled “gonna go cry now.” Self-explanatory.

    • Sentient Human Being says...

      that’s fantastic.

  22. I have two playlists – one is Sinatra’s songs and the other a single fast track that serves multiple occasions.


  23. i used to create a playlist every month for years. even though i don’t do it as often anymore, it’s fun to be able to say to myself, “what was i listening to april 2008?”. the ones around when met / crushed on/ finally started dating my husband and reallllly interesting.

  24. Hahahah this is soooo true.

  25. I only have three – workout / upbeat playlist ; only the best playlist with my favorite songs that I never want to skip ; and Christmas music

  26. “Running: the 3 blocks I run really fast”. Haha, sad but true!

  27. I only have 3 at any given time:

    1. Commuting
    2. Workout
    3. Quiet Time :)

  28. This made me laugh. Love the illustration! Hits close to home haha.

  29. Ooops I am playing D’Angelo–so funny! I have a playlist for all the moods, Mellow, Running, Happy, Sexy Time, etc. I also created a playlist for my daughter (after your post about Alex creating a list for the boys). Its great to have some real music we can both listen to instead of having it on the Kids Bop channel Ugh…

    Happy Friday!

  30. Kate says...

    This is basically my Spotify playlist. I’m lol-ing at the “Oops I’m playing DeAngelo”. (Also, I love Mari Andrew–I followed her on Instagram a few weeks ago so it was so nice seeing this feature with her!)

    I also have the “Heartbreak Hotel” list with the most dramatic, sob-worthy “I’m so alone” songs that I use if I really, really want to mope and cry. You don’t know ridiculousness until you find yourself weepily belting out “By Myself” by Judy Garland. It’s very cathartic. :) I also have the girly playlist with all of my favorite techno-pop ladies–lots of Robyn, Chvrches, Phantogram, and Sylvan Esso. I made it for a bachelorette party, and it’s now my favorite playlist.

  31. Kate says...

    Songs that don’t annoy my son… (he’s 14)

  32. Julie says...

    Now hold on, we need a “Remembering my ex while sobbing and swearing I’ll never listen to these memory-specific songs again” playlist.

    • Kate says...

      So true! I have a catch all playlist featuring every song that has some sort of ex-boyfriend memory attached to it. I try to stay away from it but sometimes I need to drown in a sea of nostalgia :)

  33. olma says...

    Haha! You are knocking it out of the park this week/month/year/decade!!!
    I don’t have any of these playlists but I need them all!!

    • Nina says...

      Beautiful playlist! So nice hearing those songs again :)

  34. Suzanne says...

    I strongly identify with this!!! Especially the D’Angelo… Never under estimate the power of strategically-timed sexy mood music.

  35. Vicki says...

    Bwa haha! I’m pretty sure I went to New York when I was twenty with the sole intention of doing some “optimistic sidewalk strutting!”. Oops, and maybe a little gazing adoringly up at the Statue of Liberty from a ferry, leaning slightly over a railing with the wind blowing romantic yet carefree tendrils across my my face.

  36. I create a playlist for every year and add the songs that I listen to the most over the course of the year. It’s really fun to look back on past year playlists. I’m always reminded of certain events, people etc that were associated with the music I listened to at the time.

    • Samantha says...

      Great idea. Making a mental note!

    • I do this for seasons! “Summer ’15,” “Spring ’16,” etc. I wouldn’t be able to do yearly because I’m one of those people that will listen repeatedly to the same favorite songs over and over, so by the time a new season rolls around, I’m definitely tired of listening to the same songs. It can be pretty nostalgic though! More so in a good way. :)