Zadie Smith

Zadie Smith

Have you heard of Book Marks, which is like Rotten Tomatoes, but for books? It aggregates reviews from over 70 sources and averages them into a letter grade. That way, it’s easier to find books you’re really going to love.

Everlane skirt

When Alex and I were first dating, I was running late from work and ended up meeting him for a dinner in a cream sweater and pencil skirt. I felt a little work-y, but he flipped over it, and now I always keep an eye out for a pencil-skirt style. This cute new number fits the bill and would look so nice for the office (or dates, apparently).

A Cool Way to Serve Ice Cream

One cool way to serve dessert at a dinner party: Just put out ice cream pints and a pile of spoons. Says Yolanda from Momfilter: “We all eat out of the pints like we’re in college… The key is to have a nice range in flavor, and to have really good quality ice cream, because it actually becomes the conversation!” (Here’s a second fun way to serve it.)

Ikea store width=

Ikea announced that they’re pushing to have even better design, but still keeping costs low. Also, fun fact from the New York Times: It’s said that one in 10 Europeans is conceived in an Ikea bed!

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(Top photo of author Zadie Smith. Ice cream photo via Bon Appetit.)