After Alex and I had been married for years, I found out something about him…

He had never seen Back to the Future.

Record scratch… um, what?! It was only a movie I had watched a million times growing up. Part of it is that Alex is a solid 13 years old than I am, and the movie came out while he was in high school and “too cool,” but part of it was that sometimes you just miss watching a classic movie.


One movie I’ve somehow never seen? Dirty Dancing. Which is especially odd because the recessional song we played after our wedding ceremony was “Be My Baby.”

Fun fact: Jennifer Grey was 10 years older than her character and had five minutes in her audition to prove that she could play a 17-year-old.


We talked about it at the office, and editor Megan has never seen The Godfather. “Isn’t there a horse-in-the-bed part?” she says. “I never know what anyone’s talking about. I want to watch it just to see all the famous quotes.”

Fun fact: “Family dinners helped everyone get in character. Coppola held improvisational rehearsal sessions that simply consisted of the main cast sitting down in character for a family meal. The actors couldn’t break character, which Coppola saw as a way for the cast to organically establish the family roles seen in the final film.”


Lexi has never seen The Graduate, which was nominated for seven Academy Awards and won for Best Director.

Fun fact: “Robert Redford screen-tested for the main role of Benjamin Braddock but was finally rejected by director Mike Nichols because Nichols did not believe Redford could persuasively project the underdog qualities necessary to the role. When he told this to Redford, the actor asked Nichols what he meant. ‘Well, let’s put it this way,’ said Nichols, ‘Have you ever struck out with a girl?’ ‘What do you mean?’ asked Redford. ‘That’s precisely my point,’ said Nichols.”

Which popular movies have you not seen? Shawshank Redemption? West Side Story? Clueless?

P.S. My sister’s friends made a Graduate-inspired save the date for their wedding. How amazing is that? And the 101 best written TV series of all time.