Have a Great Weekend.

Have a Great Weekend

What are you up to this weekend? We’re driving up to Vermont to visit some friends. I haven’t been there in 20 years, and I’m excited for waterfalls and swimming holes. (Wish us luck in the car with the little monkeys!) Hope you have a good one, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

How to start exercising.

The opposite view of landmarks.

A reluctant dad writes a family dog contract. Made me laugh.

A way to make work trips a little easier.

Salad pizza is better than salad or pizza.

One woman’s life-changing phone call.

How the camera adds 10 pounds. (Crazy!)

The best name for a cake.

Great beach bags.

I find the photos on this blog so beautiful.

Freud’s actual couch. No big deal.

Let’s play!

Bailey44 is having their huge warehouse sale, featuring up to 80% off. Cup of Jo readers get an extra 10% off sale items with code CUPOFJO. (What a pretty dress.)

(Photo of Paul Newman filming the movie “Winning” in 1969, just ’cause. Phone call via Three Chairs.)

  1. Erica says...

    On the post about making work trips easier, I once sent a pizza to my husband at home because I’d been working late straight for a week. I wrote in the notes of the order, “Tell my husband I’m sorry I’m not home yet and I love him.” and the delivery guy actually did! It was even funnier because I didn’t tell him it was coming, and he only knew it was legit when the delivery guy conveyed my message.

  2. My dad literally made my sister and I (7 and 9 years old respectively!) a dog contract stating that anything that comes out of either end of the dog would have to be disposed of by us. We signed and upheld that contract for 14 years!

  3. The dog contract is too hilarious!

  4. Liv says...

    Rosencrown- my very favorite blog- have followed her for years and am always so inspired- just beautiful.

  5. Steph B says...

    Dance clubs are without a doubt the best workout! I hobble out of there every time.

  6. I listened to that Moth story at work last week which was a mistake because I was in tears! Such an inspirational story :)

  7. Laura C says...

    That phone call. I was afraid I couldn’t understand b/c of my not- so-good-English, but I did. I am so touched!
    How do you find these things, Joanna?
    Have a great weekend too

  8. Sasha says...

    Paul Newman, just dreamy. And a stand up guy to boot.

    Have so much fun up north! Listening to audio books saved us on many a family trip.

  9. Roxana says...

    Oh my goodness. “A Phone Call.” So beautiful. Tears in my eyes.

    Thank you for sharing!

    The other links were great, too :).

  10. Hanka Gerretsen says...

    Love your ‘Great Weekend’ messages so much. They make me very happy.
    Thank you for the article on ‘low-key excercising’. I’d like to excercise but the last 9 months I couldn’t make me do it. Now I just want to grow to my regular three-times a week work-out with little steps. Have a great weekend!

  11. Sarah says...

    What a great picture of Paul Newman. I had the lucky chance to spend an evening with him and his family when I was a teen (my aunt and his wife Joanne Woodward have been close for many years). What a class act!

    • Liv says...

      Woa- must have been amazing. I have loved him forever.

  12. silly me for thinking “the camera adds 10 pounds” was just a myth!

    I love your blog and would love a few friends since I’m new to the blogging world. Come take a quick glance at my first blog post if you’d like! I just got back from Europe!

  13. In the deep ole Dirty South, we call them dump cakes. I’ve always found it an unappetizing name, but there ya have it!

  14. Andrea Jane says...

    The phone call was so moving. I can only hope that I would be that guy on the other end.

  15. I love going to see waterfalls! They’re just so pretty and I love the sound. I hope you had a lovely time!

    x. Cattleya

  16. Leah says...

    The phone call. Wow. I’m just crushed with emotion. That person on the other end of the phone. Her telling of it. Wow.

    • Laura C says...

      Leah I was thinkinhg the same.

  17. Laurel says...

    The excersize article is great. I started doing a mums and bubs crossfit class a few months after my second child was born and it’s been the only gym type thing I can stick to. I don’t feel self conscious working out in front of the other mums which is a big thing for me. I missed a class once and to make it up, I planned on going to the 7am class. I got there and found it was mostly dudes so I left!

    And I am totally one of those annoying people that talks about it even though I know no one cares, haha. Bad habit….

  18. I scrolled that photography blog for a bit and then recognized the streets and realized that she lives in my city! That was cool. :)

  19. Sara Wilson says...

    The phone call was so touching. Such a beautiful reminder of how important small acts of kindness can be. Thank you for sharing.

  20. Caitlin says...

    The best name for a cake is “drunk cake.” It’s what our family calls the variations on rum cakes my Auntie makes, like a devil’s food bundt with Bailey’s Irish Cream poured over top after baking. She even made 5 for my wedding, including coconut cake with Malibu, white cake with vanilla liqueur, etc. Drunk. Cake.

    • Charli says...

      Brilliant. I must try this. Thanks for the inspiration!

  21. Andrea says...

    The Phone Call was so beautiful and moving. It is also a good reminder to just be there and be present. Thank you for sharing!

  22. The dog contract could not have been shared at a more appropriate time for me! We just moved into a new duplex and the previous owner had pets that broke every single rule. I just finished scrubbing the blinds and floor, cursing all pet owners and their need to have an indoor pet. I’m glad that this dad has been able to come to a good and happy understanding with his kids on their pet dog. Maybe my kids will get lucky someday, but today is not that day ;)

  23. yael steren says...

    Just finishing up some work for the blog and then I’m heading up to my sister’s to catch up and see her kids! Tomorrow I have my first session with the dog trainer for my puppy so that should be interesting! lol! Have a wonderful weekend! xx yael

  24. The life-changing phone call was amazing and beautiful.

    • Lilly says...

      Yes, it was wonderful.

  25. heather says...

    Road trip with littles recommendation!!!

    The “Stories” Podcast

    (look for the picture of the green dragon and a girl reading)

    We found it just before our 4 hour drive to the beach and our 3 year old was riveted. The stories are mostly ones you know – Three Little Pigs, The Billy Goats Gruff, Little Red Riding Hood – but with a slightly modern, sometimes really funny, twist and delivered beautifully by the host. We listened to stories all the way down and back (when he wasn’t sleeping), and there was ZERO whining. I think it’s also helping him develop a skill of imagining the story in his head without looking at pictures. I think both your boys would love it, and you and your husband will probably enjoy them, too.

  26. Jess. says...

    Auburn Sandstrom’s story was a gusher. If I have ever aspired to be something, it is to someday be that kind of person on the other end of the line.

  27. Christine T. says...

    Hi Joanna! Great links, as always. I’m planning to make the dump-it cake this weekend, to celebrate my baby boy’s 1/2 birthday (he’ll turn 6 months on Saturday). It’s such a yummy recipe and one I plan on making for years to come.

  28. Jodi says...

    Enjoy VT! Was just up there in the Okemo area and went to the Buttermilk Falls. GREAT spot to hang out during the day with several landing spots. Perfect for kids to jump off into the water and explore the woodsy area! Bring some picnic food and make it a day! xx

  29. Those photos are amazing. I keep wanting to take a photography class, but will someone teach one that’s something like, “here is how to get your pictures *exactly* like this”?

    The playtime thing is something I think about a lot. I don’t have kids yet, but I want them to have childhoods like mine: all day every day in the backyard with the neighbors kids, having to be dragged in at lunch and dinnertime, then back out to play again. I had the best childhood.

    Great links as always, have fun in Vermont!

  30. I can confirm that the chocolate dump-it cake is delicious (an original recipe from Amanda’s mom!). Also proof that the best chocolate frosting is simply sour cream and melted chocolate. xo

  31. We are going to visit my dad in Vermont in about a month! Few recs if you are around the Mad River Valley area! American Flatbread at Lareau Farm (fun dinner w kids including bonfire and big field to run around in before you’re seated); Shelburne Farms on Lake Champlain (breathtaking lake views/hiking, children’s farmyard, farm-to-table food truck); Hen of the Wood (top notch date night dinner); Worthy Burger (think Vermont’s version of Shake Shack). Beer to try: Heady Topper, Lawson’s Sip of Sunshine, and a great bar to drink at – Prohibition Pig. Lastly, if you actually are going to be in this area, our last stop is always to The Warren Store (a general store) where we grab coffee and sandwiches for the ride home. Enjoy!

  32. Erielyn says...

    I never comment… But that phone call. Wow. Grace, Gods grace covers all.

    • Roxana says...


  33. Vicki says...

    The dog contract made me laugh out loud! Especially #9 — the one about using harmful chemicals if “new age” cleaning solutions are ineffective! Haha!