Four Fun Things


Did you know that baby elephants throw temper tantrums and toss themselves into the mud when they’re upset? Too too cute.


The sweetest hand-carved lamp.


Vive le Feminisme print. Would be great to hang above a desk.


Don’t pair cheese with wine, says Steve Jones, the owner of Portland cheese bar Chizu. “The tannins in wine dull the palate with every sip,” says Jones. “With cider and beer, there’s effervescence, so it keeps the palate lively.” I guess we’ll have to try this out tonight?

P.S. More fun things

(Cheese photo by James Ransom.)

  1. Nathalie says...

    Je préfère le s’aime système stratosphère!

  2. i show the elephant having a temper tantrum to my husband and he laughs and says, “what are you looking at?!” (i’m supposed to be going to bed, or so i’ve been saying for the last 20 minutes) i smile and say “cup of jo! she’s the best! she teaches me how to have more sex with you, how to have better conversations with our kids AND that baby elephants have temper tantrums!” seriously, you’re the best.

  3. …”don’t pair cheese with wine” is fine, but my recommendation would be not to pair that sentiment with a picture of cheese and wine. BTW for everyone coming down on one side of the arguement* or other: It’s not binary, just because it works/doesn’t work for you, doesn’t mean that applies to everyone. I sell wine for a living but I like beer with cheese too.
    *British English before you point out the typo

  4. While I do love that baby elephant, that little wooden lamp and The Citizenry site are awesome! Thank you for sharing a site that is thoughtful and beautiful

  5. Madie says...

    Such a good chuckle over that baby elephant… we’re not all that different after all, huh? My 2 y/o looks pretty much exactly like that sometimes…

  6. As a French resident I don’t believe for a moment that wine dulls the palate for cheese. No meal here would be complete without cheese at the end, accompanied by a glass of red wine.
    That said, the Belgians love to have cheese with beer. If you go to abbeys like Maredsous or Floreffe, they make not only their own beer, but their special cheese and special bread. And it’s all consumed together.

  7. jeannie says...

    Love that cheese tip!

  8. I had no idea about the wine could dull the taste of cheese. Funny timing, I actually just got into a debate with a colleague over which is better paired with cheese: white or red wine.

    — Dara //

  9. You’re right. Those are 4 fun things :D

    I would certainly not mind switching wine for cider. I just visited Italy before moving to Ireland. I’m loving all the beer options here as opposed to all the wine I had in Italy!

    Must be the place for me ;)

  10. Katherine says...

    No wine with cheese?!? Why would someone say that? I’m just going to pretend this never happened.

  11. Clicked on the link for the Vive Le Feminisme print and now I want everything on their website(especially the city maps). Thanks for the print suggestion!

  12. awww the baby elephant! hahaha
    Loved the cheese board. YUM!

  13. amanda says...

    Yes! My favorite pairing is Delice de Bourgogne with Miller High Life :)

  14. E says...

    How do we know the elephant isn’t just hot and cooling down in the mud? : )

  15. Fooky says...

    Dear Joanna,

    In the Netherlands there is a cooking program ‘Koken met Van Boven’ (Cooking with – Yvette – Van Boven) and in one of her episodes she drank tea with cheeses! They even say that the best drink with cheese fondue is tea, because alcohol is a too heavy combination for your stomach! At first it sounded so strange, but afterwards it makes total sense!

  16. yael steren says...

    Awhile back I saw a special on 60 minutes about elephants and it’s amazing how smart they are!! It was actually about an elephant orphanage. Truly a magical piece and I highly recommend trying to find it online!! xx yael

  17. Heather says...

    I mean I’m okay with beer and cheese too. Like I can handle that…

  18. Nah, cheese and wine is, and will always be, delicious (depending on the cheese and wine obv). And the baby elephant!

  19. Tania says...

    Hmmm… what about sparkling wines?

  20. Weeks after the birth of our 2nd, I had a moment of bravery and brought my 17mo and newborn to the mall. About an hour in, after I told my toddler she needed to get back in the stroller she dropped to the ground and later flat in the middle of the mall banging her fists and kicking her feet while laying on her tummy. Where do they learn this stuff??? Lol, I guess it’s universal from elephants to tiny humans!!


  21. Lauren E. says...

    Ah, but what about sparkling wine?!

  22. Oh that sweet little elephant! My husband went to pick my two year old up from school the other day, and he had just been reprimanded for stealing a toy from another child and his teacher said “OHH! Alfie’s about to hit the ground!” and he did his slow motion drop to his knees and then drop to his chest. So funny (especially with the corresponding facial expression).

    Also, I would be happy to volunteer to help research the beer/cheese pairings. I can be pretty selfless that way.

  23. escondista says...

    I went to a beer and cheese pairing in Austin with my husband last year and we both felt AWFUL near the end of it. Both the beers and cheeses were incredibly delicious but they were also too rich, flavorful, and extremely filling to pair up. For a tasting or party, I will stick to wine!

  24. Sarah says...

    yay! Steve is a good friend of mine. If you are ever in portland, you must check out his shop and restaurant!

  25. Mary Jenkins says...

    Love that cutie lamp!

  26. meg says...

    i was JUST talking to my husband this morning about why toddlers, universally, throw themselves on the ground when they get upset. fascinating to see that it’s not just human toddlers!!