A Charming Nursery Tour

Nursery Tour

Stylist Kate Jordan and her husband David created the loveliest nursery for their five-month-old daughter, Izzy. Kate was sweet enough to give us a tour of the room, and share some wise and funny thoughts on choosing wallpaper, collecting stuffed animals and the whirlwind that is becoming a parent. Take a peek…

Nursery Tour

On collecting animals: I’ve been slowly amassing a huge collection of handmade stuffed animals for years now. As a stylist, I’d be like, “It’s a prop!” but they were clearly for my future child. When I was pregnant, any time I’d go to a different city, I would pick up a little animal. It felt kind of like, “You were here with me when I got this.”

Wallpaper: Anthropologie. Side table: vintage. Rabbit lamp: Fawn Shoppe. Sheepskin throw: Wayfair

Nursery Tour

On photos vs. reality: None of the busy, plastic things appear in these photos, like the swing that puts her to sleep immediately. There’s the “dream world” nursery, which looks perfect, and then there’s the reality of needing places to put your baby down somewhere safe. You have to be able to go to the bathroom!

Mobile: Dana Haim

Nursery Tour

On friends of other species: Once, I was at this amazing vintage shop in Minneapolis. I had only known I was pregnant for a week and hadn’t told anyone yet. I saw that other big animal [on the left] and knew I wanted to buy it for my baby. Some people think it’s a sheep, and some people think it’s a polar bear. It’s whatever you want it to be! The giraffe was a gift from my sister, who knew I’d wanted it forever.

On keeping a room varied: I like the pear print because it keeps the room from feeling super one-note. I’m not a theme-y person, and even though her room has taken on kind of an animal theme, I think rooms get more interesting when there are different things going on.

Crib: Kalon studios. Pear print: Tonje Holand & Ingrid Reithaug. Heart throw blanket: Etsy. Giraffe: Melissa & Doug. Polar bear: Retro Wanderlust. Sheets: Blabla kids. Crib skirt: Coyuchi.

Nursery Tour

On last-minute decisions: I ended up buying (and returning) three rugs before we finally settled on the fourth! The UPS man hated us. HATED us. When he delivered the final rug, I was like, “That’s the last rug you’ll ever deliver to our house!” and he just shook his head and was like, “I don’t know if I believe that.” The same thing happened with the wallpaper. When the guy came to install it, he was like, “Which one should I put on the wall?” We had two and we hadn’t decided yet. It was a game-time decision. The other one was a more subdued, simple pattern, but we went with this one, which we thought would spur more imaginative thoughts!

Round shelf: Ferm Living.

A Charming Nursery Tour

On an amazing new-mom gift: Two friends of mine put together the most amazing basket, full of everything I could possibly need, but didn’t realize I needed. There was a NoseFrida, teething stuff, safety Q-tips, all-natural butt cream, an amazing sponge for giving her a bath… So many things I didn’t know existed. It must have taken them forever to plan it and put it together! I’m constantly reaching for things from that basket.

Changing table/dresser: Oeuf.

Nursery Tour

On collaborative decorating: My husband and I worked on her room together. We put it off for a long time, and eventually we were like, “She’s coming whether we’re ready or not!” David chose the paint color. I wanted to go with a soft pink, and then one day he came home with this green one. I was like, “Ehh, I don’t know.” But a couple weeks later I decided he was right. Why pigeonhole her with a pink room?

Paint: Benjamin Moore Fresh Mint. Rocker: Land of Nod. Side table: DarLiving. Coat rack: Herman Miller. Floating shelves: Target.

Nursery Tour

On letting her be her own person: Sometimes strangers will think I’m her nanny or say things like, “HOW do you look like your mother?” It was kind of a shocking thing; I think you assume your baby will look like you. But then a couple months ago, I had this realization that she’s her own person and she doesn’t NEED to look like either one of us. She’s going to have her own interests and her own free will. She can be whoever she is.

Nursery Tour

On the crash course that is parenthood: You learn a lot about yourself in a quick amount of time! Before having a baby, I wasn’t conscious of things like needing to be able to get out and move, or taking time by myself. New parenthood is every emotion. We were at this music class this morning, and I was talking to another mom. She was like, “Aren’t you loving every minute? I’m loving every minute!” and I was like, “Really? EVERY minute?” But it’s a trip, and it’s amazing.

Izzy’s dress is from Zara

Thank you so much, Kate (and Izzy)!

P.S. More nursery inspiration and amazing shared kids rooms.

(Photos by Kate Mathis for Cup of Jo. Interview by Caroline Donofrio.)

  1. What a wonderful tour for it!

  2. Sarah Cauble says...

    I’m curious, did you stain the crib? If so, in what stain? Thank you! Love the room!

  3. millie says...

    nobody mentione d that APPLE polkadot CUSHION!!
    it is awsome!!where is it from?

    • Hi Millie!
      The pillow is from Oeuf. :)

  4. I cannot tell you how happy we are to see our crib in Kate’s home and in such a beautiful, warm and playful nursery. Thank you for sharing and for giving us a peek inside your home. We loved it.

    • Luna says...

      Where is that adorable wallpaper from? The hyperlink to the site doesn’t appear to be working.

  5. Jess says...

    Gorgeous space! I get the ‘how are you her mother’ thing too – I am half Chinese but have a very blonde, blue eyed baby. It is hilarious hearing people voice their disbelief!

  6. Love this room but love the honesty of this post more. What a beautiful little girl, wishing your family all the best for your future adventures, from Hello Sitter x

  7. Mae says...

    Oh sorry….I am going to add to the “where is that from”…..but…..the changing pad cover. It. Is. Amazing!!! Oh where oh where please? Gorgeous nursery! I love no-themed nurseries the best! xo

  8. beautiful nursery! i love the wall color too- her husband did a great job picking it out

  9. Lesti place says...

    Love the frames that giraffe and duckling are in. They would be perfect to go with my Oeuf Rhea crib, any ideas where they are from?

  10. Lesti place says...

    I have been desperately trying to find the frames that the duckling and giraffe are in to match my Rhea crib. Any ideas where they came from?

    • Hi Lesti,
      I had them framed by Simply Framed. Happy framing!

  11. I have known Kate for years and she is as a delightful talented woman and an amazing mom. She is warm and kind and fun, and that is one lucky little girl.

  12. Lauren says...

    What a beautiful space! The comment about “loving every minute” is ridiculous! Wondering where the changing pad cover is from?

  13. Lovely nursery and interview! It’s a very beautiful space that will certainly help her develop a capacity for wonder- so important!

    Around that age with my first, I constantly thought, “Wow, she’s a a little person!” because her personality was coming through more strongly. Now that she’s two, that’s happening again. It’s so important to remember and respect your child. Mine is much girly-er than I am (loves to play with baby dolls and wear dresses and skirts). Buying her spring clothes I tried to get her a few “everyday” skirts and dresses, which I don’t immediately gravitate towards (she was about 8 for church from grandparents, when she really needs 2 or 3).

  14. That baby’s rolls are DELICIOUS.

  15. I LOVE the way the books are displayed! So many books for tiny ones have thin spines so you can’t always find the book you want quickly, and the covers are so beautiful it is a shame to hide them. I’m going to try this with my toddler.

  16. Marget says...

    A lovely space, mother and child! I especially identified with the feeling of respect for your child as their own person, and I also believe that for me this was fostered in part because my baby doesn’t resemble me much at all (I’m half-Chinese and people often exclaim, “wow, HOW does he have blue eyes!” or ask, “is your husband blonde?”). He is so clearly not my “mini-me” that my experience as a mother has thus far been different from how I imagined it, in that I feel no attachment to “making him” be any way. Since the moment we met, it was clear he was a unique person, and I feel a tremendous respect for him.

  17. Danielle says...

    I LOVE the animal and vintage-like theme. It feels so neutral too. I love the wall paper too and the gender neutral green paint.

  18. justine says...

    I think this is one of my favorites ever – would you mind sharing where the circle hanging shelf is from? Thanks so much!

  19. This is one of the most beautiful nurseries I’ve seen in so long! The little touches like the round shelving and pear print just make it so interesting… and that really is a darling little baby.

  20. This was perfect timing for me! Expecting baby 2 in just a little over a month and our daughter is 6 months old now (Irish twins via adoption!). I love the prints over the changing station.

  21. Aileen says...

    I love this nursery and the reason is that it is the first kids room I have seen in ages that actually looks like a kids room with an adults touch. So many beautiful nurseries that you see on Pinterest and Blogs look like a kid should never be in it! This room is just perfect and I adore that wallpaper!

  22. I love this nursery! Especially in love with the wallpaper and the animal theme! Definitely something I would consider for a nursery as well, when that time will come :)

  23. Aya says...

    I loved the line of “new parenthood is every emotion”! It’s so true. People always ask me how I like motherhood and to unreservedly say I love it is false, but I don’t want to complain or scare people off because it IS wonderful. It’s blissful, humbling, exhausting…it is indeed “every emotion.”

  24. LT says...

    Yes! The rug!! I had the same issue when I was pregnant with our first. I think the UPS man had to bring us 4! After all that talk about the rug please share what it is! I’m dying to know

    • lola says...

      i agree! please let us know which rug she ended up going with, i love it! i think it’s the hand-loomed shine rug (in silver) from west elm but they’re all starting to look the same!

    • Caroline Donofrio says...

      Yes, it’s the Hand Loomed Shine Rug from West Elm:

  25. Kayleen says...

    Darling! Coming from Cup of Jo, I should have known that this post would be way more than simple a room tour. As someone who has chosen not to have a family, I absolutely adore reading about people who have made the choice to and enjoy being a part of their world, if only for a moment.

  26. Francine says...

    The polar bear / sheep looks like a baby anteater in the photo ;-)

    • Ha! You’re so right!

  27. Francine says...

    That polar bear / sheep looks like an anteater to me ;-)

  28. Katie says...

    Beautiful! And thank you for not having a crib bumper!!! We know they are unsafe and yet so many picture perfect nurseries have them. From one doctor mom thank you for the beautiful example!

  29. Tali says...

    This nursery is so darling! I love the animal theme throughout. Also your idea of picking up stuffed animals before you even had children, I think that’s endearing.

    x Tali

  30. Annie says...

    Looking for baskets similar to the ones pictured. Anyone know where from? Thanks!

  31. What an adorable nursery! I absolutely love everything about this space!

  32. Heather says...

    She was like, “Aren’t you loving every minute? I’m loving every minute!” and I was like, “Really? EVERY minute?”

    …so great! Love this mom and her candidness about the items that we didn’t see in her daughter’s room! Thank you, and I wish you many wonderful days!

    • Rebecca says...

      I think the idea that you are going to love every minute of parenthood is so wrong–of course there are moments you aren’t going to love–hell there are some you may even hate and it should be okay to say that. Glad to see it voiced here!

  33. Mary says...

    that wallpaper!!!

  34. I love the idea of giving a new mom basket, it’s so thoughtful and helpful!

  35. Abby says...

    Kate, I love the basket from your mom friends! My second and last baby is now 14 months, and when I think about ALL the knowledge that I have about babies and what that first year is really like, and what you really will need as a new parent… it’s a waste to not share that with your friends, right? And no offense to any new parents’ registries, because yes, adorable onesies are adorable. But butt ointment! Snot suckers! These are the lifesavers. :)

    Also, I don’t know your ethnicity or Izzy’s, but I’m Asian and my husband is Caucasian and fair, and I was SURE my girls would both look like me — dark hair and eyes are dominant, no? But both have medium brown hair and my oldest has green eyes. I’ve definitely been asked before by a stranger if I’m her mom… (the trailing off was 100% implying “or the nanny”) Guess that’s just a consequence of our modern world!

  36. Such a dreamy nursery! I love it.

  37. kathy says...

    super cute! i’m also interested in that gray rug. where is it from? my preschooler has 3000 stuffed animals and i’m always thinking about giving them away, but this makes me realize that there’s a way for them to look adorable.

  38. Barbara says...

    She was like, “Aren’t you loving every minute? I’m loving every minute!” and I was like, “Really? EVERY minute?”
    Ha ha ha! Thanks for this.

  39. Allison says...

    Really love that heart blanket! Any idea where it’s from?

    • Sara says...

      Same! I read the article like three times because I couldn’t believe something so lovely wasn’t even mentioned! :)

    • Caroline Donofrio says...

      It’s from Etsy! (And Kate says the woman who makes them is absolutely lovely.)

  40. Amazing wallpaper!

  41. Polly says...

    My favorite: “really? Every minute?” I think I’m stealing it got a talk in giving to moms this week! So great.

  42. Rosie says...

    Lovely. Is there a source for the knitted heart blanket? I see from her instagram she designed The Golden Carrot’s interior in Hoboken – love that store! Just bought my maid of honor’s gift there. Wonderful style.

  43. I love this mom’s honesty and humor. I agree, I can’t believe anyone who says they love EVERY minute!

    • katrina says...

      In my experience, moms who use the “Loving every minute ” line actually mean ” are thankful for every minute” – usually, they have experienced miscarriage, infertility, or other scary setbacks with their children, and they are truly contented to be thankful for even the bad minutes. Just thought I’d offer that as a thought the next time you hear someone say that :)

    • Exactly! No one loves every minute, I don’t believe it! You love getting 7 minutes of sleep and having someone else’s vomit in your hair? Ok weirdo!

    • A says...

      I suffered through years of infertility, now have an 8 month old and I promise you, the “loving every minute” lady is either mad, drunk or lying!

    • Ivy says...

      I definitely am not loving every minute, but I will say, when I am loving a particular minute, it can feel like all the minutes are somehow also better. Both-and, not either-or?

  44. That wallpaper is fantastic, especially in a kid’s room. Thanks for sharing, guys!

  45. Such a lovely space, and I appreciate you mentioning the realities of internet ready spaces, and how they’re really used. We need that dose of truth sometimes!

    It is funny how you expect your babies to look like you. I have dark brown hair, and almost black eyes, and when I chose the name “Winnie” for my daughter I expected her to look the same…kind of like Winnie from “The Wonder Years,” but she was born identical to her father. Huge blue eyes and blonde fuzz. I was so shocked the first time I saw her, but she is so beautiful, and she really is exactly who she is supposed to be.

  46. Wendy says...

    Where can I find the deer and giraffe art? I’ve been looking for those! Thank you.

    • KM says...

      Sharon Montrose, Animal Print Shop – they are the one thing I know I want in my (future not-yet-even close) baby nursery!

  47. Sarah says...

    So sweet!

  48. Lindsay says...

    Kate sounds like an immensely interesting and thoughtful person. No doubt Izzy is, and will continue to be, interesting in her own right. I wasn’t expecting an article on a nursery to be so thought-provoking and inspiring. Thanks for sharing Kate and thanks for the great interview Caroline!

    • Tara says...

      yes, I was just going to look at the pics but the article really grabbed me!

  49. this is like my dream nursery. this is what i want my future nursery to look like


  50. Katherine says...

    Ok, so where did she end up getting her rug??? It looks like the perfect simple grey I have been searching for.

  51. So wonderful! My 2nd one is now 2 months and we’re STILL working on her nursery – it takes so long with the second lol! I am so inspired by this! The trend right now tends to learn towards all neutral palates, but I love the pops of color in this room! Children love color, it stimulates their brain and sparks their creativity! Love the room!


  52. Catharine says...

    Where did she purchase the sweet dawn print over the crib? So adorable!

    • Catharine says...

      Fawn, not dawn, whoops;)

    • Carly says...

      The Animal Print Shop! There are lots of adorable animal pictures there. Joanna did an interview with the photographer on this site too! It’s really cool to see behind the scenes.

    • Aidel.K says...

      I think it’s from

  53. That’s beautiful! I just adore the wallpaper. Her dress is also the cutest thing! x

  54. Awads says...

    Izzy actually DOES look like her mama! (my MIL told me that babies arrive favoring their daddies…nature’s way of establishing paternity! but as they age, they clearly change.)

    I adore that tidy bookshelf, and wish we could get that going. But the reality is, my son has a million books and we can’t bring ourselves to cull the herd. They live in giant bins in our family room. *sigh*…one day.

  55. Laura says...

    Kate, you created a beautiful space for Izzy! You are so right, your baby is her own person. That was a big realization for me too. My son looks like himself, has his own funny disposition, and is so sweet. I like him in addition to loving him.
    And that Mom who says she is loving every minute? Yeah, right.
    Have fun!

  56. Erin says...

    What a lovely tour — thank you for sharing! It looks like such a happy place for a tot.
    Do you have a source for the grey area rug?

  57. Jasna says...

    Baby is so, so cute!

  58. Leia says...

    So lovely! I love that it’s not over the top girly, without going into the “gender neutral” territory.

    Was there a source for that awesome circular wall shelf thingy? I’ve been looking for one like that for our nursery!

    • Katherine says...

      I saw very similar ones at World Market & Target recently.

    • Leia says...

      Thank you Katherine! I really love the one at World Market, will have to go check it out this week! :-)

    • Stephanie says...

      Me too, I’d also be interested to know where the round shelves are from please. The little baby is so lovely! As is her bedroom, lucky little girl!

  59. Oh how cute!!! I just love the round shelving!! Okay now I want to have a baby ASAP!! =)