The cutest, weirdest candles.


Just in time for Passover, two Brooklyn-based friends from summer camp thirty years ago are taking matzo to the next level with flavors like Himalayan sea salt, everything bagel seasoning and cinnamon sugar.


Do you guys watch Broad City? I find it totally hilarious. This week, Ilana and Abbi answered readers’ questions on twitter. Their answers were off-the-cuff and great. (I especially loved this one.)


Food52 launched a new app called (Not) Recipes, where food lovers can share favorite meals they make in easy steps. As Jenny says, they’re the type of recipes that “you can exchange in an elevator ride with a friend.”

P.S. More fun things, and stories about strangers.

(Candles via Swissmiss. Salad photo by Phyllis Grant for Food52.)