Have a Beautiful Weekend.

What are your plans for the weekend? Alex has been traveling for work all week, so the boys and I are flying solo. We miss Alex, but it has actually been really sweet to just have the three of us — we’ve made blueberry smoothies every morning, we’ve gone on pajamas walks in the evenings, and Anton has been sleeping in my bed at night (worst habit, I know, but I love it). Hope you have a good one, and here are some fun links from around the web…

Calling all writers/editors: Come work with us!

If toddlers had Facebook. (Made me laugh out loud.)

Yes, you can live in a Swedish chapel.

What a hilarious game for a 40th birthday.

Cacio e pepe… cookies.

An adventure playground in NYC. Yes, please!

10 cool beauty tips. (I’m totally putting foundation on my ears now.)

The most dangerous part of spring.

Quiz: Can we guess your age and income based solely on the apps on your phone?

Abortion was not part of my birth plan.” Heartbreaking and honest.

Whoa! The true colors of ancient Greek and Roman statues.

Wishlisting this everyday bag.

Finally, good news: Skillshare is offering Cup of Jo readers three months of unlimited online classes for $0.99. (It would be so cool to learn knife skills.)

(Photo by Nora Ekeli. Greek statues via Shoebox Dwelling.)