What are your plans this weekend? Alex and I are going to a cocktail party tomorrow night, and I’m looking forward to wearing an actual cocktail dress, something I haven’t worn in forever. (Wait, do I even have one?) Also, I’m hoping to take the boys to the carousel on Sunday — it’s supposed to be 57 and sunny! Have a good one, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

How to survive falling through ice.

A water-repellant umbrella? Why didn’t we think of that?!

What free, peaceful and open borders look like.

LOVING these crop sports bras.

Classic jokes about New York and L.A.

The coolest birthday cakes!

Would you try period panties? I’m intrigued.

What it’s like to work in Hollywood if you’re not a straight, white man. “My personality… is to want to please. It can sometimes feel alien to just say, ‘I need this to happen, because it’s my show,’ and not feel afterward that you’ve been unprofessional simply by stating the thing that you want. I struggle with it all the time. When you are a minority, and it’s the first time you’ve done something, you’re like, this could all be taken away from me. I think the presumption with women is that they will be team players, and that is not the presumption of men. Especially show runners. When women push back, they [are perceived as] bitches or divas. I just made a slight demand that wasn’t even that bad. And at the end of it, I’ll send bagels [to the staff]. Please forgive me for asserting myself in a small way.” — Mindy Kaling

Made me laugh.

Great illustration for a story about breakfast.

15 funny examples of perfectionism at work.

Canadian Island politely offers Americans refuge if Trump wins.

(Photo from James Carpenter. Ice link via Swissmiss. Canadian Island post via Girl of a Certain Age.)