9 Great Instagram Accounts


What are your favorite Instagram accounts these days? Here are nine worth checking out…

Women in the 70s were so casually cool, and 70s Babes posts awesome examples. (Note: You have to request to follow this account, but they seem to let everyone in.)

Mike Lowery on Instagram

Mike Lowery, a children’s book illustrator from Atlanta, shares random illustrated facts that make us laugh.

Cimkedi Turkish architect on Instagram

Yener Torun, an architect in Istanbul, documents the strikingly modern side of an ancient city through his Instagram feed, Cimkedi.

Marachok ballet dancer on Instagram

A look inside the life of a dancer at the Vaganova Ballet Academy in Russia, shot by 16-year-old Maria Khoreva, who goes by the Instagram name Marachok.

Alwayssssleep on Instagram

Alwayssssleep, a stream of inviting beds for when you’re dragging at work.

Abstract Sunday on Instagram

The wry illustrations of Christoph Niemann, a.k.a. Abstract Sunday, an artist and author living in Berlin.

History in Pics on Instagram

Want to see Justin Timberlake and Ryan Gosling circa 1994? Or behind-the-scenes of The Shining? History in Pics is here to help.

View From The Topp on Instagram

View From The Topp, by Los Angeles stylist Kate Brien, is a collection of her beautiful shoefies. (She has such fun style.)

Hot Dudes Reading on Instagram

We leave you with Hot Dudes Reading. No explanation necessary.

P.S. 8 more fun accounts to follow.

  1. You know what I think? Someone should do an account of “view from the bottom of a glass”. (Not me – my photo skills are subpar.) I think people’s alcohol drinking faces could be poignant…and funny.

  2. Rowena says...

    I love this post so much! 2 more beautiful ballet accounts: @michaeladeprince and @abtofficial

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      i LOVE michaela, she’s incredible!

  3. I’m kind of plant obsessed and started an Instagram similar to ‘View from the top’! Check out @thisthingwithplants for dreamy plants with feet peeking in! Also very needed during freezing Canadian winters when nothing will grow outside. : )

  4. This is such a cute fun post, especially for downtime during the holidays. I want to get my husband on the hot dudes reading Instagram ?

  5. EJallins says...

    Fun suggestions! For another great ballet Instagram acount, follow Joy Womack, an American ballerina dancing with the Kremlin ballet in Russia.

  6. nohatnogloves says...

    Half the hot with the dudes is the actual reading of a book. The 70s babes is very interesting…nice to see un-augmented bods but a lot of them are very frail. It is difficult to remember that there was actually a time when it was fashionable to be flat chested. It made the 70s a tricky time for short, round me.

  7. Dana says...

    Some of my favorites right now; Le Grand Bazaar (cool angle and architecture photos that you’ll want to frame), Mecs Metro Paris (hot French guys on public transportation), Vintage Barbie and Ken (a NY artist poses old Barbies in really great settings), and Things Found In Records (mementos and such found in old record sleeves).

  8. Aidel.K says...

    Following a couple of these already. Just found @beigecardigan recently. Almost always makes me laugh. And, of course, seeing a cute pic of Toby & Anton or Caroline’s lovely apartment is good for a smile, too. Happy Holidays.

  9. Lucy says...

    I love View from the Topp, that’s such a beautiful idea. Thanks for sharing these :) I love to follow creative accounts.
    Lucy xoxo

  10. OK. Hot dudes reading is genius. Also, shoefies is my new favorite hashtag.

  11. sharon says...


  12. Jaclyn says...

    I know Kate from college. Her Insta is pretty fun! She shares my love of denim. I follow Hopperlife because he was building a tiny house (and he’s a babe). But really he is just an inspiring person that does all kinds of crazy stuff!

  13. Laura C says...

    Hot dudes reading made my day xD
    How do you find out those things, Jo?

  14. Mary says...

    I am surprised to notice that not one is using an e-reader. Are you?

    • The person who runs the account actually specifically doesn’t post guys reading with e-readers, only real books…I think I read that in the profile bio or something. Kinda funny!

  15. Sometimes when my hands and eyes are busy doing things like folding laundry or baking, I would love to be able to push PLAY on one of your posts and have you read it to me. Am I asking for the moon :)

    • Ooh yes I would never have thought of this but I would love to listen to Joanna and Caroline reading to me! Not necessarily a full on podcast, even.

  16. Chelsea says...

    Targetdoesitagain and ascotandhart are both by two fun and stylish mamas!

  17. Amy says...

    I love twentyfourhourwoman, created by a Brooklyn illustrator who posts daily drawings of a nude woman doing everyday activities… I actually thought it was a woman who drew these but after googling the artist just now, I discovered it’s totes a MAN. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  18. Pam says...

    If you like Hot Dudes Reading, you might also enjoy DILFs of Disneyland (@dilfsofdisneyland). Hot dudes with babies…yes please!

  19. Leah says...

    Weirdly excited about the “Hot Dudes Reading” looking at actual books instead of kindles!

  20. Wow, I’m really impressed with History in Pics. It’s amazing!
    And I loved Hot Dudes Reading… Is there something more attractive than men reading? :)

  21. I really enjoy marachok’s instagram. Great finds! xoxo

  22. I’m off to add Hot Dudes Reading right now!

  23. kp19 says...

    hotdudesreading = new fave insta account.

    My all time fave is @tunameltsmyheart

  24. Lea says...

    I got so excited to see Istanbul here! Just happens to be my city :)

  25. Barbara says...

    I love finding new instagram accounts! My hubs and I just started 101bestpizzaplaces , where we are going to all 101 best pizza places in the country. We started 2 months ago (almost) and have hit 18 already. I never post on my personal instagram, so this one is fun for us to document our dates together.

  26. Kristin says...

    hot dudes reading is a riot..such a lovely distraction for a work from home rainy day! I hope I can focus:)

  27. One of my fav’s is Mente de Rufus (@mente_de_rufus). He posts dreamy, pastel shots of Mexico (meanwhile, I’m in grey, rainy Chicago). It never fails to provide some beauty during the day.

  28. cracking up at the “hot dudes reading” instagram. but really… is there anything better?!

    love the blue tile in kate brien’s picture!

  29. I am always looking for new accounts to follow on Instagram. These are all great! Thanks for sharing!

    Happy Holidays!

  30. I loved Hot Dudes Reading!!

  31. Debbie says...

    I’ll second that! The hashtags on Hot Dudes reading are the BEST! Yes the guys are hot and for that I’m grateful but the hashtags have me creased up with laughter every time! Brilliant!

    Good post, thanks! :-) and Merry Christmas one and all!

  32. hahaha hot dudes reading. man, i wish i was more creative with instagram!

  33. Kukla says...

    This has to be the absolute best IG I ever came in contact with: Hot Dudes Reading. Let’s take a moment to think about if those men had Kindles or e-Books in their hands, would we find them as attractive? Me personally, no.

  34. Silvia García says...

    These are all so cool!!
    p.s. it seems the 70s account now allows you to follow immediately, without requesting to do so first, that is =)

  35. Hot dude fading has the best captions, hands down!

    • Agreed.

  36. What fun accounts..loved some of them. Thanks for sharing.

  37. Jo says...

    Wow. I want to turn Mike Lowery’s images into prints! :-)

    Thank you, Joanna (and Caroline)! They are all so good!