What are your favorite Instagram accounts these days? Here are nine worth checking out…

Women in the 70s were so casually cool, and 70s Babes posts awesome examples. (Note: You have to request to follow this account, but they seem to let everyone in.)

Mike Lowery on Instagram

Mike Lowery, a children’s book illustrator from Atlanta, shares random illustrated facts that make us laugh.

Cimkedi Turkish architect on Instagram

Yener Torun, an architect in Istanbul, documents the strikingly modern side of an ancient city through his Instagram feed, Cimkedi.

Marachok ballet dancer on Instagram

A look inside the life of a dancer at the Vaganova Ballet Academy in Russia, shot by 16-year-old Maria Khoreva, who goes by the Instagram name Marachok.

Alwayssssleep on Instagram

Alwayssssleep, a stream of inviting beds for when you’re dragging at work.

Abstract Sunday on Instagram

The wry illustrations of Christoph Niemann, a.k.a. Abstract Sunday, an artist and author living in Berlin.

History in Pics on Instagram

Want to see Justin Timberlake and Ryan Gosling circa 1994? Or behind-the-scenes of The Shining? History in Pics is here to help.

View From The Topp on Instagram

View From The Topp, by Los Angeles stylist Kate Brien, is a collection of her beautiful shoefies. (She has such fun style.)

Hot Dudes Reading on Instagram

We leave you with Hot Dudes Reading. No explanation necessary.

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