My Beauty Uniform: Claire Mazur

My Beauty Uniform: Claire Mazur

Claire Mazur is one of the co-founders of the beautifully curated site Of a Kind (and the bride from this Spiderman ring bearer wedding). Here, she shares her tips for styling curly hair, the best cleanser for lazy nighttime face-washers and how running helped alleviate her depression…

My Beauty Uniform: Claire Mazur

Do you wear makeup?
I do, I do! I love makeup. I adore the Stowaway Creaseless Concealer and it’s the one thing I have on me at all times. I buy three at a time — one for my makeup bag, one for the office, one for my purse. The concealer brightens everything up and makes me look more awake. It’s the single most dramatic change I can make to my face really quickly.

The other thing I wear every single day without fail is my Paul & Joe eyebrow pencil. It was introduced to me by Sania of Sania’s Brow Bar, who is incredibly masterful and has been doing my brows since the time when I was 16 and totally butchered them on my own, after which my mother dragged me to see an expert.

Any eyebrow tips?
Sania told me that you should always use an eyebrow pencil a stage lighter than your natural eyebrow hair color, since you want it to look natural. And instead of drawing on your eyebrow, you should sketch with small strokes, as if you’re drawing what eyebrow hairs look like.

My Beauty Uniform: Claire Mazur

What’s your daily skincare routine?
I start by putting on Supergoop Sensitive Skin SPF 40. The skin on my face is really sensitive to sunscreen, and this is one of the few I’ve found that not only doesn’t irritate it, but also leaves it feeling really smooth. I follow that up with Josie Maran Bronzing Argan Oil, which I LOVE and is strangely hard to find. It gives me a nice, natural-looking hint of color. After doing my makeup, I do a couple of spritzes of Restorsea Recharging Finishing Mist on top of everything to get rid of any powdery look and give me a sort of glowy, refreshed finish. I also keep one of them in my desk for freshening up throughout the day.

My Beauty Uniform: Claire Mazur

You have such beautiful hair! How do you style and care for it?
Geez, thanks! This is a dangerous question because I could go on forever. I’ll stick to the really critical stuff.

The most important thing when it comes to curly hair is moisture — it can never get enough. So I rarely wash it because that dries it out. When it does need a bit of a clean I’ll use Purely Perfect Cleansing Creme which isn’t a shampoo — it’s one of those conditioning cleansers. About once or twice a month I’ll use Neutrogena Clarifying Shampoo to get rid of all the product buildup. It strips out a lot of moisture along with all of the dirt, so I’ll usually follow it with a deep conditioning treatment — Oribe Gold Lust Masque is one of the best I’ve ever used.

After the shower, the Turbie Twist is an amazing shammy towel. It makes my hair so much smoother; the roughness of normal towels creates frizz. Then I like to use styling cremes, especially Bumble and bumble Curl Conscious Creme and R+Co Jackpot. Air-drying is always best for me, but it takes until the middle of that afternoon. Having curly hair, you’re part of this tribe where you meet other curly-haired women and you have all the same problems: How much does it suck to go to meetings with wet hair?

My Beauty Uniform: Claire Mazur

My Beauty Uniform: Claire Mazur

Does your husband ever weigh in on trends?
I taught my husband to refer to bright lipstick as “a bold lip,” a term which he utilizes exclusively to tell me how much he dislikes it when I wear it. So I try not to do it for date night even though I think it’s such a game-changer, especially in the winter months! He does love my big curly hair, especially when it’s completely wild and piled on top of my head — that’s how it usually is when I’m home. My husband’s other least-favorite beauty trend is my love of the discovery process which leads me to acquire tons of new products which clutter the crap out of our bathroom counter.

How do you change things up for special occasions?
If I’m going to a wedding, I am a total sucker for false lashes. I like the individuals and I think I’ve gotten pretty good at putting them on. My close friend Jamie Beck, a photographer, turned me on to them the first time she ever took my photo. She brought a whole variety of strip lashes with her to the shoot and I was immediately hooked. I went through a phase where I went completely overboard, wore them every day and even carried a tube of glue in my purse in case they started to fall off. (That’s really embarrassing to admit.) Now I just go to the Duane Reade and get black flares; I always go for the shortest ones because I need to give myself limits.

My Beauty Uniform: Claire Mazur

With Of a Kind co-founder Erica Cerulo.

Do you have any other non-beauty rituals that help you feel great?
Something I’ve started doing in the last year or so is wearing nice pajamas. Like everyone else, I loved Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, and I thought she made a great point about how the things you wear to bed and when you’re home by yourself are just as (if not more!) important than what you wear outside the home. So I’ve invested in some really nice pieces from Eberjey and Lunya and wearing them is one of those things, that, like a manicure, perks me up. It’s not necessary but it’s lovely.

What’s your bedtime routine?
I know how terrible this is (especially because I live in such a grimy city) but I hate washing my face at night. I’m always so tired, and when I do muster the energy all of the splashing wakes me up and makes it harder to fall asleep afterwards. Lancôme Cleansing Water has been a lifesaver in that regard because it requires minimal effort (zero splashing required!) and it works amazingly well. I think it’s a world of difference from wipes, which just make my face feel sticky.

My Beauty Uniform: Claire Mazur

How did you get into running?
Running is my antidepressant. Literally. My whole life I was a really un-athletic and fairly self-conscious about trying anything sporty. When I was 19 I faced a tough struggle with depression and anxiety and started taking Effexor to help me through it. One day when I was 24 and researching the frustrating withdrawal symptoms I would experience if I missed a dose by accident, it suddenly hit me: I’d been taking these pills every day for five years and if I didn’t take myself off them nobody was ever going to do it for me. I came up with a plan to start exercising while I tapered off my meds as a way of kind of replacing the endorphins. Running was the most obvious form of exercise for me because it doesn’t require any special equipment or training.

My Beauty Uniform: Claire Mazur

Was running hard at first?
In the beginning, doing just 15 minutes on a treadmill felt like torture, but not nearly as awful as dealing with the depression and anxiety I had battled. The fear of facing another struggle with all of that far outweighed my fear of embarrassing myself at the gym. After a few months it became very obvious how powerful of an antidepressant the running itself was — far more powerful than the pills I’d been taking for years. Seven years later, it’s the one thing that’s been a daily consistent thing in my life.

I should also say that in the time since I’ve gotten off the antidepressants I have faced another bout of depression — and my running routine, while a very helpful method of coping with it, did not cure it or prevent it. I worked closely with a therapist who was respectful of my determination not to get back on meds and am really grateful to have come out the other side.

My Beauty Uniform: Claire Mazur

Do you have any words of advice for people who would love to incorporate running into their lives but (like me) have trouble making it more than a few blocks at a time?
Yes! I do. (A full run-down is here!) My advice is to start with just those few blocks at a time and nothing more. Do that every day for a couple of weeks until you can do ten blocks at a time. And then fifteen, and then twenty! Running is really, really hard when you’re out of practice and if you push yourself to the point where it’s completely miserable you won’t go back and do it again the next day. So go easy on yourself — and make consistency your only priority. As long as you’re getting out there, the distance and speed will come eventually.


Have you had any regrettable beauty moments?
Okay, here’s one. I was at a wedding of some high school friends, and everyone I’d grown up with was there, including an old boyfriend and his new wife whom he’d started dating right after we’d broken up many, many years before. I was newly single, about to embark on a new career, and feeling really good that day. (Obviously rocking the fake lashes, a bold lip, and most likely a spray tan.) So I felt totally confident introducing myself to the wife and immediately jumped into a friendly conversation with her. When it was over I walked over to two of my best friends who I knew had been watching the whole thing go down and laughing at what I assumed was the presumed awkwardness of the situation… only to have them inform me that their giggles were a reaction to the bright red lipstick smeared all over my front teeth. They’d tried their best to send me signals but of course it was fruitless. It’s one of those things that still sends us into fits of laughter.

My Beauty Uniform: Claire Mazur

Do you have a signature scent?
I have been wearing Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue since my girlfriends gave it to me for my 18th birthday. I’ve tried so hard to switch it up but I always end up back where I started. And I love how many people in my life will say things like “I was in the elevator with someone wearing Light Blue the other day and I thought of you!” There’s something really comforting in that.

My Beauty Uniform: Claire Mazur

Over the years, has any product stood the test of time?
Mario Badescu Drying Lotion for pimples — I’ve been using it since high school.

Last but certainly not least: Do you have an overall beauty philosophy?
I remember hearing somewhere that most women look at pictures of themselves in their younger days and are so confused about why they felt so unattractive and self-conscious at the time. And even now, in my early 30s, that keeps proving to be true. So I’ve gotten a lot better at trying to have that perspective when examining myself in the mirror.

Thank you so much, Claire!

P.S. More beauty uniforms, and how to do a pretzel braid.

(Wedding photos by John Cary. Tulip photo by Jamie Beck. Grey tank photo by Julia Robbs. Photo of Claire and Erica by Jamie Beck. Running photos by Jackie Beale. Other photos courtesy of Claire Mazur. Interview by Joanna Goddard.)

  1. Anna says...

    I can’t tell you how much I appreciate her sharing her story about depression. It was honest and real. She didn’t sugercoat it, but was a beacon of light. I’m thinking of starting a workout routine to combat anxiety and mild depression. Her tips on consistency really help.

  2. kristen says...

    Love the plaid dress! Anyone know where to purchase?

  3. Lovely lady and great tips! I just bought the concealer and can’t wait to try it. Can you please share where the jumpsuit is from in the first photo? Thank you!

  4. JT says...

    I think she is beautiful. And her thoughts on running and depression great (I too am on meds, I hate it and want to get off it badly).

  5. This was one of my favorite beauty uniform posts because of the curly hair tips!!! Lovely guest and helpful read. Thanks!

  6. I’ve scanned the comments and seen many curly-haired people chiming in, but I’m desperate to know from Claire (/anyone else with the same hair) what you use to keep your hair up in a messy bun! I have big, bouncy, crazy hair, and alligator clips always end up slipping down my head from the weight/unruliness of my hair…and “spin pins” do the same thing. I have been wondering for ages what women in similar positions do to keep their hair actually piled up and cute!

    Anyways, thanks so much for this great post!

    • Moll!
      FEEL YOU SO HARD. I’ve only ever found one type of clip that actually works to hold it up (especially while I’m running), and one time when I thought they might had discontinued the size I bought out the entire stock of my local CVS. I keep extras all over my house and office in case of emergency, too. I’m struggling to find the exact one online but they are the Scunci no-slip jaw clip in a large size. Similar to this, but I can’t tell if this is the same size I use (it might be!):
      Hope this helps!
      xx Claire

    • AWESOME, thanks so much for responding! I just bought them! :)

  7. kate says...

    I just came back in the hopes that Claire had commented about her hair routine, and she has! Fantastic post and subject!

  8. Katie says...

    Thank you for this post!! Such wonderful pieces of advice and insight on exercise, mental health, and self acceptance. Love this series.

  9. Maiken says...

    Oh my goodness Claire thanks so much for rocking the curls and pushing through the learning curve rather than resorting to straightening. I have come to love my curly hair, but as many others expressed I too have struggled with the bed head, pony-tailed, less pretty head of hair the next day. A CURLING WAND! So obvious but I totally forgot about it. Thanks for that tip and detailing what you do to fix your mid week hair. I have a feeling this will be a game changer for me and many others. Side note – I too have struggled with depression and am gratefully on the upswing. Thanks for being real and honest on many levels in this post. Seems like one of the biggest deceptions of depression is the idea of being all alone and a depressed little island that no one else has ever experienced. BUT IT’S SO COMMON! I’m totally on board with blowing that lie out of the water. Thanks again!

  10. L says...

    Claire, do you have highlights, or are you just blessed with great color? If you color I’d love to know where? Thanks for the wonderful interview.

  11. Jenny says...

    As someone who has battled severe depression at points in my life and continues to experience milder depression as a chronic issue, I completely agree that exercise is essential to fighting it. I also agree that medication can have down sides and is not for everyone. Certainly, therapy and exercise should be part of treatment, without solely relying on medication. Too many people rely only on meds, without changing their lifestyles. That said, antidepressants are really important for some people, and I would caution against judging all antidepressants based on experience with Effexor. Effexor has really terrible withdrawal effects, but there are lots of other antidepressants out there that don’t. Different people also respond differently to different drugs. I know she’s only talking about her own experience, not trying to say that no one should use drugs. But, as someone who would probably not be alive today without antidepressants and certainly would not be able to hold a job without them, it always worries me when people take an anti-medication stance, because some people who really need medication don’t need more reasons not to try (or continue with) it.

    • Jenny,
      Thank you so much for this–I couldn’t agree more. I hope my words didn’t come across as an anti-medication stance. I am so grateful for the role antidepressants were able to play in my life and in the life of so many of my loved ones who have benefited from them, too. And I wouldn’t be surprised if I end up back on them at some point in my life. It’s actually something Joanna and I discussed but there was so much to say that it couldn’t all possibly fit into one post. At any rate, so appreciate you making this thoughtful point and you’re absolutely, positively right. Xx Claire

    • Jenny says...

      Thank you for your response, Claire! To me, you came across as someone who was simply telling her story about what worked for her, not as anti-medication for anyone else. I’m just a little sensitive about the topic, given my experiences. As you said, this is a big topic that can’t be adequately covered in such a post. I greatly appreciate that you mentioned your struggle with depression. It’s so easy to feel all alone in it, and it always helps me to hear that others have gotten through it.

  12. Cynthia says...

    Her hair is so beautiful! My hair is stick straight, so I have a cut that works well with it, but I really love curls. Her hints about applying eyebrow pencil are so you get a natural look work well for me.

  13. Her hair is dumbfoundingly gorgeous! I mean seriously. The rest of her is stunning as well, but her hair is just a showstopper. You could put her hair on Donald Trump and he would be gorgeous. lol

  14. Rebekka says...

    What a stunningly beautiful woman! I have curly hair and was SO inspired by her hair routine! I’ve never heard of Hair Cleansing cream, but will try to find one here in Germany. Thank you for that beautiful post! Claire, you are truly beautiful.

  15. Rebecca says...

    This was great. Claire is gorgeous and kudos to her for opening up about how she’s dealt with her depression. I see the chorus of requests for a curly-hair how-to post. If that happens, I would love it if it could include thoughts how to care for a curly-haired daughter’s hair — one of my little girls got beautiful curly hair from her dad’s side and I am still trying to figure out how to properly care for it. Thanks!

    • Genevieve says...

      Conditioner and detangling spray are a must for my curly haired toddler. Use a wide tooth comb on it while it is wet and a curl refreshing spray on it in the morning when styling. Depending on the tightness of her curl, she may need additional products. My stylist suggested the children’s line from ouidad. Expensive but it lasts forever!

  16. Anna says...

    Wauw, what a beautiful woman. Her glow is amazing – she looks like such a delightful person! I love those beauty uniform interviews :) It’s a great way of sharing tips and personal stories from brave and cool women.
    Your blog is much appreciated!

  17. Lauren says...

    Claire was a student at the Univ of Chicago years ago when I was a TA for her class. I’m so pleased to hear how she’s doing these days. So lovely!

    • Lauren!
      Ah! This makes me so happy! (And also slightly embarrassed because my memory of my college self is not the most flattering one.) Which class did you TA?
      x Claire

  18. She is just so beautiful and fun.
    Thank you, Joanna)))

  19. Lauren says...

    As a 24 year old in a similar position to Claire when she was my age, I really loved her advice on creating a running routine.

  20. Of a Kind is such a beautiful site and I really enjoy listening to their podcast as well. So this little glimpse of Claire was great. I love her openness in talking about her anxiety and depression, and that hair!! I have naturally curly hair that has now holds no curl because I have fought the curl all my adult life. I got my own insecurity issues! Maybe some day I’ll embrace them as beautifully as she does.

    xo Lendy

  21. becca says...

    I love this! Curly girls unite :) The wet hair at meetings thing is the worst! I always buy $3 bottles of product for my hair at Fred Meyer, but I’m so tempted now to “splurge” on the Bumble and Bumble creme. (will it magically make my hair look like less of a triangle? i have to know!)

  22. Liz says...

    How do you run every day and not wash your hair afterwards? I have always disliked working out because then I have to redo my hair. What do you do with your hair after a run?

  23. I’m particularly in love with this installment of “My Beauty Uniform” – Claire reads as very relatable and approachable. I also appreciated her frankness about using exercise as a strategy for managing her depression (surprisingly few people with mental health issues consistently draw on this approach). A great read this eve!

    P.S. Supergoop is a fave of mine. Cruelty-free beauty is best.

  24. Wow! What a great post! I’m not someone who typically leaves messages on blogs, but there was so much in what Claire said that I could relate – the trials of curly hair (got some great styling tips, too!), running my way out of depression (or trying to)… Thanks for the honesty, Claire!

    I’ve been a runner since junior high. Never on any team, just me and my music. A couple of years ago, a friend pushed me to try CrossFit. She thought I would love it. She was right! Even though it doesn’t provide the alone time that running does, CF gave me enough of that endorphin rush working out just 3 times a week. I’ve met great people through my CrossFit gyms, and I think I’ve saved my knees in the process! I still run, because I will always love it. But now I mix it up, because CrossFit opened up a new mental outlet for me.

    Thanks to Jo and Claire for a wonderful Q&A!


  25. Sam says...

    Claire is so lovely! In a couple of photos she appears to be wearing lipstick. I’d love to know what color it is. Thanks for sharing, Claire!

  26. I don’t think it can be overstated how much exercise helps depression and anxiety. I work out most days (dvds) and I’ve been symptom free for years. For. Years. Like Claire said, there is no cure really, but nothing will help you like regular exercise can.

    I love this blog.

  27. This is why I tell everyone how much I love Cup of Jo. Realness mixed with kickass beauty product recommendations, all from inspirational female entrepreneurs. Best combo ever.

  28. Chelsa says...

    I heart her beauty philosophy!

  29. Lauren E. says...

    This one was so touching. Plus that photo of her and her husband at their wedding where she’s looking at him… whew. Lots of tears here.

  30. Amanda says...

    As someone who has stick-straight hair, I am so envious of her gorgeous curls! And I commend her for facing her depression and anxiety, and using exercise to help cope. For me, yoga has helped my anxiety so, so much. I always notice my mood changes when I don’t get to exercise as often as I should.

  31. I need all the details of how she does her hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She inspired me to stop blow drying my hair straight every morning. Please give us the deets.

  32. nicole b. says...

    LOVE this series and of course Of a Kind! I look forward to their “Ten Things We’re Doing Besides…” emails each week. :) Thanks, Claire & Joanna. I’m off to check out Stowaway! xo

  33. Audra says...

    I’m a curly girl as well, and struggle so much with finding the right products/haircare routine to use. Claire’s hair is gorgeous, and I’m definitely going to try some of her suggestions. Thanks for featuring curls on a Beauty Uniform piece!

  34. Sarah says...

    I have seen Claire’s comments about her haircare routine in a few different places, and I ALWAYS want to know how she applies the styling creme. Does she actually dry her hair (with the twistie turban thingy) and then run cream through her hair? Wouldn’t that create frizz and break up the curl? Basically, I would love more detail on her hair care routine. No detail is too small!

    • Sarah!
      I would love to go more in depth on this at some point, but for now, here’s your answer: I use the turbie twist just to get excess liquid out. My hair is still pretty damp when I run the styling products through it. I do a little bit of finger combing (*never* a real brush) and then do a lot of scrunching with my head upside down. Hope that helps!
      x Claire

    • Sarah says...

      Thank you so much, Claire! I really appreciate it.

  35. I will have to try out that Lancome Cleansing Water! I love this series and learning about women who have businesses, blogs, and books that I can discover and explore.

    I would love to see a similar column on fashion uniforms!

    Analog House

  36. Maggie says...

    I just got engaged and this is the first wedding related item I’ve seen on the internet that resonates with me! I’m a sentimental person I’m just not very “bride-y” I love this! Does anyone know where her wedding dress is from? I’d love to check out the designer.

    Thank you!

    • It’s from Juan Carlos Obando.

    • Maggie!
      This is so kind. Thank you. I felt the same way as you—not so “bride-y”! I tried on a bunch of wedding dresses but they felt so unlike anything I’d ever worn before (surprise, I don’t typically wear ball gowns!) and I really wanted to feel like myself on my wedding day. So I went to Barney’s and found this white cocktail number by Juan Carlos Obando right there on the rack. That’s been my best advice to other brides struggling to find the right thing: Go to the bridal salons to get a sense of things, but also just go to department stores and scope out white party dresses. Good luck and congratulations!
      x Claire

  37. I completely agree with her curly hair rec of Bumble and Bumble’s Curl Conscious Creme. I’ve been using it for years–there’s nothing else like it!

  38. Natasa says...

    What a wonderful person & post! Thanks for being so honest, Claire!
    I just want to know that I am also using running as an excape from, in my case, mild depression and it absolutely helps A LOT. Specially morning runs, 30 min of good heart pumping and I am feeling so much better whole day long. xox

  39. tgilrein says...

    Such a good installment, Joanna! I checked out her page on starting to run, and it was great, especially her music recommendations; really perfect! I wonder if she would share a longer playlist!

  40. What a chic gal! And I will always and forever be green with envy for those Keri Russell-esque curls. When I was little, my mother used to tell me to eat the crusts of my bread to make my hair curl- still pin straight, 30+ years and lots of crusts later :-)

  41. Catherine says...

    I love these posts! I absolutely love Mario Badescu’s products and I got hilariously giddy when I saw that she likes the drying lotion too–it’s amazing! It’s by far the best product I have found for reducing pimples over night. You may looks ridiculous with little pink dots all over your face, but it’s 100% worth it!

  42. Nina says...

    I’m obsessed with the blue dress. Do you know where it is from?

  43. Ann says...

    Claire’s comment about how splashing water on her face at night waking her up too much is spot on! I feel the same way and have the same struggle. Fall asleep reading, drag myself to the bathroom to wash my face, feel wide awake again, spend the next 30 minutes scrolling through Facebook. Maybe the Lancome product is the answer!

  44. jill c says...

    i love Claire and am so psyched to see her beauty routine! i met her only once at an “Of a kind” event and she was so genuinely sweet and kind and thoughtful. Her mom was also at the event and was just as amazing with just as much great energy. So glad you featured her!

    • This is so nice, Jill! And my mom will be so happy to hear it. Thank you for coming to the event and for this! x

  45. What a great article, it just felt really relaxed and genuine. She seems like she’d be an ace girlfriend :-)

  46. Ana Simoes says...

    I loved this interview and Claire’s approach to beauty. I also love to buy nice and comfortable things to wear home and at night, specially in the winter. It makes you feel all dressed up, like being the protagonist of your own romantic comedy.

  47. Ceridwen says...

    I actually did a little squeal of delight when I opened Cup of Jo tonight to see this post. Beautiful interview with a really interesting woman. I love to run too, this has inspired me to keep at it. I agree, having consistency as your goal is key. I’ve also found since reading the Beauty Uniform posts that I’m gaining confidence in my own routine. I have always felt a bit self conscious or silly when it comes to beauty and beauty routines being the only girl in my family growing up. Now, I’m enjoying finding a routine and using it to feel good and relaxed. So wonderful to draw inspiration and tips from all these great women.

    Recently, you blogged about what you like to do alone. Well, I’m drinking a glass of wine and reading this. Perfection.

  48. Toun says...

    Please CupofJo team, could you write a post about women with curly hair ? How they deal with them ?

    • becca says...

      yesss :)

  49. Kristina says...

    I love this series! I’m another curly hair girl and I swear by R+Co Jackpot styling cream. It’s the best product I’ve found for defining curls but not making them crunchy or heavy. I love it.

  50. kara says...

    Love the curly hair advice! I’d also be interested in a full post about just that (and can totally relate on being able to talk forever about it!). Figuring out how to make curly hair look great is a lot of trial and error, and nothing has compared to learning the routines of other women. So fascinated that she uses a towel at all on her hair…I don’t let one near my hair because of the frizz issue and because it deflates my curls. Thanks for this post!

  51. Gina says...

    Wow. I didnt expect a beauty post to be so inspiring! I can absolutely relate to Claire and really want to get back into running. I have dealt with anxiety for years and need to find a way to release that panic that takes over me, instead of calling my mom and crying about it everytime! I ran cross country in high school but it now feels like a distant memory and I dont know if I can be that girl again. I like the part about being starting small. I am so motivated to go for a walk/run after work today ;)

  52. Pnid says...

    Lovely! Does anyone know where the leopard bag in the very first photo comes from?

  53. This was a FANTASTIC post! Thank you so much for taking the time to share all this tips with us. I’m definitely going to have to try some of those beauty products.
    Haley | H. M. Willow

  54. I wasn’t even sure why I clicked this to read, it isn’t my usual “type” of post to be interested in… but once I started reading, I couldn’t stop. Claire is lovely. Between the absolutely charming, unstaged photographs and the openness with real-life issues, I feel like I’ve just made a new friend. This was a great read. Equal parts good-feeling and motivational. Thank you!
    – Kaitlyn |

  55. min says...

    i love the lipstick on Erica Cerulo. where is it from? #needtoknow

  56. Madeleine says...

    Have you considered giving a curly hair workshop? I’d go. Just saying.

    • I would love this! I have curly hair and I always feel like a badger! I wish I could figure out how to style-I have the products, etc. Id love a tutorial on how to put my hair up like Claire (the photo after “What’s your bedtime routine”)!

  57. Megan says...

    I am a big fan of “My Beauty Uniform” and Of A Kind so I was giddy to see Claire featured! I love how real she is about how running helped her stop taking medication for her depression / anxiety but that it has not prevented another bout of depression. Also, love her beauty philosophy. I look forward to Of A Kind’s “10 Things” emails and their podcasts. Now, let’s see Erica’s Beauty Uniform!

    • Totally agree with you on all points Megan! Especially how candid she was about her depression and how she worked through it at different points.

  58. Wendy says...

    My first thought opening this post was “what a beautiful woman”. Thank you.

  59. Paola Albergate says...

    Claire is so honest and open and it felt like a breath of fresh air. I love how Claire discussed depression and using running instead of meds–so incredible. Thank you Claire, for talking about things that are difficult and heavy and sharing your experience.
    As a fellow curly-haired girl, this was one of my favorite Beauty Uniforms–Claire, your curls are beautiful! Thanks for sharing your tips;) I am so happy to have read this post, thank you Joanna and Claire, you two are wonderful, xx

  60. Oh, this one was so good. I love how real, open and honest she is. It’s a treat to get a glimpse at a real person and it left me feeling inspired rather than insufficient. Thank you for this one!! xo

  61. Rachel says...

    Great post! Part of the curly hair tribe here! Full disclosure-I’ve only worn it curly once this year. Claire’s curls look amazing. Hoping her tips help me embrace my natural curls.

  62. Rachel says...

    I’m really interested in your hair routine, Claire! Especially since you run everyday. (I’ve OFTEN used my curly hair as an excuse not to exercise: “It means I’d have to shower, and then I’d have to shampoo it, and that makes it too dry and unpredictable, so I’ll just stay in and watch 30 Rock and not sweat.” ) You said that you don’t wash it every day, but do you wet it in the shower? And do you use a daily conditioner? And do you comb it while wet? I’d be totally on board with a full, detailed routine and I’m sure some other curly-haired girls would be, too!

    • I have the same questions!! I have curly hair and I know I’m not supposed to wash it every day, but I can’t stand how sweaty it gets after I run! Do I rinse it out in the shower? And what’s the best way to ease into the no-shampoo life?! I’d love some more curl info!

    • Catherine says...

      Good God, I’ve been waiting forever for someone to address this. I have the worst hair ever and am a runner, and feel like I need these exact questions answered. Rinse after running and restyle it, which means I’m sacrificing my hair’s health for better fitness? I’ve been dealing with the after effects of a run all day, then showering at night and going to bed with it wet, which makes me look like a crazy person AND forces me to style it in the morning AND after running; TWICE a day, exactly what I want to avoid. I would love for someone to talk about running specifically with regard to hair and makeup. Maybe a Beauty Uniform itself.

    • Janna Van Velson says...

      I’m with you ladies. I was always envious of the women who could exercise before work and still look good, with minimal prep. I would need an extra hour, at least! And I’m unique in that I HAVE to dry my curly hair because of how my hair is textured – too much frizz if I let it dry on it’s own. I must diffuse. Personally, I wet and condition almost everyday in the shower and sometimes even use a leave in conditioner, too. I also need gel products – I’ve tried the creme ones, but I just can’t get them to play nice with my curls. I swear by Ouidad products.

    • kate says...

      another fellow curly-haired girl here. LOVE claire’s hair and would love a full post dedicated to her routine. it’s so hard to get it right!

    • When I used to wear my hair curly I would rinse it with water (only shampoo occasionally), throw conditioner in it daily, lightly towel dry, brush it while it was still pretty wet, then let it air dry with style cream, takes an hour to dry, but the second I slept on it I would have to do this all over again and the results were inconsistent. Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    • YOU GUYS. This is such a major thing, right? Feel you. So much. The short story: I used to get it wet and condition it in the shower every day. Then I’d let it air dry. Hated having wet hair until the afternoon every day and blowing through so much expensive hair product. The game was changed when I discovered the curling wand. Now I just get it wet (and condition it) about once a week. On that day I put in a styling creme and a heat protectant. The rest of the week I wear a shower cap and then touch up the frizzy/kinky/straightened-out-from-being-pulled-back pieces with a curling wand as the last step in my daily getting-ready routine. At that point the sweat from my workout has usually dried up (and/or been soaked up by dry shampoo), but if not I just blow dry the roots so I’m not heating up wet pieces. The part I still haven’t quite figured out is how to do a better job protecting my hair from the heat of the wand later on in the week. It will obviously be front and center in Of a Kind’s “10 Things” newsletter as soon as I solve that mystery.

  63. I think she’s one of my favorites yet! Maybe because she has the most similar coloring to me, although I don’t have the gorgeous curls. Thank you for this feature, I love it so much!

  64. Claire, you are so beautiful!!

  65. I’m sure I say this every time, but I think this is my favourite beauty routine post so far! I feel like Claire’s husband and my husband would get along really well. He doesn’t like when I wear bold lips (which is 80% of the time) and when I clutter up the bathroom sink (and the rest of our apartment) with my beauty products.

    Kristi | Be Loverly

  66. Bek says...

    I loved this interview! And I LOVE this series! But mostly I LOVE THAT PLAID DRESS (second last photo)!!! Does anyone know where it’s from?? :)

    • Thank you so much, Bek! That is one of my favorites, too. It is by Faircloth & Supply for Of a Kind, and it’s all sold out now! We’ll have to get a new version of it cooking soon because it flew off the shelves as soon as we released it.

  67. I love this like I love all the beauty uniform post that you do. Seeing which pictures the subject chooses to share is one of my favorite parts. The one of Claire in the tin post-marathon blanket (or whatever it’s called) is just amazing. One of my main reasons for working out is to ward off the blues, and I’d be so interested in a post about what different women do for exercise and why. xoxo

    • Jenna says...

      I second the exercise post idea. For me, daily exercise is a must for many reasons. Certainly it’s a piece of the puzzle that is managing my mental health. I’ve enjoyed all of the beauty uniform posts, but this one was especially meaningful because of Claire’s forthright discussion of how she manages depression. It’s a hard thing to talk about, so brava! Cup of Jo’s posts on mental health are always good; I’d also be interested in posts about how other people deal with it.

    • kate says...

      Totally just donated to this kickstarter – I need one of those rompers!

  68. Christina Rock says...

    The running shoes in the linked Of a Kind post are great! Any idea which ones they are?

  69. Her hair is amazing. I loved this post!

    Morgan |

  70. Nerissa says...

    Couch to 5K to start running! Tells you exactly what to do and only starts with 60 seconds of running at a time. Works like a charm. I always thought running was super dumb (and painful), but now I can run a 10K – slowly, but without stopping!

    • Andra says...

      Yes to this!

  71. Katherine says...

    Love, love, absolutely love. Particularly when you mentioned your second bout of depression, Claire. Thank you!!

  72. Heather says...

    This may be my favorite beauty uniform post you’ve had on here (though I enjoy them all). The philosophy question at the end really, really hit home for me. I wish so badly I hadn’t been so hard on the teenage and 20s me. I’m inspired to give myself a little more grace (I’m in my early 30s, too), which isn’t always the easiest thing to do.

  73. Carrie says...

    What a lovely woman. She’s so natural and candid about her depression and I love that she shared such embarrassing stories about her false lashes and the lipstick on her teeth. The keep-it-real blog posts are so refreshing these days.

  74. Di says...

    Loved this!! Can we be friends? So many good tricks & her honesty is refreshing. More of these Beauty Uniforms please- the ladies who claim to just wake up that way are boring.

    • Paola Albergate says...

      Here, here!

  75. wonderful, thoughtful words. Beautiful inside and out.

  76. Cait says...

    She is really cool. Also, men vs. bold lipstick – one of the great battles of our time. She looks SO amazing in it (I think most women look better in a brighter lip color because it perks up their faces) but men just can’t get on board with it. We don’t let you walk away from kissing us wearing our lipstick guys, it’s ok!

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      “men vs. bold lipstick – one of the great battles of our time” = hahaha so true.

    • kate says...

      Hah! I taught my husband what lip stain was a few years ago so now any time I look like I may have something on my lips and go to kiss him, he pulls back and asks warily “stain? or stick?” and won’t kiss me until I’ve assured him it’s stain! What’s funny is we’ll see other women with ‘bold lips’ and he’ll ask me “do you think that’s a stain? you should get that color.” It’s so cute :)

    • Lauren E. says...

      YES! I was on my way out the other night with bold lips and my boyfriend pulled away from kissing me. I said firmly, “NO. Kiss me.” When nothing came off, I said, “See? I know how to do it correctly.” Like, please trust me not to have goopy lipstick that won’t last past the front door.

    • ha, I also LOVED this: “men vs. bold lipstick – one of the great battles of our time.”

      thank you for the note, cait. it is extremely kind.

    • Kate, that cracks me up. Will broach the stain vs. stick issue with Chris tonight and see where we get.

  77. Anne says...

    I LOVE her curly hair! Whenever I meet someone with curly hair, they roll their eyes and tell me how horrible it is, but it doesn’t make me love it less. It seems like even a messy bun looks 100x cooler when it’s curly. Jealous!

    • Another wannabe curly here….totally agree!

  78. I really loved reading this post! Claire is so beautiful and I loved how she spoke about running and how it helped her. Running helped me get through a seriously hard break-up last year, it really does do wonders!

  79. Rachel says...

    This is the first time I’ve basically just bought everything you suggest. Cleansing water? Never heard of it, but so excited to try it. Love this series!

  80. Lisa says...

    Awesome interview! That last comment really resonated with me. Even though I’m relatively young, in my thirties, I have looked at pictures of my “younger” self and wondered what was I so self-conscious about. There’s something glorious about youth and now I’m more forgiving in the present day as a result.

  81. I love the comment about how comforting it is when people associate a smell with you. It definitely makes you feel like you have a signature scent!

  82. Katie says...

    I love your blog and the beauty uniform series! I was wondering if you could add a question about the person’s favorite drugstore purchases. While it’s nice to splurge on some items, I’d also love to hear about some go to items under $20.

    This, like all the posts, was excellent! Thanks!

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      yes! great idea. she did mention this at one point in our interview, but it didn’t make it into the post: “The Revlon nude lipliner — I’ve been using it since high school. Really good underneath any lip color to make it more defined, also really good with clear lip balm.”

      we’ll ask that question more often, and hope this helps! xo

    • Rebekah says...

      Ooh yes, please! I love the high end makeup ideas, but most of them cost more than my entire monthly clothing budget!

  83. I love this one (I say that every time…ha)! I have a curly-haired daughter and my hair is stick-straight, so I always love any insight into caring for and styling curls!

    I also appreciate the candor about depression. Weightlifting did the same for me and exercise is truly life-changing if you suffer from depression. It also didn’t save me from pretty rough pregnancy depression, and bouts here and there, but overall it’s such a huge help with the struggle!

  84. Jillian Fischer says...

    LOVE the grey tank. Where is it from?

    • Sarah says...

      It’s Miranda Bennett. It is sold out at Of a Kind, but I found it still available at Miranda Bennett’s online shop – google her name!

    • Jillian!
      Makes me so happy that you like it. That top is by Miranda Bennett for Of a Kind and it’s sadly all sold out now! It’s the second version of that style we’ve done and I’m sure we’ll do another one soon.
      x Claire

  85. Amy says...

    Loved this. Her beauty philosophy made me tear up. Why ARE we so hard on ourselves? I try so hard to accept everyone else as they are. Why don’t I do it for myself?