My friend Claire got married a couple weeks ago, and her nephew Lucus, the ring bearer, dressed up as Spiderman.

“Lucas is OBSESSED with costumes, so when we asked him to be the ring bearer we told him he could wear whatever costume he wanted. He was initially going to wear his Spiderman costume underneath what he calls his “work clothes” (slacks and a tie), but changed his mind at the last minute and went full Spiderman, and I was so glad he did. He wore it the whole time! And loved it. It also set a nice tone for the ceremony since he was the first one to walk out in the processional.”

How sweet is that? Also: “One of the cutest things is that he calls me ‘Uncle Claire,’ because when we met he was two and knew that I came as part of the package with his Uncle Chris.”

They gave him a Spiderman watch as a thank-you gift.

What little moments did you love from your wedding? My brother spontaneously gave his entire speech in a New Zealand accent, which still makes me laugh five years later.

(Photo by John Cary. Claire’s beautiful dress is from Juan Carlos Obando)