Spiderman Ring Bearer

My friend Claire got married a couple weeks ago, and her nephew Lucus, the ring bearer, dressed up as Spiderman.

“Lucas is OBSESSED with costumes, so when we asked him to be the ring bearer we told him he could wear whatever costume he wanted. He was initially going to wear his Spiderman costume underneath what he calls his “work clothes” (slacks and a tie), but changed his mind at the last minute and went full Spiderman, and I was so glad he did. He wore it the whole time! And loved it. It also set a nice tone for the ceremony since he was the first one to walk out in the processional.”

How sweet is that? Also: “One of the cutest things is that he calls me ‘Uncle Claire,’ because when we met he was two and knew that I came as part of the package with his Uncle Chris.”

They gave him a Spiderman watch as a thank-you gift.

What little moments did you love from your wedding? My brother spontaneously gave his entire speech in a New Zealand accent, which still makes me laugh five years later.

(Photo by John Cary. Claire’s beautiful dress is from Juan Carlos Obando)

  1. Who wouldn’t want to walk down the isle with Spiderman!Happy Nesting.

  2. I thought I had THE MOST BEAUTIFUL flowergirl and THE MOST HANDSOME JUNIOR USHER imaginable.
    But I think you just took the crown.

  3. Love this! And your friend looked so beautiful!!!!

  4. Two hilarious moments all because it started to rain on the way to the wedding, which was supposed to be outside. Everything we’d rehearsed was delayed 10 minutes as they scrambled everything into the reception tent. #1, they put my parents, bridesmaids and me in the manager’s office to wait, and of course, I had to pee. On my way back, I brushed up against the copier and got toner on the train. No biggie – I just grabbed the White-Out off the manager’s desk and covered it up – much to my mother’s horror. No one ever noticed. #2 When it was time for my 3 year old nephew, the ringbearer, to walk a now different route down the aisle (now it had a turn in it), he spotted Uncle Ben over the guests’ heads and bolted down the right side shouting “Uncle Ben!” Not everyone could see him until he was upfront, but everyone could hear him and it was a nice way to get things started.

  5. My brother was six when I got married. I asked him to be the ring bearer, and his eyes became enormous and he said, “YOU MEAN LIKE FRODO?!” He had just seen the Lord of the Rings. Our wedding was not themed, but my mom made him a little hobbit costume to wear, which he LOVED. He was very concerned that he didn’t have prosthetic toe hair! Still makes me laugh almost ten years later.

  6. This might be weird, but are there any other pictures of her wedding floating around? From the tiny glimpse of her, I think I LOVE the way she’s styled, but I want to see more!

  7. what a cute story! i’m only a teenager, but i want my wedding to be something fun and memorable.. not the boring ‘ole traditional stuff!
    thanks for sharing!

  8. The unexpected/unplanned moments are what make weddings special. We had a flower girl who refused to smile, an impromptu game of rugby with all the male guests and kids catching tadpoles from the pond in teacups! All brilliant moments I won’t forget. The important bit is the ‘I do’ stuff, the rest is just garnish (and so not worth getting hung up on)!

    We had a riot! Best day ever.

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  10. Gorgeous post! I’m not married (yet) – hurry up and propose, D! But we went to a beautiful wedding this weekend. Our friends got married in north London, then we all travelled down to the reception space (in south London) in two red London Buses. A fantastic day!

  11. On my wedding day I got to dance with my father for the first time in my life…and WOW! He was such a good dancer!! Who Knew?!!…I certainly didn’t! And it was the sweetest surprise. Made me cry all over my dress during the dance. ♥

  12. So adorable! My favorite moment was surprising my husband with a chalkboard sign that said “uncle Nate, here comes your girl” that our nephew (our ring bearer) carried down the aisle. He also had a surprise note in his pocket to give to Nate from me. ;) The funny part was when my niece – a feisty red headed two year old wouldn’t come down the aisle (flower girl) pretty much everyone there was cheering her on and my husband was at the end of the aisle trying to bribe her with a tootsie role. ;) She got up there eventually. Best memories are the “imperfect” ones.

  13. So adorable! My favorite moment was surprising my husband with a chalkboard sign that said “uncle Nate, here comes your girl” that our nephew (our ring bearer) carried down the aisle. He also had a surprise note in his pocket to give to Nate from me. ;) The funny part was when my niece – a feisty red headed two year old wouldn’t come down the aisle (flower girl) pretty much everyone there was cheering her on and my husband was at the end of the aisle trying to bribe her with a tootsie role. ;) She got up there eventually. Best memories are the “imperfect” ones.

  14. That is too cute. Some of my favourite parts were my mum’s reading during the ceremony – Dr Seuss’s ‘We’re all a little weird’ – and my parents’ dog, who was left to wander free, and as I walked up the aisle with my parents she stopped us in our tracks, demanding some love. Definitely broke the ice! haha.

  15. My favorite part of the wedding was when it came time for me to say “I do,” my 5 year old stepdaughter (also the flower girl) literally started jumping up and down with excitement. It felt so special to be marrying my husband, but I also felt beyond lucky to be accepted by another huge part of my heart, my stepdaughter.

  16. That is too cute! I love the “Uncle Claire” bit! Only a kid could come up with that sort of gold. I’m not married yet, but if there are kids involved (we have a shortage of kids around here unfortunately) I’m totally doing the costume thing! Too cute!

  17. Fave thing about my wedding…I have to think hard because A Lot went wrong…I suppose how during our first dance to Sade “this is no ordinary love” he began to sexy dance on me and told me to drop it to the floor…as if I could,it was hilarious because I could barley move I was 6 months pregnant. He made me laugh that’s all that matters.

  18. Stop it! This is AMAZINGLY cute! I seriously can not handle this.


  19. I LOVE that dress! So beautiful! So, two of my brides maids were my younger twin sisters. I had my back to them during most of the ceremony, and at one point, they were getting a little weepy, and they saw me do something with my hand that made them think I was crying. Until recently (at our youngest sisters wedding) they had never seen me cry. So the thought of this made them both start sobbing like crazy. In an effort to muffle her sobs, while, I guess, gasping for air, one of them lets out this crazy honk sound! It was so loud, we all just doubled over with laughter! I can’t even describe the shade of red she turned.

  20. D2 says...

    Absolutely adorable.

    My husband has two little girls from his first marriage (and unfortunately, his first wife unexpectedly passed away when their daughters were 3 months and 2 years old). We have since then met and got married when the girls were 3 and 5 years old. My husband and I knew we wanted to have a 3rd child (my first) and we wanted to close the age gap w/ our/his youngest child right away. We told the girls that after we got married, we would have a baby together (meaning they would have a new baby brother or sister down the road). The two of them took that notion literally and at the brunch the next day after the wedding were running around asking where the “baby” was. Well, in their minds we were “married” – so where was their new sibling! Low and behold I was actually pregnant at our wedding but confirmed it on our honeymoon! So, they were indeed on to something w/ their innocent question! We tell the girls and our son for that matter that they are super lucky (as they have 2 moms that love them – an angel mom, and me). I will never forget the girls running around the brunch searching for their new sibling.

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  22. So cute! I love that he got to be himself. What a sweet idea.

    In other news, SHE IS STUNNING. Wow. I want to be able to pull off that dress. I mean seriously. The curly hair…simple dress….this looks like it’s in a magazine.

  23. K says...

    LOL too cute reminds me of Angelina Jolie’s kids who suggested Paintball as wedding theme.

  24. Love it!! And “Uncle Claire”… this is so sweet!!!

  25. So cute! We had a similar situation. My nephew was obsessed with Star Wars and when I told him his duty as ring bearer was to carry a pillow down the aisle, he proudly proclaimed he had the perfect pillow, his star wars one on his bed. I had visions of the perfect pictures with the perfect ivory pillow and of coarse tried to tell him no, he needed a special pillow.

    He proceeded to lobby every groomsman at the rehearsal dinner to help him get his pillow into the wedding. The morning of the wedding, the first words my husband said to me during our first look (after telling me I looked beautiful of coarse), was that he had made one change to the wedding. He decided to help my nephew turn his ring bearer pillow into a star wars pillow by putting the pillow case over a smaller pillow and tying it up nice.

    In that moment I realized that the day was about more than the perfect picture and I was so glad my husband let him do that. My nephew ended up having a blast, he proudly carried the pillow and laid it down at the pastors feet like an offering. It is one of my favorite memories from my wedding day.

  26. I love this!! We played “Somebody’s Getting Married” from the Muppets right before the processional, when everyone was finding their seats. It made everyone crack up and some were singing along, and it made me so happy and relaxed!

  27. I love that! The picture makes him look so proud too. For our wedding, we never realized how proud our niece and nephew would be of their respective roles in our ceremony. Our nephew carried a sign that he decorated and painted by himself that said “Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Aunt Chelsea is ready to marry YOU!” :)
    Also, my brothers did our ceremony music and surprised me with an original song during, which caused a lot of laughs and lots of crying!

  28. Love that, and what a beautiful bride!

    I have so many favorite wedding moments, but one that came to mind was when I was saying a thank you speech to my parents, and all of the sudden I started singing, ‘you are my sunshine’ the song my parents used to sing for me when I was little. We all cried.

  29. ps I LOVE that your brother did his whole speech with a NZ accent! The random uniqueness is what makes a wedding truly fun and joyful.

  30. One of my best pals was our officiant. She did a big group selfie that had everyone laughing.

  31. It’s kind of cute but definitely not for me! I guess if playful is your style….

    And can I just say that I would throttle my brother if he had done a speech with a fake accent, seriously!!?

  32. Omg adorable! I also have a nephew named Lucas, although his favorite costume is a fireman.

    One of my favorite wedding moments was the mariachi hoedown, meaning we had a mariachi band playing and the dance floor promptly turned into locking arms and dancing in circles. Everyone’s faces in the pictures from that time of night are just pure joy.

  33. This is so rad. I love that she wasn’t uptight about what he wanted to wear. Let kids be kids. It made her day unique and fun. Also, she looks stunning. Her dress and hair are perfect. I would love to see more pictures of her wedding.

  34. That is so sweet and Claire looks beautiful! What a cool aunt.

    One of my favorite parts of our wedding I remember was during the vow portion – I was so nervous I was shaking. My husband went first and caught me off guard with these amazing, lyrical vows. He’s not usually so serious or poetic so I was surprised, but then he concluded with an inside joke we have from Pet Sematary. As in, he quoted a creepy toddler from a horror movie. It made me laugh so much I forgot about my nerves :)

  35. I’m getting married this weekend and my 3 and a half year old nephew REFUSES to be a ring bearer. But he will be a “knight in shining armor”. We don’t know why he got that in his head, but we have some knight accessories for him just in case there’s a meltdown about it.

  36. love the sweet, playful spirit behind this! thumbs up to relaxed, personal weddings.

  37. That’s funny about your brother!

    So I have real heartache when I think about my wedding because it was very very small (only 22 people) and the night before, my sister got drunk and insulted my husband’s family and also told me and my husband that she hated us. It was a total embarrassing meltdown. She was hungover as we got ready for the wedding and then she left me by myself to put on my own dress etc. SO all I can think of about my own wedding is the pain and anxiety of all of it. It’s so horrible to feel this way when I think back on that day, because really I should’ve been so happy.

    I wonder if this calls for a nice peaceful vow renewal in a couple years when we celebrate 5 years?

    Weddings are usually so happy and beautiful!

  38. Seems to me that I’m the only old-fashioned fuddy-duddy who thinks there is a time and a place. Might be fun having him change into his costume at the reception, but for the ceremony even cute little boys should be in appropriate clothes. Oh well, to each her own.

  39. That have got to be the cutest thing I have ever seen!!

  40. Oh my goodness, this is adorable! Kudos to the bride for not being obsessed with having a “perfect”, traditional wedding. It would have been a little silly on an adult, but on a kid, it’s just fun. I bet it made all the guests laugh! They look awesome in that picture together.

  41. My little brother is 18 years younger than me, and mistook us asking him to be the ring bearer as being the “ring bear.” he got our parents to buy him a bear costume and wore it under his suit because he “wanted the option to be a boy or a bear.” thank god he felt like a bear when it came time to walk down the aisle, bc it was adorable.

  42. This is so great! My best friend is getting married this fall, and her fiance suggested that he walk down the aisle to the WWE Rick Flair theme song. I thought it was such a great idea and showed how enthusiastic he was about the whole event.

  43. Had a rough morning; this made my day :)

  44. jm says...

    This is the sweetest!

  45. I eloped, but we had two transatlantic wedding receptions (my husband is British, I’m American). During the reception in the US, my mother-in-law brought over a tradition from the UK, where the cards of guests who couldn’t attend are read aloud. She handed me an envelope and asked me to open it and when I did, it was a handwritten note from Sir David Attenborough, wishing us well! There’s a back story behind this, but I loved it so much – it’s one of my favorite memories from that whole wedding-themed summer.

  46. My almost 4 year old niece & flower girl decided at the last minute that she would hold my hand down the aisle.

    My dad was still on the other side. Everyone was so afraid of (Queen Victoria-that’s what we used to call her cause she was so bossy) making a scene that we all agreed right away.

    Also, I walked ahead of my sister (my best woman) without realizing it. Later on, I couldn’t believe that I had messed up the usual routine.

    My sis was like ‘yeah, you did’!! :0

  47. :’) SO sweet. People take their weddings too seriously when it comes to perfecting every little detail. I love this and he’ll love it when he’s older!


  48. Holy cow, that dress and her hair and her whole stinking look is beautiful. When she gets more pictures, maybe you could do a little feature :) Or at least share the link!

  49. I saw this wedding on Instagram a few weeks ago! It looked so beautiful!! Congratulations Claire!

  50. i wanted my nephews to dress up as hobbits carrying light sabers. that didn’t happen.

    i’d say my favorite part of the whole wedding was slipping away with my husband for quiet moments, slamming back red wine with my girlfriends (so CLASSY, i know) and turning to my middle sister and asking her if she needed me to sneak her alcohol cus i thought she was still underage…(again, SO CLASSY)

  51. Our nephew was Buzz Lightyear! He also called me Uncle Clare, so cute!!

  52. SO sweet! And how funny, I am Uncle Rosie to my niece and nephew! The littlest (my niece) used to call me that when she was about 2, and it’s just stuck! I prefer it to Auntie anyhow ;)

  53. Hooooly mackerel, that DRESS! Hubba hubba.

  54. Just like Lily on last night’s super sweet Modern Family episode!

  55. My nephew wanted to wear a costume too, so we compromised and made him a cape with our monogram! He zoomed and dipped through the air during our reception!

  56. Adorable! I think it’s wonderful that the bride was so on board with this, instead of being obsessed with having the “perfect” wedding. She will look back at those photos in a few years, and know that she did.

  57. I love this! I think so many people take their weddings way too seriously and stress out about whether it’s picture perfect enough. She looks so relaxed and happy, and he looks SO PROUD of himself ;)

  58. I absolutely adore this photo – what a sweet family! On a totally different note – you know how we’re always bugging you for a curly hair tutorial? Claire seems like the perfect candidate – I’d kill for my curls to look like that!

  59. Oh this is adorable! What a gorgeous photo. We’re getting married next year, and our nephew would love this – he would probably chose Fireman Sam!

    Beccy // Bluebell & Bumpkin

  60. Lol cute. I liked the fact that we didn’t cave to pressure, and stuck with having an inexpensive 4-guest wedding. We also completely re-wrote the “standard” ceremony and put in our own funny vows and stuff. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and are not mushy people, so why would we suddenly become totally different people for our wedding? We’re not party people, so took our guests to a fancy dinner at a nice restaurant, and then hung out at my mom’s for the “reception”.

  61. Find this idea so nice, it makes a moment full of (nice) tension a bit hilaroius so you get a more relaxed atmosphere ;-)

  62. This is absolutely precious! And the bride looks stunning in that simple shift dress.

    Just before I walked down the aisle, the flower girl and ringbearer went ahead. As the door opened for them, the ringbearer shouted to his sister, “STELLA, THROW THE FLOWERS!” That was a Kodak moment :)


  63. So cute! Love the playful spirit.