How to Get Smooth Arms

The other evening, Alex and I went to a rooftop party. We hung out with friends under the stars and tried to spot the Empire State Building across the river. Someone ordered a pizza, a game of flip cup commenced, it was one of those breezy nights that just felt good.

Finally, around 11 p.m., as we left the party, I hugged friends goodbye. And I was struck by how my female friends, all in tank tops or summer dresses, had the smoothest arms. Silky, slippery. They felt so good! Meanwhile, mine were kind of rough and dry. Not terrible; definitely not great. More like your average guy.

Finally, on my third hug, I asked one woman what her secret was. “I slather myself in CeraVe after the shower.”

Another friend piped in: “I’m obsessed with Skin Trip Coconut Moisturizer. It smells like the beach.”

The next morning, I wrote to Gemma (of beauty uniform fame), who is my trusted advisor on all things beauty. “I use shower exfoliating gloves and then I use this,” she emailed back. “It absorbs really quickly. Everyone who touches my arm this summer is like ‘WHAT IS UP WITH YOUR ARM SKIN DUDE.’ ”


So, I’m curious: Do you have super smooth arms in the summer? I never cared before, but if it’s as easy as moisturizer, I’m definitely doing it. What do you use? I’d love to hear…

How to Get Smooth Arms

P.S. Saying goodbye at a party.

(Top photo by Allegra Villella. Bottom photo by Joseph Sterling, 1959-64.)